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Here’s a soundbite:

I love it!


What the heck? I wonder what work she does. That’s criminal.


Nina is such a powerhouse.



Kathleen Williams Wins Endorsement from the Missoulian, Reverse from last Year, for MT-AL

Not to be too dramatic about it, but Kathleen Williams is the congressional candidate Montana has been waiting for.

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Thoughtful. Measured. Most remarkably, Williams exudes that unique combination of grit and camaraderie that embodies the very best traits of Montanans, and which is an essential trait of any truly great statesman.

Her campaign to be elected Montana’s sole member of the U.S. House has highlighted other important qualities lacking in our current representative. She shows up — in communities large and small across Montana — in person, listens carefully and speaks candidly. Williams would bring a refreshing approach to problem-solving and policy-making to Congress.

U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte has been Montana’s representative in the House since he won a special election in May 2017. The Missoulian initially endorsed Gianforte for that race, with strong reservations, but was forced to take the unprecedented step of rescinding our endorsement immediately after Gianforte lost his temper and physically attacked a reporter, and then issued statements to police and through his staff that directly contradict his own official admission of guilt.

Asked about that discrepancy in a meeting with the Missoulian’s editorial board last week, Gianforte maintained that the police statement accurately reflects his “recollection of what occurred” and said he has taken full responsibility. But he hasn’t — not until he explains why he lied to police and the public, and not until he denounces, rather than embraces, President Trump and others’ ongoing verbal attacks on the press.

Gianforte has had a phenomenally successful business career, and a great many organizations have benefitted from his philanthropy. But over the course of his short time in elected office, it has become abundantly clear that he is the kind of leader who prefers to give orders, rather than follow them; he is used to being the boss, not a servant.

This is evident in his use of “tele town halls” and selective appearances in place of open public meetings, in his breezy dismissal of legitimate criticism and in his pushing controversial legislation, such as the proposal to release wilderness study areas in Montana, without bothering to get input from Montanans first. Worse, he has done nothing to build consensus around these proposals.



Texas sees huge turnout on first day of early voting

Tens of thousands of Texas voters turned out across the state to cast their ballots on Monday, the first day of early voting for the 2018 midterm elections.

The state’s largest counties all saw much larger first-day turnout than they did in the previous midterm elections in 2014. Dallas County’s combined in person and mail-in votes topped out at 55,384 on Monday, almost 26,000 more than were cast in 2014, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In Bexar County, The San Antonio Express News reported that as of 4 p.m. Monday more than 24,000 people had voted in person, compared to 13,436 who voted in person first day in 2014.

Bruce Elfant, Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar, reported on Facebook Monday night in-person and mail-in votes for Travis County totaled 47,405, compared to 17,181 first-day in-person and mail-in votes in 2014.

I also read in the Houston Chronicle that over 115,00 had voted (that includes mail-in). I might add though these numbers should be viewed with a bit of caution: the Chronicle article also mentioned that Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties had Cruz voters in the lines and willing to wait to vote. One of the issues with younger folks is that they don’t like to wait to vote.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Greg Palast has said that millions of people off the voter rolls

Are You Still on the Voter Rolls?

like the failure to prosecute Bush era criminals, the dems ignoring voter fraud has led to another possible lost election

“it can’t happen here” – rise of fascism – but it is happenign

Tom Hartmann today read from “They Thought They were Free” by Milton Meyer about the ordinary Germans. He sees this as a clear and present danger here in the US.

Will the dems pound the drums?

Remember in 2016 people asked what do the dems stand for?


I forgot where I read that more Republicans are voting early than Dems in some key states.


A new spin on the impact of the news about the murder of a Saudi journalist


face palm


He IS a horse’s ass. Take it from a Floridian. To add insult to injury he is also an unethical crook.


PB style 🙂


Thanks. I’ll capture that later. :0)


I believe that is what’s called a very bad ‘take’. 🙁

Well, sorry for your loss, Khashoggi family, but what about Trump?? How do you think HE feels?!


Saudi propaganda ramps up!


poor guy. ugh.



bad linkie. 🙂


That tweet was deleted, then reposted, so I edited the comment. HTH.


🙂 i prolly need to reload.


No–you were right. The linky went bad. So I found another one.


We could really use some top notch true progressive “Wall St.” firms to invest in the right things!


A cousin of mine in Canada used to work for an investment firm that only invested in ‘green’ companies. Not sure if he still works there. I should reach out to him and ask.


Progressive + Wall Street seems like an oxymoron to me but I guess there is hope out there.


Ballot Irregularity or Not?

