8/24 Open Discussion


Good morning friends! Thank you for the kind words upon my return, How are you all today?!

A big happy birthday to @JDestin, the secret force behind the BNR/TPW who has helped along every step of the way, and has to be one of the most patient, understanding pillars of support one could ask for. Thank you!!!!

And out of the meta… into the news. And because we’re not afraid to analyze our own lets start out with the OurRevolution drama:

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, his presidential campaign now behind him, will look to advance the movement he built during the Democratic primary race, with the public unveiling on Wednesday of a political organization focused on addressing economic inequality and taking on special interests.

But while the establishment of the new group, Our Revolution, has been eagerly awaited by many of his most ardent supporters, it has been met with criticism and controversy over its financing and management.

A principal concern among backers of Mr. Sanders, whose condemnation of the campaign finance system was a pillar of his presidential bid, is that the group can draw from the same pool of “dark money” that Mr. Sanders condemned for lacking transparency.

The announcement of the group, which will be livestreamed Wednesday night, also comes as the majority of its staff resigned after the appointment last Monday of Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sanders’s former campaign manager, to lead the organization.


At the heart of the issue, according to several people who left, was deep distrust of and frustration with Mr. Weaver, whom they accused of wasting money on television advertising during Mr. Sanders’s campaign; mismanaging campaign funds by failing to hire staff or effectively target voters; and creating a hostile work environment by threatening to criticize staff members if they quit.

Claire Sandberg, who was the organizing director at Our Revolution and had worked on Mr. Sanders’s campaign, said she and others were also concerned about the group’s tax status — as a 501(c)(4) organization it can collect large donations from anonymous sources — and that a focus by Mr. Weaver on television advertising meant that it would fail to reach many of the young voters who powered Mr. Sanders’s campaign and are best reached online.

“I left and others left because we were alarmed that Jeff would mismanage this organization as he mismanaged the campaign,” she said, expressing concern that Mr. Weaver would “betray its core purpose by accepting money from billionaires and not remaining grass-roots funded and plowing that billionaire cash into TV instead of investing it in building a genuine movement.”

Drip drip drip. Clinton access for sale!


 WASHINGTON (AP) — More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation. It’s an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president. Link: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CAMPAIGN_2016_CLINTON_FOUNDATION?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-08-23-14-35-04 Nothing to see here, move on. [The following postscript was added after 7 recommends:] P.S. To whom it may concern: I believe in being forthright and speaking up about the BS that the Clintons have engaged in and are. They are the walking definitions of dishonesty and neoliberals who … Continue reading →

8/23 Open Discussion


 Good morning friends! It sure does feel good to be able to say that! Literally! A pain-free life in which one can eat even the most basic of foods is something I thought might never occur despite everyone telling me to hang in there…but here I am.. happier and healthier! I apologize for the pretty much total absence of being here as of late but I finally did as everyone suggested and ‘took a break’ and it has certainly paid off. That means no news, barely any television (well unless you count Playstation 4 time), certainly no politics, a lot … Continue reading →

Yes, in mundane but still dirty ways, the nomination WAS stolen from Bernie


 I’m sure he regrets now taking the emails off the table in the first debate. And never touching the Foundation, which obviously was always an egregious conflict of interest for a Secretary of State, dovetailing completely with his dominant campaign theme about the role of money in politics. So, as much as I love Bernie, and will be part of Our Revolution, he blew it on one level–although for the ironic but still laudable reason of wanting to have the battle for the nomination and the general election be on the issues that directly affect the lives of Americans and … Continue reading →

Round-up Ready Trade Policy


 When I first arrived in southwestern Virginia 30 years ago, there were still a few cut and sew factories scattered about. There were quite a few more just east of us in what’s known as Southside Virginia, along with numerous furniture factories. That mix of small to mid-size textile and furniture manufacturers were even more prominent just below the border in North Carolina, with still more in South Carolina. There were plenty of stresses on those businesses, but there’s no doubt that the passage of NAFTA in 1994, which encouraged capital flight to find cheaper labor, pretty much finished them … Continue reading →

Monday Open Thread 08/22/2016


 Update! Happy Dance! LD will be back tomorrow and let us know whatup then. :O) Few if any progressives on Clinton’s Transition Team Clinton’s Transition Team: A Corporate Presidency Foretold …“The transition team is one of the absolute most important things in the world for a new administration,” says William K. Black, who has held key positions at several major regulatory agencies such as the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Along with “deciding what are we actually going to make our policy priorities,” the transition team will handle key questions: “Who will the top people be? Who are we going to vet, … Continue reading →

Science Sunday #10


 Modern Physics Modern physics is the study of the extremes of nature. What happens to things, or systems of things, when they move at speeds less than but comparable to the speed of light in the vacuum, the fastest possible speed? Why is there a lowest possible temperature, and why can’t we reach it? How does the subatomic world of matter assemble itself? How big is the Universe we find ourselves immersed in, and what is the accounting by percentage of the energy and matter residing in the Universe? These are the questions that modern physics, the physics of the … Continue reading →

