9/25 Open Thread Major Dark Money Leak!, Marijuana Legalization, Hacktivists Attacked (when satire is more truthful than actual news networks)


 Good morning peeps!  I decided to begin my Sunday morning with a jelly doughnut, cup of coffee and some tongue-in-cheek humor.  So, with out further adieu here’s Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp and their report “The Dark Money Special”   “He explains in infuriating hilarity the insane new leak showing just how corrupt Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is. This leak reveals how deeply tied into a dark money web he really is. This corruption has far-reaching implications for what’s happening in our country, as our democracy continues to be hijacked by corporate, pay to play, quid pro quo, special interests. Lee … Continue reading →

Privately funded exit poll in 3 CA Counties showed a reported Clinton Win by 3.1% was really a Sanders Win by 7.5%


 In case your missed this must read: Privately funded exit poll in 3 CA Counties showed a reported Clinton Win by 3.1% was really a Sanders Win by 7.5%    ADEI conducted exit polls during the 2016 California presidential primary in three counties at 12 precincts….. The polls were randomized and representative of the demographic data in the precinct area. The counties were Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Alameda Counties and four polling places were chosen in each county. The sample size was 3, 321. This is an impressive number of people,by the way, as Edison Research Media will often … Continue reading →

9/24 Open Discussion


 Happy Weekend Everyone! How are my friends here doing on this lovely (but cool) Saturday? I have two things to contribute before getting back at chores, baking, and all that weekend stuff. I’m sure you heard that Chelsea Manning was sentenced to some solitary confinement time for attempting suicide (like that’ll be helpful to a suicidal person), but I only learned today that the other punishable offense Chelsea was dinged for was……being found in possession of an objectionable book! I read that hours ago and am still somewhat amazed. Manning also faced a Prohibited Property charge as a result of an improperly … Continue reading →

9/23 Open Discussion


Happy Friday friends. What are you reading/watching/etc?

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As Tribes Fight Pipeline, Internal AFL-CIO Letter Exposes ‘Very Real Split’

The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation, generated waves of criticism by standing against the Standing Rock Sioux and supportive allies last week when it endorsed the Dakota Access Pipeline – a project opponents say threatens tribal sovereignty, regional water resources, and sacred burial grounds while also undermining efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

Yet while a public statement by AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka stirred widespread backlash, what has not been seen by the general public is an internal letter which preceded that statement—a letter which not only reveals a deeper and growing rift within the federation, but one that also helps expose the troubling distance between the needs of workers and priorities of policy-makers on a planet where runaway temperatures are said to be changing everything.

Trumka said the pipeline deserved the AFL-CIO’s support because it was “providing over 4,500 high-quality, family supporting jobs” and argued that “attacking individual construction projects is neither effective nor fair to the workers involved.”

In turn, many of the tribes and their progressive allies saw the statement as a short-sighted, if predictable, position on behalf of the federation’s building trade unions. Norman Solomon, writing on these pages, didn’t mince words when he said Trumka’s remarks amounted to “union leadership for a dead planet” that could easily be mistaken for the “standard flackery” of the oil and gas industry. On Monday of this week, a coalition of AFL-CIO constituency organizations, made up of groups normally supportive of the federation, bucked Trumka’s public stance by declaring their own opposition to the pipeline.

But many of those outside critics of the AFL-CIO didn’t know the half of it. That’s because none of them have likely seen a much more harshly-worded letter, obtained by Common Dreams, which was circulated internally among the federation’s leadership ahead of Trumka’s statement.

The five-page letter (pdf), dated September 14th, is addressed to Trumka and copied to all presidents of the AFL-CIO’s 56 affiliated unions. It was sent by Sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), which represents 14 separate building and construction unions within the federation.

In the letter, McGarvey questions top leadership for not taking a firmer position in defense of the union members working on Dakota Access and calls out other AFL-CIO member unions—specifically the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), the National Nurses United (NNU), the Communications Workers of America (CWA), and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU)—for aligning with “environmental extremists” opposed to the pipeline and participating in a “misinformation campaign” alongside “professional agitators” and members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Indeed, McGarvey’s letter appears written as a direct response to those same unions who just days earlier issued public statements of support for the tribe’s efforts to stop the pipeline


Musicians You Should Know About – Brother Ali


 So Ive decided to mix two things I enjoy greatly… music and politics, and tell you all about an artist you may not know about. A very smart, talented, activist/rapper/spoken word artist, and overall good guy Brother Ali. I listen to a ton of different musical genres, and this just happens to be one artist that I’ve started this ‘series’ with… and look forward to doing more in the future. Would love if you all joined me!   Ali Douglas Newman (born Jason Douglas Newman, July 30, 1977), better known by his stage nameBrother Ali, is an American hip hop … Continue reading →