The majority of early voting sites in Arkansas’s Garland County were reportedly closed temporarily on Monday after the name of the Democratic nominee for secretary of state was left off the ballots.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that three of the four early voting site voting sites in Garland County were closed on Monday because Democrat Susan Inman, who is running for secretary of state, was not listed as an choice on the ballots.

“I received a text from a friend who went to the early voting poll and said my name wasn’t on the ballot,” Inman told the publication. “Of course I was in sheer disbelief.”



The voters need to come out en masse and raise holy h3ll over this nonsense. That is the only way to peacefully stop this stuff!


As if the Republicans actually care what those affected actually think. They only answer to their overlords.


With Kavanaugh Aboard, Supreme Court Shields Wilbur Ross From Testifying Under Oath About How He Lied Under Oath

Intensifying widespread fears that the recent addition of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will solidify the judicial body’s power to act as a legal shield for President Donald Trump’s astonishingly corrupt administration, the high court ruled Monday night that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will not have to testify in a lawsuit challenging the White House’s overtly discriminatory move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Given that Ross appears to have lied under oath at least twice about the decision to add the citizenship question to the census—first about his central role in pushing for the addition, and then about the crucial advisory roles played by Trump’s racist former aide Steve Bannon and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach—the Supreme Court’s order protecting Ross from sitting for a deposition was described as a “major blow” for the coalition of civil rights groups and state attorneys general working to stop the White House from rigging the census against immigrants and communities of color.


The American people can put a peaceful stop to these fascists. They have to get Informed. And. Vote. Otherwise, you’re looking at violent bloody revolution. And, this country is being primed for it.


Who is going to inform them? It sure isn’t the MSM. Fox News and right wing talk radio is out there continuing to keep them dumbed down.


This isn’t good.

In its 2013 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the US Air Force disclosed that operation of the F-16 fighter aircraft in the Chamberlin School neighborhood of South Burlington, Vermont, assaults children with noise sufficient to cause learning impairment. The EIS also shows that 45 percent more children will have their learning impaired if the Air Force executes its plan to base F-35 jets in that neighborhood.


F-35s are junk. Even the MICC admits it.


New Database Reveals Extent of Drug Makers’ Patronage of Lawmakers

Before the midterm elections heated up, dozens of drugmakers had already poured about $12 million into the war chests of hundreds of members of Congress.

Since the beginning of last year, 34 lawmakers have each received more than $100,000 from pharmaceutical companies. Two of those — Reps. Greg Walden of Oregon, a key Republican committee chairman, and Kevin McCarthy of California, the House Republican majority leader — each received more than $200,000, a new Kaiser Health News database shows.

As voters prepare to go to the polls, they can use a new database, “Pharma Cash to Congress,” tracking up to 10 years of pharmaceutical company contributions to any or all members of Congress, illuminating drugmakers’ efforts to influence legislation.


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Give me a B!
Give me a R!
Give me an I!
Give me a B!
Give me an E!
Give me a S!
What’s that spell?


$6.5 Billion: A Low-Ball Estimate of the Walton Family’s Haul…. They’re

According to a new analysis by the union-led campaign Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), the combination of Bush’s 2003 tax cuts for the rich, Obama’s extension of those tax cuts, and Trump’s passage of a $1.5 trillion giveaway to the wealthy last year has netted the owners of Walmart $1.1 million per day in dividend income tax savings for the past 16 years.

Even so, the numbers are striking: While Walmart’s starting wage has risen just slightly over the past 16 years amid soaring grassroots pressure, MCAW estimates that the Walton family has raked in $6,510,847,623 in dividend income tax savings.


Hedges and the uber rich. I disagree with lumping them all into one, but I agree that this assessment does seem to be a thing. I believe that we all have it within us to transform AND i can see how the very actions he describes makes it harder and harder to hope that the mean ones will ever transform. It’s definitely a terrible mess.

The uber-rich, as Karl Polanyi wrote, celebrate the worst kind of freedom—the freedom “to exploit one’s fellows, or the freedom to make inordinate gains without commensurable service to the community, the freedom to keep technological inventions from being used for public benefit, or the freedom to profit from public calamities secretly engineered for private advantage.” At the same time, as Polanyi noted, the uber-rich make war on the “freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of meeting, freedom of association, freedom to choose one’s own job.”

The dark pathologies of the uber-rich, lionized by mass culture and mass media, have become our own. We have ingested their poison. We have been taught by the uber-rich to celebrate the bad freedoms and denigrate the good ones. Look at any Trump rally. Watch any reality television show. Examine the state of our planet. We will repudiate these pathologies and organize to force the uber-rich from power or they will transform us into what they already consider us to be—the help.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I posted an article a couple of days ago from The Guardian saying that politicians are not listening to the people. Here it is again.

