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Grassley Turns His Disgust at the Dems on the Judiciary Committee to Bernie Sanders

Last Friday, Bernie Sanders sent a letter to Chuck Grassley, outlaying the rationale for a fuller FBI investigation in addition to the supplemental background one ordered by the WH. Bernie received a sardonic response in less than 24 hours.

As the jpeg may not be easy to read, here’s the last part of the letter. Grassley writes:

Am I to take from your letter that you are now undecided and willing to seriously engage with the Senate’s advice-and-consent constitutional duties related to the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States? If so, we should have a conversation about what information you need to assist you in making your decision, and I look forward to that conversation.

I appreciate your raising concerns which others have already raised, at this eleventh hour.

(h/t Dally Wire blog)

Grassley Response Bernie about FBI Investigation Kavanaugh.JPG

You can click on the letter and it should enlarge.


Stick it where the sun don’t shine, you semi-senile crooked grossley piece of dung!


Demographics Could Be A Challenge To Warren’s Prospective 2020 Bid

The fact that Warren is mulling the idea of a presidential run in the midst of a Senate race came as a surprise to some observers, among them Deborah Schildkraut, a political science professor at Tufts University. She says it’s clear Warren will have to overcome the challenge of her own demographic profile.

“There is something to the idea that people aren’t comfortable with an older, ambition-seeking, power-seeking woman running for office,” Schildkraut said, adding that Clinton and Warren are only two years apart in age. “That alone could hurt her no matter what her political views are, and unfortunately the demographic similarities between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren could leave some people feeling like she has to work extra hard to win them over.”

On the other hand, Schildkraut says if there’s a blue wave that washes over Congress in the midterm elections, that could work to Warren’s favor.


If Warren keeps hiring Clinton people, that will hurt her with progressives. If she embraces Bernie, it will help. It really wasn’t the “woman” thing for most of us, imho, it was the policy thing.




She’s an ex-GoPuke. Forget her! I don’t support nor will I vote for her.


Warren has A LOT of ads running on youtube for the past month or so, which has me believing she is running and trying to increase name rec. The ads are far from attention grabbing though and even I as a political nerd tuned them out.


Farmers Differ from Auctioneers

Or at least Missouri farmers used to feed the world. President Trump’s tariffs are costing our farmers billions of dollars, and his escalating trade war is threatening the livelihoods of the very bedrock of our country. On August 10, Billy Long said farmers are willing to suffer “short term pain for long term gain,” but I notice he didn’t volunteer to let China put retaliatory tariffs on political dark money or speaker systems used by auction companies. Tariffs on metal fences and soy chicken feed burden farmers, but not Billy Long.

Now President Trump has the audacity to attempt to offer farmers a pittance of a handout to buy their support. Our farmers don’t want a handout, and their common sense is not for sale. Missouri knows Trump and Long are gambling with tariffs by seeing how long our farmers can withstand the burden. Our farmers don’t deserve that burden at all. It’s time for this trade war to end.

I would rather listen to farmers than auctioneers. It’s time for Missouri’s District 7 to stand up to Washington so our farmers can get back to work feeding the world again.

Op-ed by Jamie Schoolcraft, MO-7 CD candidate and Justice Dem.


Speaking of handouts, I guess some do want them.


some would rater go under


U.S., Canada and Mexico just reached a sweeping new NAFTA deal. Here’s what’s in it.

pretty short and informative. surprise: somewhat more protection for labor and the article says the environment, though no examples are given. Still an inability to nationalize fuel for Mexico without huge payments.


