Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds up Pipeline Construction


 Good morning Peeps.  ND is stepping up its’ aggression against Peaceful Water Protectors over the weekend. Rubber bullets, batons and possibly live ammunition (to shoot down a drone over Tribal land) were used. Democracy Now has a special report up regarding what happened: From We go to North Dakota for an update on the ongoing Standoff at Standing Rock, where thousands of Native Americans representing more than 200 tribes from across the Americas are resisting the construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which is slated to carry oil from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfields through South Dakota, Iowa … Continue reading →

10/25 News Roundup


Clinton Has His Vote, But Sanders Vows to Stand Firm Against Dem Backsliding

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to hold the liberal establishment’s feet to the fire come January, vowing to work toward making the political revolution a reality once the task of electing Hillary Clinton to the White House is accomplished

In an interview with the Washington Post published Monday, Sanders said he intends to use the “leverage” he accumulated during his historic primary bid to promote the very agenda that propelled him to win “22 states and 46 percent of the pledged delegates, 13.4 million votes…and a majority of the younger people, the future of the country.”

According to John Wagner at the Post, who conducted the interview with Sanders at his home in Vermont on Friday:

Sanders said he and other senators have started plotting legislation that would achieve many of the proposals that fueled his insurgent run for president, including a $15 federal minimum wage, tuition-free public college, an end to “mass incarceration,” and aggressive steps to fight climate change.

The senators, Sanders said, also plan to push for the breakup of “too big to fail” banks and to pressure Clinton to appoint liberals to key Cabinet positions, including Treasury secretary. Sanders said he would not stay silent if Clinton nominated the “same old, same old Wall Street guys” to regulatory positions that are important in enacting and overseeing the financial reforms he supports.

“I will be vigorously in opposition, and I will make that very clear,” Sanders said.

He named Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) as potential allies in this effort.


Amid a report of another police killing of a Native American woman, we continue our interview with reporter Stephanie Woodard, author of the investigation, “The Police Killings No One Is Talking About,” which reveals that compared to their percentage of the U.S. population, Native Americans were more likely to be killed by police than any other group, including African Americans.

Watch Part 1: The Police Killings No One Is Talking About: Native Americans Most Likely to be Killed by Cops

Full Transcript

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10/24 News Roundup


DemocracyNow! Transcript
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Shaun King: Black Lives Matter is Not a Carbon Copy of Black Panther Party, Our Time is Different

AMY GOODMAN: It is the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers. This week, the British website Spiked published an article in which Elaine Brown, former chair of the Black Panther Party, said, quote, “Black Lives Matter has a plantation mentality.” She added, quote, “The next wave of young people running out here, who are complaining and protesting about the murders of young black men and women by the police all over the country, they will protest but they will not rise up in an organized fashion, with an agenda, to create revolutionary change. … We advocated community self-defense organizations to be formed, so that we would not be assaulted by the police, so that we would bear arms and assume our human rights.” Your response to Elaine Brown’s critique, and then the trajectory from Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter?

SHAUN KING: Well, you know, I love the Black Panther Party. I spent some time over the past few weeks with Bobby Seale, the co-founder of the Black Panther Party. And he loves the Black Lives Matter movement and has been immensely supportive, encouraging, not only to me but to many activists. So I was disappointed in what—in what Elaine said. And I know Elaine. I’ve talked with her many times.

When Elaine got involved in the Black Panther Party, it was about two years old. And that’s where we are in the Black Lives Matter movement, as well. And so, I think some of what she did was she evaluated the totality of the Black Panther Party and all that it accomplished in 10 years, and compared it to where we are right now in year two. And so, it’s an unfair comparison to say where we are in year two compared to where the Black Panther Party was in year two. Two years in, it literally only had 4,000 or 5,000 people, the Black Panther Party, that were committed to it, to its practices. And it was still trying to determine where it went and what it would do. And so, I think if you look at where we are now versus where the Black Panther Party was at this same time, I think we’re doing well.

