1/18 News Roundup – Manning To Be Freed, Turner Talks To Real News, Sanders’ Strategy & More

Good morning all! There’s so much going on in the world that its near impossible to pick what to start off with but figure there is really no going wrong with Nina Turner:

Part 1 of the interview can be viewed here.

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1/17 News Roundup & Open Thread

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend/Holiday and was able to relax a bit. As you can see the rec’s are still missing as they caused some conflict when I put them back in… but think I’m close to figuring that out, so will try again this evening.

Lots of news/videos to catch up on, most of which I’ll post to the comments through the day.

Starting off with Bernie:

Bernie Sanders to leaders: Don’t just praise King, make his dream real

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders brought a standing-room only crowd to its feet at Ebenezer Baptist Church, calling on the nation’s leaders to advocate Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream instead of simply celebrating it.

“If you honestly believe in what Dr. King stood for then stop the voter suppression,” Sanders said in a rousing speech that touched on themes familiar to those who have followed his career and his recent presidential race.

Sanders said before he was assassinated in 1968, King was not revered as he is today. He was still fighting for the poor and would today be shocked that so many of those same people are behind bars.

“He would join us in saying maybe we should be investing in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration,” Sanders said of King.

Science Sunday #30

Five Dimensional Data Storage A very nice young man named Nikhil Reddy tells us about an exciting development in data storage, whereby laser encoded ones and zeros are marked on a three layer crystal disk in the x and y directions, thereby producing a 5 bit number. The crystal can store an incredible 360 terabytes of data in the space of a quarter.  The integrity of the data is robust, lasting 13.8 billion years at a constant temperature of 190 Celsius about 138 Fahreinheit). You can learn more about these futuristic crystals by clicking here. Another Dwarf Planet Found A … Continue reading →

1/15 Open Thread – Rallies for health care

Happy Sunday All! Wanted to share a few things, first a short vid showing the line to get inside to hear all the speakers, including Bernie, speak on behalf of health care policy in Michigan: The line in Warren, MI where it's 28°, waiting to see a 75-year old talk health care policy. 🎶Times are a-changin'🎶 pic.twitter.com/67ItkJ0kPx — Our Revolution (@OurRevolution) January 15, 2017 Here is a link for that rally: Here’s is Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood discovering that perhaps she’d backed the wrong candidate last year: In case anyone ever doubted that people would show up to fight … Continue reading →

1/14 Open Thread with link to Quinnipiac Jan 10 Poll

Thought I would kick off the weekend with the Quinnipiac Poll on Trumps approval rating after the election, Considering he’s not in office I find the numbers fascinating none the less. So much for the so called honeymoon period. Work has been a total pain in the ass so far this new year not leaving much time for commenting, just fly-bys (lurking) is pretty much it last week. Thanks to all of you as I was able to stay informed as to what’s going on. Link below for the poll. Have a good weekend TPWers and of course a thank … Continue reading →

1/12 Open Thread

Hello everyone! I’m trying to get the Rec/Like/ features back to working now that everything else is a little more stable (knock on wood) so haven’t quite gotten to rounding up the news yet. I’ll certainly try and get to that next, but if you have anything to share.. Im quite interested in seeing it!

1/11 News Roundup & Open Thread

Good morning all. Starting off today with Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow! speaking with Matthew Cole about his latest article, The Crimes of SEAL Team 6. It’s not the brightest topic to start the day off with I know… but with all the talk of ‘fake news’, ‘post-truth eras’, etc. it is nice to see a real journalist talk to a real journalist about real journalism.

New Intercept Exposé Uncovers SEAL Team 6’s Ghastly Trail of Atrocities, Mutilations, Killings

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1/10 News Roundup & Open Thread – Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Good morning all. Here is Bernie on CNN last night:

(Bernie starts around the 26 minute mark)

Sanders urges Dems to challenge — but not obstruct — Trump

Bernie Sanders said Senate Democratic leaders discussed Monday whether the party would flatly oppose any nomination President-elect Donald Trump makes to the Supreme Court.

At the same time, Sanders urged fellow Democrats against simply obstructing the incoming administration — demonstrating the difficulty progressives are having in deciding how to handle the incoming president.

Speaking at a town hall in Washington sponsored by CNN and moderated by Chris Cuomo, Sanders blasted Republicans for acting “shamefully and outrageously” by refusing to consider President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court last year. He suggested Democrats may not “do the right thing” and instead adopt the GOP’s tactics.