FL-23: Enjoy and share “Secret Agent DeM” music video


 This new “Secret Agent DeM” video, by Blue America, musically highlights f the misdeeds and misjudgments of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who faces on August 30 (and early voting Aug 20-27) the first-ever primary challenge to her re-election, by an expert on the TPP, NAFTA and bank regulation, Professor of Law Tim Canova. “Secret Agent DeM” is Blue America’s third music video on this primary election, after one focusing on Debbie’s “Skating From Debating” (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAx_OFHUZg8), and one focusing on Debbie’s dancing of the “Numbers Rahm-ba” (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2REJjgoj0J8). … Continue reading →

Aloha, in every sense of the word

Waia'alala falls

  Aloha has many meanings. Hello, for one, because this is my first post here, although I joined early on and even pitched a few pennies towards LieparDestin to help kick off the site. Caring is another, appropriate because we all have aloha for others and our world. Don’t forget love, such as the aloha I feel for all of you here who have worked so hard trying to make this world a better place. And finally, goodbye – I bid you all aloha as I set off on a new phase of my life. More accurately, perhaps, to resume … Continue reading →

Seeing that there is no open thread. I will give it a try.


 I hope everything is okay with LD. A few links to get the conversation started. http://thehill.com/policy/defense/292064-troops-using-clinton-defense-in-classified-information-cases Lawyers for troops facing charges of mishandling classified information are using the “Clinton defense” to argue for leniency. A lawyer for a 29-year-old sailor facing a felony charge for taking and keeping six photos of a submarine’s propulsion system cited Hillary Clinton‘s mishandling of classified information this week to argue he should get probation instead of jail time. http://thehill.com/policy/finance/292047-clinton-fans-fears-about-trade-with-salazar Salazar, who also served as secretary of the Interior Department under President Obama, has expressed support for the trade deal with 11 countries spanning the … Continue reading →

8/20 Open Thread Mish Mash


 Two stories from my corner of teh intertubes. Please add! And good day to you all. :O) Peruvian farmer won’t give his land to a gold corp. …But our lawyer appealed against the ruling and kept fighting for us. In December 2014, the courts ruled in our favour, overturning the previous ruling. When I heard about it, I thanked God for listening to our prayers. But our nightmare continues. Yanacocha is taking the case to the [Peruvian] Supreme Court and keeps filing more lawsuits against us. What’s more, Yanacocha has built a fence around our land and set up a watch-tower with guards … Continue reading →

8/19 Open Discussion – Debates, OurRevolution & More



In a moment, we’ll be joined by the Green Party’s Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, but first I want to turn to George Farah, the founder and executive director of Open Debates. He spoke on Democracy Now! a few years ago about how the Democrats and Republicans took control of the debate process.

GEORGE FARAH: The League of Women Voters ran the presidential debate process from 1976 until 1984, and they were a very courageous and genuinely independent, nonpartisan sponsor. And whenever the candidates attempted to manipulate the presidential debates behind closed doors, either to exclude a viable independent candidate or to sanitize the formats, the League had the courage to challenge the Republican and Democratic nominees and, if necessary, go public.

In 1980, independent candidate John B. Anderson was polling about 12 percent in the polls. The League insisted that Anderson be allowed to participate, because the vast majority of the American people wanted to see him, but Jimmy Carter, President Jimmy Carter, refused to debate him. The League went forward anyway and held a presidential debate with an empty chair, showing that Jimmy Carter wasn’t going to show up.

Four years later, when the Republican and Democratic nominees tried to get rid of difficult questions by vetoing 80 of the moderators that they had proposed to host the debates, the League said, “This is unacceptable.” They held a press conference and attacked the campaigns for trying to get rid of difficult questions.

And lastly, in 1988, was the first attempt by the Republican and Democratic campaigns to negotiate a detailed contract. It was tame by comparison, a mere 12 pages. It talked about who could be in the audience and how the format would be structured, but the League found that kind of lack of transparency and that kind of candidate control to be fundamentally outrageous and antithetical to our democratic process. They released the contract and stated they refuse to be an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American people and refuse to implement it.

And today, what do we have? We have a private corporation that was created by the Republican and Democratic parties called the Commission on Presidential Debates. It seized control of the presidential debates precisely because the League was independent, precisely because this women’s organization had the guts to stand up to the candidates that the major-party candidates had nominated.

#BDS, New Sign of Hope as Lutherans Take Action


 In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I was raised as a Lutheran.  Because of that, I have been keeping a close eye on what the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been doing up until now about BDS, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, that brought down apartheid in South Africa, as it applies to the Occupation of Palestine and the grossly discriminatory system of apartheid that the Israelis use today. It was the huge American churches divesting from South Africa which finally brought an end to apartheid (to oversimplify the situation), and many US churches have … Continue reading →

8/18 Open Discussion


 Good morning friends! Sorry for the downtime yesterday/last night. Seems some people were upset with our new and improved ‘rules of the road’?! As I try and clear up any further issues please feel free to share your news of the day in the comments! I’ll certainly be adding what I find as the day goes on. So far, all I’ve managed to read this morning is this: As Clinton woos Republicans, Sanders’ faithfuls fear they will be forgotten On a quiet, tree-lined street in this town with a population of just over 1,000, a lone yard sign bearing the … Continue reading →

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