I won’t be marching for a people’s vote. There has already been one: Saturday’s march in London shows that progressives still refuse to listen to those who pressed the Brexit button

I got to that article from a tweet by Bruno Latour.

Latour’s point is that the Anthropocene has changed the game and now people are heading back to the LAND or to earth. The promise of progress is gone and the billionaires control the game and are themselves living offshore in the land of billionaires. And, current politics not up the task required and institutions who give form to values. Institutions are under attack.

As an aside, listened to Chris Hedges “On Contact” and the woman interviewed was an investigative journalist who has written on Wikipedia

Many say to watch out for Wikipedia. Not until this did I realize how they give favorable treatment to some people, like Hillary Clinton and attack leftists. There are ogranizations who post hundreds of thousands. Back in say 2007, the FBI and the CIA admitted that they edited the site. Now organizations do the job anonymously. Corporations scrub their pages. People like Chris H and Glenn G are attacked.

Another propaganda outlet.

And Face book employing right wing group to kick people off the site. Censorship by companies along with censorship by the government and both engaged in fake news.

Another institution hits the dust.

Both the media and the university.

Anyway here are Bruno’s tweet from today. He brings up a book by Mark Lilla which I had not noticed and the reviews say on NYT were bad. He didn’t make a case for his point about identity politics. He is a Columbia humanities professor. Apparently he pointed back to the good old days of Roosevelt for the dem party to return to.

Latour says there is no place to land. In other words, like the poor, almost everyone is under attack. And if economy fails, which it seems to be on a path to do, and if Trump starts a war with someone like Iran to save his presidency, then more of the blinders will fall off.

Latour realizes that return to the land has been the path of dictators but the global situation means we must return to Gaia. And the land includes the soil, trees, animals, air, etc. etc. As well as the economy and a challenge to TINA – there is no alternative.

Here are his tweets on Lilla’s book

@BrunoLatourAIME 3h3 hours ago

Mark Lilla’s book “The once and future liberal” now in French ciriticizes the American Left, pursues à new “dispensation” but has not a single word for the New Climatic Regime: back to Roosevelt time as if the new citizenship was not anchored in the terrestrial.

@BrunoLatourAIME 3h3 hours ago

Interesting parallels and contrasts between Lilla’s Once and Future Liberal and BL’s Down to Earth now in English: Lilla bets on a return to liberal value & education against identity politics: BL on a fusion of identity with attachments to the new threatened earthly conditions.

@BrunoLatourAIME 3h3 hours ago

It is striking to see that a liberal like Lilla who chides identity politics for its closure of mind seems so close-minded when earthly condition is concerned: yet to be able to say again “we the people” you need a land under your feet -and that’s a “we” too & a progressive one.

Don midwest
Don midwest

A somewhat hopeful book on how to live with the climate crisis

I had never heard of this guy

Adrian J. Ivakhiv*
Ph.D., York University, 1997

Steven Rubenstein Professor for Environment and Natural Resources / Professor of Environmental Thought and Culture

I found it becausew of the environmental conference last weekend at Univ of VT and he a co-leader of the conference.

Here is his short essay on his recent book.

Shadowing the Anthropocene: a reader’s guide

The master key

Shadowing the Anthropocene is premised on an acceptance of the “feverishness” of the world we are moving into (a feverishness that’s also the focus of the symposium and art festival I’ve been co-organizing here in Burlington, Vermont, taking place this coming weekend). Climate change and ecological destabilization are exacerbating political and economic challenges that will lead to a generally more anxious and more conflict-ridden world. The book hopes to contribute to the psychological and affective “coming to terms” with that world, so as to allow us to better address it.

It brings two bright ideas to the table. Neither of them is original; they are certainly not my own. I have simply tried to fuse them together in an original way, and this marriage has produced a couple of hundred pages of offspring. The first idea has served as the core of a two-and-a-half thousand year tradition of philosophical theory and practice (Buddhism), and was revived in a particularly coherent and clear way nearly a century ago in the writings of a certain mathematician-turned-philosopher (Alfred North Whitehead). The second idea has been at the core of a rather newer tradition of thought (semiotics) advanced and articulated by an equally original modern thinker (Charles Sanders Peirce).

The first of these ideas suggests that people tend to misperceive the nature of reality, which results in an overabundance of suffering, and that we can change that. The second idea suggests that part of that misperception is the role we ascribe to meaning and significance, and the ways in which meaning and significance are rooted in more primary forms of experience.