Sanders said he hopes Democrats don’t use the “obstruct, obstruct, obstruct” tactics against Trump that congressional Republicans deployed against Obama.

“I don’t think that’s what we do,” Sanders said. “I think where Trump has ideas that make sense that we can work with him on, I think we should.”

Sanders wouldn’t say whether he would again seek the presidency in 2020. But said there’s one issue on which he would work with Trump: trade.

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Does No One Care That up to 7 Million Votes Were Not Counted? By Thom Hartmann – Crosscheck kicked millions of people – overwhelmingly people of color, according to Palast – off the voting rolls before election day. In many key states, the number of people purged by Crosscheck was much, much larger than Trump’s margin of victory. MI, WI, PA – As of 1-9-2016 Thoms story has almost 40,000 FB shares, 800+ Twitter Shares, and 40,000+ shares in other ways. at 100,000+- shares, sharing is running 100 times that of many recent stories posted to his site.

Does No One Care That Up To 7 Million Votes Were Not Counted? As of 1-9-2016 Thoms story linked above has almost 40,000 FB shares, 800+ Twitter Shares, and 40,000+ shares in other ways. at 100,000+- shares, sharing is running 100 times that of many recent stories posted to his site.  Jan. 6, 2017 1:06 pm By Thom Hartmann Speaking in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he was highly confident that Russia had interfered in the presidential election. With testimony like that from the country’s highest ranking intelligence officer, and … Continue reading →

1/9 TPW News Roundup & Open Thread – Sanders: “I Want To Revitalize The Democratic Party”

Good morning friends! I’m catching up on a lot of days of missed news/content/etc… so I thank you for your patience, and especially thank those of you who continued to post while I was away (that is why we exist afterall!). I know wordpress can look overly complicated but it is actually fairly simple and I’ll put together a quick tutorial asap.

As usual I’ll be posting what I’m watching/reading this morning as I come across it. You are quite welcome to throw your thoughts/views/opinions/rants/anything else… into the mix as well.

Bernie on MSNBC:

Sunday Open Discussion 1/8/17

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day and recuperating from the holiday season. While LD deals with his connectivity issues, I thought I’d start a thread for anyone to add any news or issues if they were so inclined. There’s the hubbub going on in California today (love that mural!): RT Hutch__: The dem socialist takeover is happening in CA. I'm at District 51. The fightin' 51st!!! People4Bernie… pic.twitter.com/O3NFY6kASk — Re-Elect Bernie 2020 (@ReelectBernie) January 8, 2017 and, more standing room only: Standing room only in #AD4 for delegate elections. Still time to vote in some … Continue reading →

Science Sunday #29

World’s Highest Bridge Opens For Traffic On December 29, 2016, the world’s highest bridge, the Beipanjiang Bridge Duge, opened for commercial traffic. The bridge spans the Beipan River near Duge in Guizhou province, China, hence its name.  The bridge is the latest in a string of bridges crossing the Beipan River and connecting the Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. While not the world’s tallest bridge (that honor belongs to the Millau Viaduct), it is the world’s highest, with the bridge roadway rising 565 meters or 1854 feet above the river below, a height more than six times that of the Statue … Continue reading →

UPDATED 1/8/17 – Lots of encouraging news out of California today for Bernie-style delegates

CA Democratic Party AB 18 There seems to have been a great turnout all over CA, lots of enthusiasm! H/T to Humphrey on this happening today. @jonathantasini hot damn! — Nina Turner (@ninaturner) January 8, 2017 Wonderful images like this are popping up all over today: .@CA_Dem Assembly District Election Meeting for #AD11 has begun at the Cordelia Library. Voting will be open from 130-330. #CADemRegion2 pic.twitter.com/qrVPmHd3Bb — Craig Cheslog (@CraigCheslog) January 7, 2017 So great to see people taking the time! (2/2) election in at least 6 assembly districts and the majority of delegates in several others. Elections to … Continue reading →

Kentucky adopts ‘right-to-work’ measures

(pic from Timothy D. Easley – AP) Protests today in Kentucky by union members and union officials, but the vote went against them with the measure that the protestors fear will hurt them being adopted.   This feisty girl got herself thrown out after shouting out that the GOP “hates labor”: And I'd do it again tomorrow. #GOPHatesLabor and don't let anyone tell u anything else #kyga17 https://t.co/A0KjAmNp7N — Nema not NEMA (@nema) January 7, 2017   “These are just union-busting bills. They’re not going to improve the economy any. They just bust up the unions and make it harder … Continue reading →