No sleep till NAFTA

The agreement still has to go through some procedural hurdles before it can be signed. Then it heads to the U.S. Congress for ratification in 2019. If Democrats take the House of Representatives in the November election, they may be in no mood to give Trump a “win.” To be sure, the reaction from congressional Democrats to the deal as it was announced was lukewarm, at best.
The details: Alex had the contours of the deal first for Pros, but if you’re just catching up, here’s the lay of the land.
— Tariffs: Canada gets exempted from virtually any tariffs the U.S. might impose on the global auto trade, but the details on steel and aluminum tariffs still need to be worked out.
— Dairy: An opening of the Canadian dairy market by about 3.6 percent, plus changes to a classification system that created ill-will in farm states like Wisconsin.
— Chapter 19: It’s alive, and to hear the Canadian government tell it, it’s virtually untouched — though it’s now called Chapter 10.
— Online shopping: Canadians could soon import $150 worth of goods in Canadian dollars without paying customs duties — and $40 without paying taxes — up from the current $20.
— Liquor: B.C. grocery stores will need to start allowing U.S. wines on their shelves, and places that discriminate against foreign booze will need to account more clearly for it.
— Intellectual property: A new notice-and-takedown system for ISPs in cases of copyright infringement, and an extension of biologic drug protections for an extra two years.

The tick tock: By the end of last week, it was clear a last-minute push was underway to get Canada to “yes” on NAFTA 2.0 as Mexico and the U.S. held back on publishing text of the agreement struck between those two countries weeks ago. Freeland delayed her U.N. General Assembly speech, originally planned for Saturday, as negotiators redoubled their efforts over the weekend. By Sunday, Canadian industry leaders were heading to Ottawa to be in place for an impending announcement on a deal, and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday teased “perhaps market-moving” news coming on the NAFTA.


I’ll believe it when I see it in action regarding worker and ecological protections!


m2, obf.


Duncan Hunter Airs Ad Suggesting Opponent Is Terrorist Sympathizer

In a statement Friday, Mr. Campa-Najjar said, “It’s sad to see Congressman Hunter lose his grip on reality.’’ He said that as a former member of the White House, he was “given a security clearance by the Secret Service after a thorough background check.”

Taking a jab at Mr. Hunter’s legal trouble, he added, “He knows I’m not responsible for my family’s actions, just like his wife isn’t responsible for his.”

Both campaigns did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Mr. Hunter’s ad is an escalation of comments he made about his opponent earlier this week, according to local reports, when he emphasized that Mr. Campa-Najjar legally changed his name to Joseph from Yasser.

A spokesperson for Mr. Campa-Najjar said that he had been given the middle name Yasser, his father’s first name, in keeping with Arabic naming traditions, and that he changed it to Joseph because he preferred it.

Disgusting as Corey Stewart in VA (Sen opponent of Tim Kaine) calling Abdul El-Sayed a terrorist.

White GOP men are getting more protective of their gender and race, as though they are the ones being discriminated against. That was very clear from Lindsay Graham’s tirade last Thursday. But in this and Corey Stewart’s instances, they are stoking 9/11 fears into voters. I don’t even though how Duncan Hunter is ahead in the polls in his race. He has been indicted for fraud.


Another example of support for immoral behavior as long as they espouse tribal allegiance.



Indicted criminals don’t face accountability; they get to run for public office according to the FRightwingnut GOPukes.


I’ve wondered how many of the voters are assuming it’s his father Duncan L. Hunter (who served 14 terms in Congress) who is on the ballot.

(The awful Duncan above is Duncan D. Hunter)

The younger Duncan Hunter is a dangerous person:

In December 2013, Hunter said that if a U.S. war with Iran becomes inevitable, which he “sure as hell” hoped wouldn’t happen, the American response should be a “massive aerial bombing campaign” including “tactical nuclear devices”.[52] He also said that the culture of Middle Easterners made them unreliable negotiating partners.


i hope Campa-Najjar is telling that!


Prosecutor’s “Reprehensible” Memo Proves GOP Aimed to Put Accuser Dr. Ford on Trial, Not Brett Kavanaugh



It appears that Ms. Swerntick has been interviewed by Kate Snow of NBC News and it will be on the NBC Nightly News. Makes me think there could be another Avenatti appearance on one of the MSNBC or CNN shows tonight.



Evolution or Death
The midterms are a battle for the soul of both parties

A fairly long article by John Nichols with some good ideas, like a guaranteed income and the breakup of monopolies, especially tech corpses.

The Democratic Party can’t be too bold. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party does not yet know whether it wants to be bold. This is what the primary battles of 2018 were about, and this is why the results from November contests matter more than a measure of D-versus-R alignment. If next-generation candidates who practice a politics of big ideas and big mobilization win in November, that will be a signal for the only major party that still has the potential to meet the challenges of the times.