9/22 Open Discussion


  WATCH: “Is This America?” Co-Founder of Sacred Stone Camp Recalls Dog Attack on Native Americans Standing Rock Sioux tribal historian LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, a co-founder of the Sacred Stone Camp that launched on her land on April 1 to resist the Dakota Access pipeline, recalls the day security guards working for the Dakota Access pipeline company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray. She says construction continues despite a court ruling asking the company to stop, and describes current organizing efforts at the camp. Watch our previous interview with Allard: “Standing Rock Sioux Historian: Dakota Access Co. … Continue reading →

Trickle Down’s Failures Apparent to All, Except Those in Charge


 Anthony Flaccavento, Abingdon, Virginia September 20th, 2016 Three years ago, in a town just south of where I live, the local paper carried a small story about a start-up business owner who had won the Annual Entrepreneurship Competition. Her new business was awarded $5,000 and some technical assistance as it prepared to open its doors in the downtown district. The very same issue of the paper carried a front page story about another award going to a different sort of business: over $50 million in subsidies to induce a Cabela’s to locate five miles from the downtown center. I’m quite … Continue reading →



Sorry everyone… as I’ve been laying out the future plans for life it seems that we’ve been under a deluge of spam attacks. I’m trying to figure out/get rid of the offenders at the moment. If you can provide usernames/email addresses of the offenders, it would help a ton! Thanks! Continue reading →

9/21 Open Discussion (updated)


 The fight for CD 19 in New York is heating up. I saw my first republican attack ad against Zephyr Teachout on broadcast television yesterday. They called her “Professor Teachout” and said she promotes “Islamic Terrorists”. That made me donate $50 to her campaign. What’s on your mind this morning?   Here is that attack ad I saw yesterday that made me donate to teachout. … Continue reading →

9/20 Open Thread – The Human Farm


 Good morning peeps!  Please join me in cup of organically grown, sustainable Peace Coffee. A group of Honduran coffee farmers fight to plant a new society.  The philosophy of Alias Sanchez, The Human Farm Mr. Sanchez stressed the importance of analysis and reflection rather than practices based on memorization and repetition. Presently, a small group of his followers are leading a peaceful revolution without weapons. They are farming organically and creating an authentic and stimulating environment for the children. Their harvest is magnificent. These revolutionaries are moving this program from isolated, mountain villages to the most impoverish and dangerous neighborhoods … Continue reading →

9/19 Open Thread


 http://nyti.ms/2cQa5MR A Pipeline of Beer: Not Just a Fantasy Beer! The Lifeblood of a nation. A Pipeline of Beer: Not Just a Fantasy Halve Maan Brewery lies in the center of Bruges, Belgium, but its bottling plant is on the city’s outskirts. Trucks became expensive and impractical, so the owners built an underground pipeline to carry the beer. Beneath the gilded spires and medieval cobblestone streets of Bruges, the lifeblood of Belgium now flows at more than 1,000 gallons an hour. The turn of a tap on Friday propelled the Belgian city into the future — and sent its citizens … Continue reading →

Science Sunday #13


 Can Dolphins Talk To Us Those of a certain age, including yours truly, fondly remember the TV series Flipper, which started in 1963, starring Chuck Connors, and lasted 3 seasons.  I can truly say that every child in America wanted their own personal bottlenose dolphin. Needless to say, I was deeply disappointed in researching this article to find that the beloved voice of Flipper was totally faked and was in fact a mish-mashed dubbed-in nonsensical voice of the Australian kookaburra bird. This is not to say that dolphins, like other saw-toothed whales (mammals of the Cestacean clade which include the … Continue reading →

9/18 Open Thread


 Hello All’ I thought I would start the morning thread. Going to step away from national politics and post the link about the leaked the john doe-mails from the Guardian “Because Scott Walker Asked’ . Its a long read but goes into the depth of the dark money that bought Walker the govenership during his recall and the Wisconsin supreme court as well. Just wanted to add that the USSC has not yet decided if they are going to take the case weather the Walker campaign and CFG violated campaign finance laws- My hope is they do as its the … Continue reading →

9/17 Open Discussion


 Happy Saturday my progressive friends! It sounds like LD is out of town, hopefully getting a break from the usual grind, so I thought I’d put up an open thread. What I’ve been reading about so far today: The Alabama pipeline breach. The Florida sinkhole. And Hillary’s big problem with millennials. Clinton really does seem to be struggling. She’s performing even worse than I thought she would. But her one hope is that Trump is even worse: Net-favorability among under-30s +39 Michelle Obama+37 Bernie Sanders+35 Barack Obama 0 Hillary Clinton -46 Donald Trump (@yougovUS) — Will Jordan (@williamjordann) September 16, 2016 … Continue reading →