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T and R, Benny. Hope you enjoyed the Holidays. 27 is too young to die. She obviously had other health issues besides asthma. The pregnancy and birth of her second child seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She could have suffered postpartum depression on top of all the stress. Read Taibbi’s tribute–he can get a little full of himself at times, but he does know how to write!


Too sad.


Thank you, Benny. Very sad news.


Thank you for this Benny. I was very depressed on Saturday. The fight took a big toll on Erica’s body. I read that she’d said she hadn’t been doing well physically, the stress affecting her body and mind negatively.

I wonder how many people consider the families of police violence victims. The trauma spreads out throughout the family and the community, and the ripples ultimately spread through the entire country. None of us is immune to the damage caused.

But when it’s your own family, the impact is so deep and impactful. And almost certainly contributed to Erica’s death at such a young age.


p.s. I still haven’t heard the reason the NYPD shooed everyone out of Erica’s hospital room less than one hour before they were scheduled to try taking her out of the medically-induced coma. The NYPD was basically the last thing anyone needed at that point.

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