I understand her criticism saying, you know, what are they doing compared to what they accomplished. But even some of us look at the dangers of what happened to Black Panther leaders, from targeted assassinations to COINTELPRO, and some of the lessons that we learned from them has caused us to change our methods. And so, the Black Lives Matter movement is not a carbon copy of what the Black Panther Party did. How we do what we do will be uniquely different. Our time is different. So, I respect her, revere her and admire her, but I was disappointed to read some of what she said.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And more importantly, the Black Panther Party was an organization, Black Lives Matter is a movement, which has come up, really, in a spontaneous fashion from all around the country, whereas the Panthers started in one place as a disciplined organization. It’s a very different form of attempting to achieve social change.

SHAUN KING: Sure. And what I found is, not just with Elaine, but with many of our elders, is that they are unaware that the Black Lives Matter movement does have a comprehensive platform, that there are hundreds of organizations that see themselves as a part of this movement in all 50 states all across the country, and they have the own policy platforms. And it’s difficult for one person, her or anybody else, to wrap their mind around the specific fights and battles that we are fighting. So a lot of people just aren’t informed to how organized this movement really is.

AMY GOODMAN: Shaun King, before we wrap, injustice boycott initiative, explain what it is in this last minute.

SHAUN KING: Yeah, on December the 5th, hundreds of thousands of us are coming together to boycott injustice in this country. And what we mean by that is, we believe there are not only cities and states which continue to underwrite the cost of injustice, that continue to back it and support it, be it police brutality or racial violence, but also corporations that are behind it and either say nothing or do nothing or, even worse than that, are specifically backing the police departments which continue to be brutal all over this country. So we’re launching a targeted boycott on December the 5th, not for a day or two days, but our model really is the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lasted for 381 days until they saw change. So—

AMY GOODMAN: Do you have corporations targeted?

SHAUN KING: We do, and we’ll be announcing those on December the 5th. And we’re holding our cards close to our chest until then, but we do have corporations we’ll be targeting, as well.

AMY GOODMAN: So, Shaun King, we want to thank you so much for being with us, Black Lives Matter activist, senior justice writer for the New York Daily News. And we will link to your columns at

SHAUN KING: Thank you.

When I said Western Sahara would be a general election issue, Clintonites laughed (and worse)


 Here is the piece where I raised the claim fifteen months ago: If you don’t want to read it at Daily Kos, you can read it at my little “change the world” hobby website: (Here’s the initial piece a week before when I first raised the scandal–in the context not of politics but of my anti-capitalist democratic internationalism: My outspokenness on this issue indirectly resulted in the first of my two suspensions from Daily Kos. A Clintonite was so abusive to me when I raised the Western Sahara matter in a comment to a Hillary Clinton … Continue reading →

Science Sunday #18


   MRSA Be Gone!   We all know that bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, notably the “superbug” MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) currently causing much consternation at your local hospital. Now comes a brilliant young scientist, Shu Lam, of the University of Melbourne, Australia, who has developed a star shaped polymer that can destroy MRSA and five other superbugs without the assistance of any additional antibiotics. The polymers (called SNAPPs, or structurally nanoengineered antimicrobial peptide polymers) directly attack, penetrate, and then destabilize the cell membrane of the troublesome bacteria without affecting healthy human cells nearby. On a seemingly parallel … Continue reading →

Our Electoral Process Has Been Overtaken By A Global Group


 Found this over at Reddit “Way of the Bern” By an author named AT61. The author encouraged anyone to pass it along and since I found it interesting I’m doing just that. Their are a lot of links as well to follow up on. It does make me wonder it we truly need election monitors in the USA. Anyway have a good day fellow TPW ers THEY CAN GENERATE ELECTRONIC BLANK BALLOTS AND REMOTELY MARK THEM. IT WILL BE UNDETECTABLE. THEY HAVE CONTROL OVER REGISTRATION DATABASES. THEY CONTROL THE ENTIRE VOTE BY MAIL SYSTEM. THEY INFILTRATED CONGRESS TO PASS NECESSARY … Continue reading →

TPW’s 10/20 News Roundup


Good morning everyone! For the first election cycle I can remember I managed to not watch a single presidential debate, but judging from my facebook feed, etc… last nights went as expected. (Full transcript here) I’ll be sure to include reaction from the ‘professionals’ in the comments section and look forward to reading your views as well.


