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Thanks, CA Dem! Thinking of going to the march today.


I flew in for two marches in DC during Bush’s push to go into Iraq. While they were therapeutic for me, meeting so many like soles as myself, they hardly got any news coverage and didn’t change Bush’s mind. People have been marching/protesting since Trump was elected. Personally, while I certainly do not like Trump, it is a fact that he was elected. Since I do not buy into the Russian stuff, I think Clinton was a terrible candidate and Bernie would have beat Trump hands down. I would rather like to the see the energy of the marchers go into getting their Democratic representatives in Congress to vote liberally rather than bowing down to the corporations and the banks.

Don midwest

Thanks for the link to the video of Bernie

He is the most important political leader of the opposition in the US today

The short sided dem party rejected him twice: as Pres, as VP

Maybe the specter of fascism will even lead the dem party to change

In the mean time, this election is a state of emerergency

More on Bruno Latour. I may have already linked this article. Too much going on to even go back and check

I begin with the simple idea that climate change and its denial have been organising all contemporary politics at least for the last three decades. Climate change plays the same role that social questions and the class struggle played over the two preceding centuries.

We can understand nothing about the way inequalities have exploded for forty years, and the accompanying movement towards massive deregulation, if we don’t admit that a good part of the globalised elite had perfectly understood what was going on with the bad news about the state of the planet, which, thanks to the work of scientists, began to crystallise at the beginning of the nineties.

Since the threat was real, the elites drew the conclusion that it would be necessary to adopt two opposing courses of action. First, give up the post-war liberal dream of a common world created by the modernisation of the planet—so, let’s cut ourselves off as quickly as possible, through deregulation at any price, from the rest of the inhabitants to whom we sold this dream of universality; secondly, systematically organise long-term denial of this ecological change, which nevertheless brings in not just the environment but what is called the Earth-system.

(One can see in the case of Exxon-Mobil, which, at the beginning of the nineties, moved quickly from cutting edge scientific research on climate and the Earth, to the organisation of a denial of climatic change, a useful empirical be

The short piece

Europe alone—only Europe

A friend from days at Berkeley sent me a screed on the state of the world. He was touching on the deep issues facing us. I was going to continue to send Latour articles about the trends since the Enlightenment that hold us in their grip. For example, the climate scientists and climate deniers operate in the same modern frame so the issue cannot be settled under our current rationality. I went through about 40 articles of Bruno’s that I have printed out and found a way to help him get to the next step.

Bruno’s latest work is on the Modes of Existence. Religion, politics, science, law are some of the better known modes of existence. He has 12 more and it is an adventure in the anthropology of the modern to reset ways that we experience the world. In one of the short articles he points out that the religious wars in Europe are not over: to have a secularism, taken as religion and supported by the state is to mix the two modes so one cannot hear the authentic voice of either.

In one of the articles he names the starting point as when Exxon who knew the science of climate change made the decision to go all out on climate denial, so one can find a major turning point against Gaia in the last few decades and don’t have to tangle with the 400 year history since the Enlightenment.

Here is an article that I just found today which was published in 2015. He point out that the trip to a museum to see the curios of past civilizations, primitive people who worried about the earth falling down on them, now in the last decade or so, us “moderns” face the same issue in the collapse of the earth. We are all water protectors.

‘The Challenge Issued to Civilization by the Anthropocene’ (Bruno Latour)


Ugh. Bernie’s great, but the tweetstorm from the Drumpf followers is sheer ugliness. The really do mean “Make America White Again!” And male, and Christian, and rich.


Atlantic Ocean Current Could Collapse within 300 Years

“A new study published in the journal Science Advances, titled “Overlooked possibility of a collapsed Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in warming climate,” corrects for previous model biases and shows that if (or when) global atmospheric CO2 concentration is abruptly doubled from the 1990 level, the AMOC will collapse within 300 years.

In 1990, the atmospheric CO2 concentration was 354 ppm. At present, there is an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 404 ppm. An abrupt doubling of atmospheric CO2 is certainly not hard to imagine.

If that doubling does prompt the collapse of the AMOC, it would have a profound impact on our planet. Given that the AMOC works to regulate both climate and weather patterns across the entire globe, its collapse could completely reshape what many parts of the planet look like.”


More importantly it will reshape the human race if the earth can survive the damage. i’m thinking about the natural resources to support mankind. Will the enviromental changes be able to support the 7 billion that are here now not accounting for what the global population could be in 300 years. If the changes are to severe I’m guessing that the global population will be less than it is now in 300 years


I didn’t see it!


Bernie spoke today at the Women’s March in Vermont:


That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

#pussypower berns!


This is awesome! Eugene was packed, too–crazy fun!


I marched for a little while in my community of Champaign-Urbana, IL. Here’s a link to the photo gallery taken by our local paper.


It was unseasonably warm. In terms of climate change, not necessarily a good thing. But the turnout was likely bigger as a result (in other words you have to look for the upside). My community has been always moderate, but I see now that it is nudging away from the center a bit.

Just have to find another person to run for Congress and get rid of that asshat we have now. He’s as pompous as our new POTUS.


2 positives in a row! fun to see each other’s photos.


This is my living pootie, Jasper. He wears a pussy hat every day, but he added a little purplish-pink for today’s Women’s March.


awwww, what a purdy puddy. 🙂


Nina Turner spoke at Public Citizen after the WMW in DC today. https://www.facebook.com/publiccitizen/videos/vb.9785626650/10154084215056651/?type=2&theater

I tend to be hard on the issues, but soft on people


Bernie at the VT March


This tweet is for LD…it’s from the Seattle Women’s March, and it was noted that indigenous women led the march. Notice the signs. I didn’t see any of those in the other photos I’ve been looking at on twitter.

Don midwest

This is posted on Sunday AM

Bernie is one of the few authentic politicians today, and the most important

I listened to MSM news a little bit today and Kellyann Conway, Trumps’ spokeperson spoke in circles. Maybe even ordinary people can see it.

Chuck Schumer looked better than I have ever seen him. But still playing the Russia card. Trying to box in Trump …. how about standing for the right things rather than these games

Probably have checked out the twitter on SpicerFacts

here are a couple

Ben Patz ‏@BenPatz 6h6 hours ago
There were 1.5 million people at the inauguration. Just 1.25 million of them had their invisibility cloaks on.

Scott ‏@Chicaned02 19m19 minutes ago
There are 3 kinds of lies : lies, damned lies, and Sean Spicer absolute whoppers #SpicerFacts

TheSkepticalAtheist ‏@XepticalAtheist 6h6 hours ago
Me: How many fingers am I holding up?

@seanspicer: 1.5 million.

Matt ‏@MtnChippewa 6h6 hours ago
I might have believed Spicer if he’d claimed instead that the white areas were just people wearing sheets. #SpicerFacts


I found this one on twitter. It’s gotta weird to be Bernie these days. I found it amusing.

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