Parties evolve, or die. That’s a fact of political science. This year will tell us a great deal about just how dangerous the evolution of the Republican Party has become. But it could also tell us how the Democratic Party might avert the danger and claim the future.


Better remind the DINOs/Turd Wayers/GOPuke Lites, Mr Nichols. Good luck!


“might” being the operative word.

I usually like John Nichols, but from your clip it sounds like he was overly cautious in his wording on this one. It’s not as though the Democratic Party hasn’t been doing it’s own ‘evolving’, and we know which direction it’s been evolving in these last 25 years.


yes, Nichols can be a bit weak, imo. cautious, as you say.


I found this article odd in several respects:

– Talk about breaking up tech corporations (a good idea), but no talk about breaking up the zombie mainstream media, whose conservative crapification has necessitated reliance on alternative channels in the first place?

– Painting the Democratic Party as caught in the throes of indecision is misleading. It’s not as if the Dems are caught up in indecision here; there is an ongoing street fight between the grassroots, who believe things need to fundamentally change, and the traditional power brokers, who have resigned themselves to go down with the current system.

November is not a referendum on this power struggle, but just another checkpoint.



Bye-bye Teddy. Good riddance to a real smelly piece of garbage. And you can take your pal, Sick Rott, with you!


This is the insanity of neolib dems:

RG: And not just that — Democrats have been saying publicly that they are actually afraid of winning this fight. Their biggest fear was that Kavanaugh would be voted down, Democrats would win — that’s called a win — and it would anger the Tea Party Republican base who would then come out in the midterms and vote against their people like Heitkamp and Tester and Donnelly.

MH: So this is unilateral disarmament.

RG: So they were literally afraid of winning.

Podcast and transcript of discussion with Ryan Grim, Naomi Klein, Mehdi Hasan

Now that the whole country has risen up, it’s a different story.


Not really sure why it’s good for any candidate to have Hillary campaign for them. It’s certainly not going to ‘turn’ any Republicans and it has the risk of turning off a lot of progressives so, if anything, it could depress turnout on the Dem side. What am I missing here?


She owes him. His wife has contributed 14.7M to Clinton coffers over time.


That’s a lot of moolah!


Pack the Supreme Court

So it’s past time for liberals and the left to consider court packing: When they next have control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, Democrats should add at least two new seats to the Supreme Court and then fill them, ideally, with left-wing, well-qualified women of color. They could even call it “court balancing.”

“Pack the courts as soon as we get the chance,” tweeted Indiana University law professor Ian Samuel, the co-host of the popular Supreme Court podcast “First Mondays,” on the the day Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in June. “‘Pack the courts’ should be a phrase on par with ‘abolish ICE.’”

This might sound extreme, but it isn’t. The Constitution allows for Congress to decide the number of Supreme Court justices. “There is nothing magical about the number nine,” HuffPost’s Zach Carter observed in June. “The court was founded in 1789 with just six justices and has included as many as 10, from 1863 to 1866 — when a Republican legislature intentionally shrank the court size to seven justices to prevent President Andrew Johnson from making any appointments.”

Nor is nine some sort of global norm: The U.K.’s Supreme Court consists of 12 justices; Israel’s has 15; in India, there are 25 Supreme Court justices (with a maximum of 31).

mehdi hasan answers arguments also.


this one caught my eye, because Dems so often seem so concerned about political retaliation:

To suggest Democrats would be emboldening or provoking Republicans, therefore, gets this whole dynamic the wrong way around. According to Samuel, “It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘If we invade Normandy, the Nazis will shoot at us.’”


James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This

We live in a world where the president routinely attacks the F.B.I. because he fears its work. He calls for his enemies to be prosecuted and his friends freed. We also live in a world where a sitting federal judge channels the president by shouting attacks at the Senate committee considering his nomination and demanding to know if a respected senator has ever passed out from drinking. We live in a world where the president is an accused serial abuser of women, who was caught on tape bragging about his ability to assault women and now likens the accusations against his nominee to the many “false” accusations against him.