“The Police Killings No One Is Talking About”: Native Americans Most Likely to be Killed by Cops

Suquamish tribe descendant Jeanetta Riley, a 34-year-old mother of four, lay facedown on a Sandpoint, Idaho, street. One minute earlier, three police officers had arrived, summoned by staff at a nearby hospital. Her husband had sought help there because Riley—homeless, pregnant and with a history of mental illness—was threatening suicide. Riley had a knife in her right hand and was sitting in the couple’s parked van.

Wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle and Glock pistols, the officers quickly closed in on Riley—one moving down the sidewalk toward the van, the other two crossing the roadway. They shouted instructions at her—to walk toward them, show them her hands. Cursing them, she refused.

“Drop the knife!” they yelled, advancing, then opened fire.

They pumped two shots into her chest and another into her back as she fell to the pavement. Fifteen seconds had elapsed from the time they exited their vehicles.

That July evening in 2014, Riley became another Native American killed by police. Patchy government data collection makes it hard to know the complete tally. The Washington Post and the Guardian (U.K.) have both developed databases to fill in the gaps, but even these sometimes misidentify or omit Native victims.

To get a clearer picture, Mike Males, senior researcher at the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, looked at data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collected from medical examiners in 47 states between 1999 and 2011. When compared to their percentage of the U.S. population, Natives were more likely to be killed by police than any other group, including African Americans. By age, Natives 20-24, 25-34 and 35–44 were three of the five groups most likely to be killed by police. (The other two groups were African Americans 20-24 and 25-34.) Males’ analysis of CDC data from 1999 to 2014 shows that Native Americans are 3.1 times more likely to be killed by police than white Americans.


DemocracyNow! Transcript

#NoDAPL Twitter Storm Alert – they need our help


 Are you on Twitter? The NoDAPL Water Protectors are asking for help to create a Twitter Storm climaxing during the debate, asking why they are not talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline and the need to protect our water. Here’s the text of their request on Facebook, from Noelle Garcia. She explains what a Twitter storm is, why they want to create it, and what to include in your Tweet (including samples of what to say): noelle garcia‎ to International Days of Prayer and Action with Standing Rock The American Indian Center of Chicago is asking people to share plans to start … Continue reading →

TPW Open Discussion – 10/19


To Build the Political Revolution, Grassroots Group Endorses 22 “People’s Candidates”

Offering hope to those who feel “dispirited” by the presidential contest, the grassroots political organization People’s Action on Tuesday released its list of 22 down-ballot endorsements for the 2016 election.

“These candidates come from out of the justice movement in America—some as leaders within our own organizations,” said LeeAnn Hall, co-executive director of People’s Action.

“They know what it’s like to not be able to make ends meet,” Hall said. “They understand how it feels to have to choose between meals or medicine for your children. They understand what it’s like to be targeted for police violence because you are black, or have your family threatened by deportation. They represent families in America, not America’s corporate elite.”

Observers will notice overlap between the People’s Action endorsements and those of Our Revolution, the organization launched to carry on the progressive ideals of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Among the names on both lists are higher-profile candidates like Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, Zephyr Teachout in New York, and David Zuckerman in Vermont; as well as lesser-knowns like Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, Chris Rabb in Pennsylvania, and Jamie Raskin in Maryland.

That’s no coincidence.