The book’s first part (of three) tries to articulate the ontology — the understanding of the world — that results from the marriage of these two ideas. Its second part applies that understanding to our direct experience of reality, and suggests some ways in which we can incorporate this understanding into our lives. And its third part applies that understanding to the cultural and spiritual clashes of our world.

That was about 1/3 of the article.

And you might guess that because Bruno Latour spoke at the conference that I found out about it and posted info last week.

Bruno has developed 15 modes of existence. One of those is REPRODUCTION which he labels [REP]. The glass on the table continues to exist because it is reproduced over and over again. I knew that this went back to Alfred North Whitehead, but I didn’t realize that it went back to Buddhism as mentioned in the article above. The author is a fan of Bruno but it is clear that he draws on many sources.

This is one of the strange modes of existence that probably existed in some primitive cultures but has been wiped out by MODERNISM

Don midwest
Don midwest

reposted article from 2016 from The Intercept – came up in a tweet just now



LOL! He is doing his best to make the article correct.


Dems divided over Pelosi’s ‘transitional’ Speaker pitch

On Monday, Pelosi said she’s confident she’ll have the necessary support to retake the Speaker’s gavel if Democrats win the House, touting her accomplishments as “a great legislator” and “astute” political operator.

“None of us is indispensable, but some of us have something to offer that is appropriate for the time, and I think I’m that person,” she said during a CNN forum.

Pelosi also reiterated her wish to be an intermediary to the next generation of party leaders, saying she would have already retired if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had won the White House in 2016. But she declined to put a timeline on her forecasted departure.

“I’m not going to make myself a lame duck,” she said. “We’ll see what happens in the presidential.”



IOW, if it’s Bernie, I have to stay in to ward off his policies. Since corpses don’t like them, they must be bad for Americans.


Its people like her and Biden that piss me off the most, far more than someone like Obama, they are older rich and set for life yet still complete tools to the establishment.


She is very two faced. On one side of her mouth she says get big money out of politics. On the other side she brags that she is an excellent fundraiser.


Georgia’s GOP Candidate for Governor Caught on Tape Complaining That So Many People Are Voting

At an event in Atlanta last week, Kemp lamented the fact that a whole lot of people are voting. From Rolling Stone, which received the audio from someone who attended the “Georgia Professionals for Kemp” event:

Not long after Kemp began his remarks, the candidate expressed worry about early voting and “the literally tens of millions of dollars that they [the Abrams camp] are putting behind the get-out-the-vote effort to their base.”

Kemp then asserted that much of that Abrams effort is focused on absentee ballot requests. “They have just an unprecedented number of that,” he said, “which is something that continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote—which they absolutely can—and mail those ballots in, we gotta have heavy turnout to offset that.”



HA! HA! HA! Trump is tougher on the Latin American countries.

A fine example of a slap on the wrist. It reminds me of Hillary telling Wall Street to stop.


President Trump on Tuesday ramped up his rhetoric against Saudi Arabia over the death of Jamal Khashoggi, as the U.S. took its first steps to punish the kingdom over the incident that has triggered global outrage.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump criticized the operation that led to the journalist’s death as the “worst cover-up ever” and said whoever is responsible “should be in big trouble.”

“They had a very bad original concept. It was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst cover-ups in the history of cover-ups,” Trump said. “Very simple. Bad deal, should have never been thought of. Somebody really messed up.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced minutes after Trump’s initial remarks that the U.S. is revoking visas for some Saudi officials allegedly responsible for Khashoggi’s death. He said the U.S. is also weighing sanctions designed to target human-rights violators, a step that was requested by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Meanwhile Mnuchin was over in Saudi Arabia kissing MBS’s butt.


sounds like he’s more upset that they didn’t cover it up well.


Bernie continues to support those being screwed by the 1%


Bernie’s rallying for candidates heads to Arizona.



Tulsi Gabbard is also out there.



Some may consider this powerful also. LOL




Sure it was a mistake. Hah!


“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade donated roughly $600 to President Trump’s campaign in what he says was an unwitting mistake made while Christmas shopping after the 2016 election.

Kilmeade told The Hill in an interview on Tuesday that he purchased several Christmas ornaments modeled after President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats for friends and family members in November 2016, a couple weeks after Trump won the presidency.

“I had no idea that this would be considered a donation,” Kilmeade said. “I’m looking for something cool and unique for Christmas for adults after this historic election.

Small wonder that Fox & Friends is Trump’s favorite show.


Actually this turns my stomach. To think that this bully controls the military.


Posted without comment.
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Maybe this is a response to Trump’s “I am a nationalist” comment

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