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Sen. Bernie Sanders stumps for Mike Levin

Sen. Bernie Sanders praised California for embracing the progressive ideals he championed in 2016 in places much like the college campus where he campaigned Friday for more than a dozen Southern California candidates.

“Three years ago, $15 minimum wage and a union seemed like a radical idea. Today, it is spreading right here in California,” he said at MiraCosta College in Northern San Diego County. “Thank you, California.”

The independent Vermont senator’s appearance was part of a nine-state campaign-style swing that extends his 2016 presidential bid and catapults him toward an expected reprise run in 2020. Though he fell short in 2016, Sanders gave prominence to several issues — income inequality, universal healthcare, student debt — that continue to resonate in this year’s election.

Sanders recalled his 2016 campaign and mentioned another politician who tends to reminisce about past elections, calling President Trump “a pathological liar.”

“He says one thing today and something very different tomorrow,” Sanders said.

He encouraged the young voters in the Oceanside audience, along with union members and others, to cast their votes in the midterm election as a check on Trump.

“Brothers and sisters, a week from Tuesday will be the most important midterm election, perhaps in the history of our country, and that election will determine whether or not Donald Trump continues to do his things unchecked by either the House or the Senate,” Sanders said. “We cannot allow that to happen. Please, in the next week, do everything you can do to bring your friends to vote.”







Dominionism is linked to many powerful people, like Scalia, Cruz, Pence and many others, including Trump now, since they apparently see him as the “instument.” I found a couple of pieces on it.

One is from this year on truthout.

Last month, while NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre was regaling culture warriors at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference with tales of socialists trying to take away their guns, Christian Dominionists were holding an event called “The Turnaround: An Appeal to Heaven National Gathering,” at Washington’s Trump International Hotel. It featured some of the most prominent Christian Dominionists in the country. Although there are various iterations of Dominionism, Dominionists are united in their belief that conservative Christians should take complete control of all the political, secular and cultural institutions in the country.

Sheets has also maintained that both the Department of Justice and the FBI are trying to destroy Trump’s presidency, a belief also recently espoused by the Rev. Franklin Graham. “We will operate in our kingdom authority while there, breaking the back of this attempt to render President Trump ineffective,” Sheets wrote in early February on his blog at dutchsheets.org. “We will decree the exposing and failure of all attempts to sabotage his presidency. We will release favor over him, enabling him to accomplish everything for which God sent him to the White House — including the turning of the Supreme Court! President Trump will fulfill all of God’s purposes for him.”

They “go by different names — Reconstructionists, Theonomists, Dominionists,” and they see these times as “a divine call to war.” And they see Trump as God’s instrument, of all people.

“The great irony of this movement,” Boston explained, “is that, like other Religious Right groups, it has hitched itself to Donald Trump, perhaps the most amoral, un-Christlike man ever to occupy the White House.

And from politicalresearch.org, whose people the truthout article quotes, along with others, here’s a definition.

… Christians are called by God to exercise dominion over every aspect of society by taking control of political and cultural institutions. …

Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe that the United States once was, and should once again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy.

Dominionists promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity.

Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, insofar as they believe that the Ten Commandments, or “biblical law,” should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing biblical principles.

Of course, Christian nationalism takes a distinct form in the United States, but dominionism in all of its variants has a vision for all nations.

This latter one has a lot on Cruz and more details on the whole movement, plus an older clip of Moyers talking with one of the (late) leaders.


The irony is Trump more resembles ‘The beast’, but that form of Christianity has become so warped they would be drawn to an authoritarian violent antichrist far more than a socialist hippyish Jesus.


“socialist hippyish Jesus.” So true! :O)


It’s the final cultural death throes of these backwards organized Fundamentalist religions. They won’t be defeated without a fierce fight probably to the death of a lot of them. Hope I miss the staged phony “Rapture.” T and R, jcitybone!! 🙂



There Are Unfolding Voting Controversies in Two Key States’ Upcoming Elections—Here’s What’s Going On

On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered Georgia not to disqualify those absentee ballots that had suspicious signatures or other disqualifying marks. Civil rights lawyers, as they’re wont to do, quickly declared victory over the voter suppressors.

Is this really a victory for democracy and every absentee voter? The answer is absolutely not—and it isn’t helpful to suggest otherwise. Why not? The judge ruled that the mail-in ballots, if questioned, should be treated as provisional ballots. That means they’re subject to additional verification after Election Day before counting.

In Georgia, like many states, people casting provisional ballots have several days to return to local election offices with additional identifying documents before their ballot will be counted. In many more instances than not, that never happens.

By the way, there is some good news from Georgia, but it is not widely reported—or, if it is being covered, it’s largely buried by more inflammatory but less significant partisan rhetoric. Georgia, because it has online registration and automatic registration for drivers, has seen its voter rolls grow by more than a quarter-million since November 2016. (That’s despite its aggressive purging of people who infrequently vote or move.)

And in the North Dakota fiasco, the tribes are doing what they can to give required addresses to tribal voters.