In a press statement, People’s Action said that by endorsing these candidates, it is “building on the progressive political revolution ignited by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. We are lifting up grassroots leaders who are committed to fighting for people instead of corporate profits; standing up for racial and gender justice; working for an equitable people’s economy, and fighting global warming and for climate justice.”

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FL- Federal Judge says FL Sec Of State actions amounted to an “undeclared war” on the right to vote in FL /// USA in Nov – Will It Be ‘Rigged’? Will It Be ‘Hacked’? Fact-Based Discussion of Our Vulnerable U.S. Elections – 5 new links


 FLORIDA STORIES 10-17-2016 – AP – JUDGE: GIVE FLORIDA VOTERS CHANCE TO FIX VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOT Calling the state’s current law “illogical” and “bizarre,” a federal judge has ordered the state of Florida to give thousands of voters a chance to make sure their vote-by-mail ballots are counted. Florida officials on Monday said they would not challenge the decision by U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, Judge Walker, citing the contentious 2000 Florida election in which George W. Bush carried the state over Al Gore by 537 votes, said he needed to act because the current practice was enough of a burden … Continue reading →

CA – With an Assembly like this one – no wonder CA is not what it could be…….


 It looks like corporatists all around in CA. No wonder CA is slowly moving backwards.  HALL OF SHAME – 16 Democratic Legislators in progressive Districts voting as Republicans – voting so bad they got F’s The Hall of Shame includes the state legislators most out of step with their constituents, and most closely aligned with corporate and special interests that exploit Californians. To make the list, a legislator needs to have a Courage Score of 59 or lower — resulting in a grade of “ F ” — and represent a district which clearly supports more progressive policies than the legislator. … Continue reading →

Decentralizing Power Essential to Building Resilient Communities


 When Anya Schoolman launched the Mount Pleasant Solar Co-op in 2007, she did it in response to her son’s insistence that grown-ups needed to quit complaining about pollution and energy costs and instead do something about it. Well, she certainly did. The Mount Pleasant group helped more than 100 homes in that Washington, DC neighborhood install rooftop solar within just a few years. Schoolman and others then expanded the effort to create DC Solar United Neighbors, or DC SUN, which has helped over 700 households go solar over the past four years. In the process they’ve also built a constituency … Continue reading →

10/18 Open Discussion


Breaking: Judge Rejects “Riot” Charges Against Amy Goodman in North Dakota

A North Dakota judge today refused to authorize riot charges against award-winning journalist Amy Goodman for her reporting on an attack against Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters.

“This is a complete vindication of my right as a journalist to cover the attack on the protesters, and of the public’s right to know what is happening with the Dakota Access pipeline,” said Goodman. “We will continue to report on this epic struggle of Native Americans and their non-Native allies taking on the fossil fuel industry and an increasingly militarized police in this time when climate change threatens the planet.”

District Judge John Grinsteiner did not find probable cause to justify the charges filed on Friday October 14 by State’s Attorney Ladd R. Erickson. Those charges were presented after Erickson had withdrawn an earlier charge against Goodman of criminal trespass. Goodman had returned to North Dakota to turn herself in to the trespassing charge.

The charges in State of North Dakota v. Amy Goodman stemmed from Democracy Now!’s coverage of protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. On Saturday, September 3, Democracy Now! filmed security guards working for the pipeline company attacking protesters. The report showed guards unleashing dogs and using pepper spray and featured people with bite injuries and a dog with blood dripping from its mouth and nose.

Democracy Now!’s report went viral online, was viewed more than 14 million times on Facebook and was rebroadcast on many outlets, including CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post.

On September 8, a criminal complaint and warrant was issued for Goodman’s arrest on the trespassing charge.

“These shifting charges were a transparent attempt by the prosecutor to intimidate Amy Goodman and to silence coverage of the resistance to the pipeline,” said Reed Brody, an attorney for Goodman. “Fortunately, these bully tactics didn’t work and freedom of the press has prevailed.”

TPW’s 10/17 Open Discussion


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