Most disturbingly, we live in a world where millions of Republicans and their representatives think nearly everything in the previous paragraph is O.K.

In that world, the F.B.I. is now being asked to investigate, on a seven-day clock, sexual assaults that the president says never happened, that some senators have decried as a sham cooked up to derail a Supreme Court nominee, and that other senators believe beyond all doubt were committed by the nominee.

If truth were the only goal, there would be no clock, and the investigation wouldn’t have been sought after the Senate Judiciary Committee already endorsed the nominee. Instead, it seems that the Republican goal is to be able to say there was an investigation and it didn’t change their view, while the Democrats hope for incriminating evidence to derail the nominee.

Although the process is deeply flawed, and apparently designed to thwart the fact-gathering process, the F.B.I. is up for this. It’s not as hard as Republicans hope it will be.

F.B.I. agents are experts at interviewing people and quickly dispatching leads to their colleagues around the world to follow with additional interviews. Unless limited in some way by the Trump administration, they can speak to scores of people in a few days, if necessary.

They will confront people with testimony and other accounts, testing them and pushing them in a professional way. Agents have much better nonsense detectors than partisans, because they aren’t starting with a conclusion.

I wish I had the confidence that James Comey has. But I am very skeptical.


Was just in boss’s office going over stuff, he has three computer screens on his desk and as he explained some stuff to me (again, he has a habit of repeating himself which can feel very patronizing) and I couldn’t help but notice that the screen closed to me, from Fox news, held an enlarged tweet from Tom Cotton about how the FBI always asks about drinking. The implication being that the FBI had already asked Kavanaugh about his drinking and were okay with any answers he may have given.

The first thing that came to my mind was, yah but hello!! Kavanaugh could have lied about his drinking!

So it’s all well and fine that the FBI “are experts at interviewing people” but are they experts in detecting lies?


SCOTUS surprises me at the moment, but perhaps it’s due to a 4-4 vote.

and this:

Supreme Court refuses to take up Martins Beach case. Surfers, beachgoers relieved
(this is in the SF Bay area, around Half Moon bay)

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Monday not to take the case of a California tech billionaire who challenged a lower court ruling preventing him from blocking access to a beach on his San Mateo County property, a move that advocates for public access touted as a victory for beachgoers across the country.

The decision means lawyers for Vinod Khosla, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, will not get the opportunity to argue that Khosla has a right to stop people from crossing his property to reach picturesque Martins Beach, about six miles south of Half Moon Bay.

The crescent-shaped cove, featuring a distinctive pyramid-shaped rock, has been the subject of an ugly almost decade-long clash between Khosla and surfers and other beachgoers that began when Khosla blocked the only road leading to Martins Beach. The Supreme Court’s rejection of the case now prevents the Martins Beach battle from becoming a test case for public coastal access around the country.

“It’s big time,” said Robert Caughlan, a 75-year-old San Mateo surfer known as “Bird Legs” who once served as president of the Surfrider Foundation, which filed suit against Khosla after he blocked the road. “Why is access to Martins Beach important? For the same reason access to Yosemite is important. Its a public treasure.”


woo hoo!


Khosla’s lawyer says it’s already been decided that there’s no public access.

Contrary to popular opinion, the case we filed in the U.S. Supreme Court is not about access to the beach. Other courts already ruled no public access rights exist on the property.”

and vows to continue fight if they don’t get the permit they will file for. geesh.


Problem is that there is fraud in this issue. He posted a sign saying that he would permit free public access when he was buying the property, then sometime after the purchase, he had the sign replastered/painted over. We’ll see what happens, but privatization of public beaches has been common place for the past 50 years (see Hilton Head, Naples FL).


i’m really hoping he’s wrong. Calif. Coastal Commission used to be pretty strong.

i don’t want Oregon’s coast to be in further danger than it already is, either.


That’s great news! Thank you Benny.