This week, Maggie Astor, a New York Times reporter investigating how easy or hard that process would be, tweeted that it was very difficult to get around the reservations, because of a lack of wifi, road signs, landmarks and clear addresses—a report cited on election blogs that was at odds with the state’s 911-based solution.

“So yes, addresses can be assigned. County 911 coordinators can assign them. Tribal officials are assigning some too. One tribe printed so many IDs with newly assigned addresses that part of the ID machine literally melted,” tweeted Astor. “It can be done—it’s technically possible and the tribes are determined to make it happen—but coupled with the very short amount of time before the elections, it is a BIG ask.”

North Dakota’s handling of the ID requirement for Native Americans has been slammed on national editorial pages. But criticism aside, the question of what voters have to do to cast a ballot that counts hovers closer to the ground. And in states like North Dakota and Georgia, it could determine the outcome of very close and key races.


Very good news, pb4. 🙂


I read an article last night about recycling plastic and how a lot of people seem to think that it’s all good. But, of course, it’s not.

She advocated for a ban on single use plastics and I’m totally down with that!


I guess the people that push through these things know that they will never have to work with, in, or around it.

Appalling’: Asbestos Imports Soar 2,000% as Trump Loosens Restrictions on Cancer-Causing Material


In the same vein.

Trump’s air pollution adviser: Clean air saves no lives

Last spring, air pollution researchers from around the world gathered to discuss their latest findings. Among them were scientists who led landmark studies linking smog and soot to deadly health problems.

So it was shocking when one speaker essentially told everyone in the room that they were wrong.

In his half-hour presentation, Tony Cox, a risk analyst from Denver, claimed that researchers are overstating the dangers of air pollution. He explained how his own statistical modeling of health data found no connection between dirty air and respiratory problems or heart attacks.

Scientists and others at the Health Effects Institute annual conference were appalled. Some added to their speeches what they had thought was obvious: Yes, air pollution really is dangerous.

Cox might have been just shrugged off as a provocateur, a denier of established science. But he leads the Trump administration’s panel of scientists that offers advice on how to protect the health of about 126 million Americans who live in smoggy and sooty places.

“Air pollution experts also have raised concerns about the expertise of the rest of the panel, with only one member with a medical or health background. None is an epidemiologist, the primary discipline that investigates human health effects of pollution. Five of the seven are engineers or toxicologists.”


Ridiculous. I hope Mr. Cox is forced to spend a week walking the streets of Beijing this winter.

More than one million people die each year in China from particulate matter air pollution, but despite 15 years and billions of dollars of efforts to clean up the country’s air, dangerous winter smog persists.

Now, an international team of scientists think they have discovered the reason why: The instruments used to measure Beijing’s particulate matter pollution were misinterpreting their readings.

That is because, as the team of researchers from Harvard, Tsinghua University and the Harbin Institute of Technology revealed in Geophysical Research Letters Thursday, a lot of those sulfur compounds were actually hydroxymethane sulfonate (HMS)—a compound formed when sulfur dioxide reacts with formaldehyde in smog or fog. The type of instruments used to measure particulate matter in Beijing can easily confuse the two.

The researchers ran a computer model and found that HMS compounds could make up a lot of the particulate matter found in China’s persistent winter smog.

“By including this overlooked chemistry in air quality models, we can explain why the number of wintertime extremely polluted days in Beijing did not improve between 2013 and January 2017 despite major success in reducing sulfur dioxide,” Moch said.


I’m very surprised that this is only coming to light now, but better late than never?

I used to work in a lab that tested racehorse samples (urine & blood) for prohibited substances and it was very important to develop tests to identify METABOLITES of the prohibited drugs, rather than the drugs themselves.

Obviously, what goes in to a horse comes out a different compound after the drug is metabolized.

Similarly here, the dangerous pollutants are not necessarily in the air in their original form, but react with each other/combine with each other and become a slightly different compound.


Sadly another deadly mass shooting with innocent people just going about their daily routine. so I thought this might be interesting,

According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist incidents that resulted in deaths since September 12, 2001 were caused by right-wing extremist groups. Over the last decade, 71% of domestic extremist related killings in the US were linked to right-wing extremists, according to the data collected by the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. The attack on the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people, and was the deadliest terrorism attack in the US outside of 9/11. The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting in 2008 killed 11 people. In 2017 a white-supremacist killed 2 in a New Mexico school shooting, and the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville killed one and many other people were beaten. In 2018, a MAGA-hatted “conservative” murdered 17 in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Most political violence is committed by the right, and has been since the 1980s.

After the R’s get done with their thoughts and prayers routine, It would be nice for just one R that’s still running for office step up and show some leadership and call out trumpcorp to tone down his BS and quit embolding these RWNJ’s that have been the major contributor to the mass shootings/ bombings since the 80s. Lucky for America that the MAGA bomber was so incompetent that no one got killed, not so much with the latest mass shooting sadly.


And this is classic “terrorism.” Attempting to change people’s politics through violence.

About time the government names it as such. Maybe then we could go back to arresting and trying the other “terrorists,” along with these favorite sons.

