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I’ll bet that the beginning of this video will bring a smile to your face.

It did to me but I haven’t watched all of it.


Hopefully practice makes perfect.


Your doing a heck of a job Donald!


I have no idea what it supposed to represent but it is kinda cute.


LOL, the Tractor Store version of ‘bodega cats’!


Everything that comes out of Clinton’s mouth is parsed!

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on ‘Sick’ Weinstein Allegations, Says She’s Giving Donations to Charity.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria spoke with Hillary Clinton tonight a day after her public statement condemning Harvey Weinstein, who donated a lot of money to her campaigns.
Clinton said she was “just sick” and “appalled” by the allegations. She admits she “probably would have” called him a friend, saying that “people in Democratic politics for a couple of decades appreciated his help and support.”

The former presidential candidate said she personally wasn’t aware of the allegations against him, but praised the “courage” of the women coming forward now and said this isn’t just about one man alone.

As for the donations Weinstein gave her, Clinton cited other Democrats giving the donations to charity and said, “Of course I will do that. I give 10 percent of my income to charity every year. This will be part of that, there’s no doubt about it.”

Dylan Byers ✔@DylanByers
I think it’s fantastic that HRC gives 10% to charity every year. I’m only saying that if HW $$ is just part of that 10%, nothing’s changing. https://twitter.com/DylanByers/status/918252970759766016
7:20 PM – Oct 11, 2017
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Dylan Byers ✔@DylanByers
This is right — HRC says HW $$ will go to 10% she gives to charity every year… shouldn’t it be on top of the 10% in order to mean something? https://twitter.com/brooke/status/918252502553948160
7:12 PM – Oct 11, 2017
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Barfo! 🙁


Thanks Benny! Im late as always but love reading through! Not sure if I’ll have a liveblog up before this afternoon if someone wants to start one early.

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