From TASS (Russian News Agency)

Kremlin stays mum on comments by Blair-era MI6 chief ‘regretting helping Putin win power’

The Times’ Monday issue published an interview with Richard Dearlove, then chief of the Secret Intelligence Service in 1999-2004, who said he regretted that he had helped organize Tony Blair’s visit to Russia’s St. Petersburg where he attended a premier at the Mariinsky Theatre alongside Vladimir Putin just a few weeks before the presidential polls in Russia. According to Dearlove, Blair’s visit helped Putin win power, and improve relations between the two countries, which however soon soured again



Another surprise…


Obama endorsed Jahana Hayes today too. I really hope she wins.

Here’s the whole list:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also on his list.


So are David Garcia (AZ) and Ben Jealous. I think he endorsed more POC in this round, which is good.


There seems to be some progressives missing not that I am surprised.

I don’t see Raul Grijalva, Pramila Jayapal or Bernie mentioned.


I think most of the endorsements are for the new Dems, but I may be overlooking something. I don’t have the first list handy. Beto is the big omission thus far, but I’m not convinced Beto seeks the endorsement.


And its begun the ads on Brices criminal record just hit from some half assed named superpac. This ad will have the desired effect on the voters.


Probably the hit is from Crossroads or some kind of Karl Rovian PAC.



Hello everyone, still no net but heres my pal Sal scoping out the new neighborhood


Sal! That’s a big window, looks like what we would call a loft back in Montreal, really high ceiling & open interior.



ACLU TV ads compare Kavanaugh to Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby

In the first five seconds of the Colorado ad, which addresses GOP Sen. Cory Gardner, viewers will see images of mainstream media figures like Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, who lost their jobs over alleged sexual misconduct, Harvey Weinstein, the film executive facing multiple sexual assault charges and former President Bill Clinton, on camera in 1998, denying “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Cosby follows, also denying the accusations against him, before Kavanaugh appears, doing the same on Capitol Hill during last week’s hearing.

The ads “walk (viewers) through the people they would’ve potentially registered disapproval with in the past,” Shakir said. “You get to Clinton, you get to Cosby — by the time you get to Kavanaugh, you will probably have seen 4 or 5 folks who you probably had some concerns with. We’re trying to get conservative women to see this outside the partisan and tribal lens.”


Many have said that there are three scenarios for reform: Obamacare, TrumpCare, and single payer Medicare for all. Actually, as Geyman explains, there are only two since both Obamacare and TrumpCare are merely a perpetuation of our current, fragmented, dysfunctional method of financing health care with mere tweaks based on the ideology of the person holding office. Since Donald Trump is currently the president, the two nominal choices we have are TrumpCare and single payer Medicare for all. Geyman’s book explains why the latter (MFA) is the only real choice if we want affordable, high quality care for everyone.

PNHP stands for Physicians for a National Health Program.



Who’s that guy in the background? He looks rather stern.


Secret Service?


Probably as he has at least detail of two assigned to him.


9-29-18 beto fist.jpg

The Angry White Male Caucus

I very much ran with the nerds during my own time at Yale, but I did encounter people like Kavanaugh — hard-partying sons of privilege who counted on their connections to insulate them from any consequences from their actions, up to and including abusive behavior toward women. And that kind of elite privilege still exists.

But it’s privilege under siege. An increasingly diverse society no longer accepts the God-given right of white males from the right families to run things, and a society with many empowered, educated women is finally rejecting the droit de seigneur once granted to powerful men.

And nothing makes a man accustomed to privilege angrier than the prospect of losing some of that privilege, especially if it comes with the suggestion that people like him are subject to the same rules as the rest of us.

So what we got last week was a view into the soul of Trumpism. It’s not about “populism” — it would be hard to find a judge as anti-worker as Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, it’s about the rage of white men, upper class as well as working class, who perceive a threat to their privileged position. And that rage may destroy America as we know it.

This weekend, I was able to sort out further about my discomfort with Judge Kavanaugh. I called him a scrub; this opinion, penned by Paul Krugman is spot on. I’ve had my disagreements with Krugman concerning his flip-flops about health care, but in this instance, I think he has a good understanding of the elite because of his own privilege. I wish he could understand that progressive working class had issues with Hillary for similar reasons many of us have with Kavanaugh: it’s definitely a class issue.

However, it was LD who called it first, that Kavanaugh can’t be trusted to be a good listener because of his partisan leanings towards executive authority.

