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LD, did you see this?!

How Jagmeet Singh won the NDP leadership

Singh unexpectedly wins on the 1st ballot with 53.8% of valid votes cast

Jagmeet Singh pulled off a surprise on Sunday by winning the NDP leadership on the first ballot, handily defeating his rivals in a performance matched only by past NDP stalwarts Tommy Douglas and Jack Layton.

This is a good sign for the NDP.

Singh’s victory heralds the end of the baby boomers’ reign in Canadian politics. It also brings a long-awaited sign of diversity to the federal stage.

For the first time there will be someone drawn from the ranks of Canada’s visible minorities on the leaders podium.

And for the first time in the living memory of most voters, there will not be a baby boomer vying to become prime minister on behalf of one of the three main parties.

As I understand it, Singh’s biggest challenge will be in Quebec, mainly because Quebecers tend to be not fond of overt displays of religiosity. And needless to say, Singh’s turban is pretty overt.

Among the issues Singh has worked on at Queen’s Park is the controversial police practice of carding — stopping people on the street and demanding identification. Singh, who said he’s been carded 10 times, pushed for a ban. The Ontario government outlawed arbitrary street checks last year.

speaks fluent French and Punjabi

Singh says he was bullied as a youngster and took up martial arts to defend himself, going on to captain his high school wrestling team and winning the Toronto championships in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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