This is really amazing, 73%!



I read today that ‘Jack Corbin’ may be another account of Bowers.

Just like the pipe bomb guy who had at least two different twitter accounts. They then, like too many political operatives do (on both sides) retweet the other account, thus amplifying their, in this case at least, hateful and dangerous messages.



Lou Dobbs earned his racist stripes many years ago while working at CNN.


no kidding now he an old white keep of the grass type extremeist


Yours truly with Our Revolution President Nina Turner at “Women Make Waves” event hosted by State Rep Carol Ammons this morning. She is listening to me tell her about our Nest and wants to me to send her an e-mail with the TPW URL.


Nina invigorated the crowd, which many women of color were there to hear her and Rep Carol Ammons share stories about candidate support and how societal standards are different when you are a black woman in an elected or running for a public office.


One other thing from the event. Carol Ammons’ spouse, Aaron, is running for County Clerk of elections. Carol, Aaron and Nina went to dinner last night, and Nina heard about a disturbing radio ad the Rethugs aired recently. Take a listen:

Nina was outraged and all of us were too. Disgusting.


The first pic made me a bit emotional, brought a lump to my throat. Black ladies have so many hurdles to navigate. I noticed that as soon as I moved to this country (decades ago) and my heart goes out to them. The dynamic is slightly different in Canada, but obviously there are issues there as well.

The second pic is sensational! Nina OWNS those spectacles! So cool. I love her.

Thank you so much for sharing Benny!


How cool is that! !!!!!!!


Now, those are 2 classy political babes-in-arms right there! Go Benny and Nina!! 🙂


Omigod that’s so awesome!!!!! Did you tell her that I love her?! 😀

You look great! Love the way Nina is smiling at you. She’s fabulous!


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!!! You do look great!


A few relevant tweets.

Just what we need is more guns.


Click on images to see the parts of the endorsement.


That actually sounds like a very thoughtful and sincere endorsement, by no means a blazing one but I think convincing in its somberness


woo hoo!



Bernie Sanders Is Partnering With A Greek Progressive To Build A New Leftist Movement

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is teaming up with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis to formally launch a new “Progressives International” in Vermont on Nov. 30, Varoufakis said in Rome on Friday.

Varoufakis described the initiative in part as an attempt to counter the work that Steve Bannon, who also made an appearance in Rome last month, has been doing to help nationalists forge a united front in elections for the European Union’s parliament next spring. Varoufakis also accused immigration critics like Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of being part of an extremist alliance.

“The financiers are internationalists. The fascists, the nationalists, the racists — like Trump, Bannon, Seehofer, Salvini — they are internationalists,” Varoufakis said. “They bind together. The only people who are failing are progressives.”

“Austerity for the many and socialism for the bankers has given rise to the present fascist moment in Italy, to the collapse of the political center everywhere, and to the reactionary, divided Europe that Mr. Trump dreams of,” Varoufakis said. “Today, here in Rome we’re saying enough. Another Italy, another Europe is not only possible, but it is here,” in the form of his party’s “progressive, ecological, feminist, humanist, rational program.”

Varoufakis said he had a message for Italy’s left, which is in disarray following the elections that put Salvini’s government into power: “Italian progressives are no longer alone.”

When asked about facing off with Bannon, Varoufakis said, “Good. Let’s have a big fight.”


For Varoufakis figures like Bannon, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Hungarian President Viktor Orban and others pose a threat similar to the fascist movements of the 1930s, according to his Guardian op-ed. He and potential allies like Sanders or UK’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn can offer an alternative way out of the crisis, he believes. But if they are to succeed in a struggle for power against both the globalist establishment and the nationalists, they need to unite across borders.



woooo hoooooo!!!!!! Thank all the Gods for these leaders! Helping us unite! We need the numbers. We need each other.


One never hears about him. Maybe it is because of his political leaning.

DUBLIN — Ireland’s leftist president, Michael D. Higgins, easily won a second term on Saturday despite a late surge by a former reality show celebrity whose support soared after he criticized an ethnic minority group.

In an impassioned speech at Dublin Castle Saturday night, Mr. Higgins said voters had faced stark decisions about the “character of our Irishness.”

“The people have made a choice as to which version of Irishness they want reflected at home and abroad,” he said. “It is the making of hope they wish to share, rather than the experience of any exploitation of division or fear.”


Here is Yanis sitting down with Jeremy Corbyn recently.

Jeremy Corbyn with Yanis Varoufakis at the Edinburgh Book Festival, August 20, 2018 | DiEM25

The first comment says this:

I love Yanis’s playfulness and quick mind. But this is my first time to hear Corbyn at length and I am thrilled to hear how his arrow is focused on the good for the people. Definitely Corbyn and other such leaders like Bernie could coordinate this level of critical thinking and awareness to help connect us internationally.



Not just his critics but anyone with a brain can figure this out!



I have an idea as how to get rid of the hatred…….




The details of this are unbelievable but you have to keep in mind that Kris Kobach is in charge of the voting regulations.

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