That was also one of my issues with Clinton. In this instance, women in executive board rooms are appalled as working class women, except they will get other opportunities for meaningful work with the changes in our society. Poor women seldom get better opportunities. Just ask the “cast” of Disney workers.


Looks like our guv made some fine appointments.

arlier this week, Governor Kate Brown appointed three new members to the Board of Forestry, and she made sure that they share our values. This is a big turning point for Oregon’s forests!

Historically, the Board of Forestry has been dominated by timber interests. But now, thanks to Governor Brown, most of the Board is now unbiased and ready to support healthy forest policies.


Also good to hear! West Coasters are the best when it comes to keeping it green!


more and more of it is plantations, though. it’s a constant struggle. but worth it. :O) and yes, i’m grateful for the green and blue we have out here. y’all are welcome to visit, although I’d like the home to be a little nicer first. 🙂


I have a question. Why is no one calling out the FBI for being neutered?


There’s been a lot of discussion about FBI’s scope for investigating possible witnesses on the talking heads shows this evening. I’ve not heard anything as to if they talked to Dr. Ford. Michael Avenatti is on CNN with Chris Cuomo right now.


I was surprised when I heard about the restrictions. Isn’t the FBI supposed to be independent? I imagine that orlbucfan will remind me soon of my naivete (thanks for keeping it real orl).


THe mild mannered beer drinker in action. Hah!


Both Luddington (who first reported it) and the New Haven police chief were on CNN this evening to discuss it. It turns out that Kavanaugh’s friend, Chris Dudley, is the one who threw the bar glass at the patron, but Kavanaugh threw ice or a beer in the patron’s face first, which brought on the hostility.

Chris Dudley was among the many who wrote a letter of support on behalf of Kavanaugh.


I saw both interviews and it was Dudley who was taken away by the police.


More from a different source.


They had just come from seeing the English reggae band UB40 at a nearby venue in New Haven, Connecticut, when they saw a man who resembled the lead singer. The man told the trio he wasn’t the singer and brusquely told them to stop looking at him. Kavanaugh couldn’t let the comment pass, according to one of the two friends with Kavanaugh that night.

Kavanaugh first cursed at the man. After the man responded in kind, Kavanaugh threw a beer in his face, said Charles Ludington, a former Yale basketball player who’s now a history professor at North Carolina State University. The act precipitated a brawl that drew in their other friend — Yale basketball star and future NBA player Chris Dudley — and eventually prompted a call to police.

Kavanaugh was frequently “belligerent and aggressive” after drinking and had lied to senators about his experience with alcohol, Ludington said in a statement released to the news media Sunday. The barroom fisticuffs were the most searing example of Kavanaugh’s behavior he remembers, Ludington said in an interview with Bloomberg News, where he expanded on his statement for the first time.

It helps to have a big person as a backup in a bar fight.


Christen Guilford Dudley

(Dr. Crash)

Position: Center and Power Forward ▪ Shoots: Right

6-11, 235lb (211cm, 106kg)


Trump was probably Kavanaugh’s worst defender today.

Unless the FBI proves otherwise, I think Kavanaugh may not remember the altercations he was involved with due to alcohol abuse and/or repressing those memories in order to feed the “good servant leader” narrative. But when all of the little lies add up, seems to me he’s flunked the job interview.


Mitchell is hardly unbiased in her comments.

Her Republican stripes are showing.


LOL He was even lying back in 2015.


Could this be a excellent example of KARMA?


It appears that any benefits of the tax cuts are rapidly disappearing.


Gasoline prices in Houston and across the country rose last week alongside crude oil prices, and further increases are expected as the U.S. prepares to impose additional sanctions on Iran.

The average price of regular unleaded in the Houston area increased about a cent to $2.54 a gallon, while the national average rose about 2 cents to $2.87 a gallon, according to GasBuddy, which tracks fuel prices nationwide.

In Houston, gasoline costs just over 15 cents more than it did at this time last year. Nationally, prices have increased by roughly 33 cents during the same period.


I think I read that Saudi Arabia had also decided to cut back on production.

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