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It’s a little dense, but it you’re into a bit of detail on why the way corpses are run is damaging to everyone, it’s interesting. And can give you real backup for arguments.

A tidbit:

First you need a resource-allocation strategy that, in the face of uncertainty, seeks to generate high-quality, low-cost products. Second, you need to implement that strategy through training, retaining, motivating, and rewarding employees, upon whom the development and utilization of the organization’s productive capabilities depend. Third, you have to mobilize and leverage the company’s cash flow to support the innovative strategy. But under the sway of the “maximizing shareholder value” idea, many senior corporate executives have been unwilling, and often unable, to perform these value-creating functions. Agency theorists have got it so backwards that they actually celebrate the virtues of “the value extracting CEO.” How strange is that?


Important info if you happen to live in New York.


That’s ridiculous. Know them by their actions. Well, here ya go.


And we are still there!


Been asking the same question. With Bin Laden Killed we should be OUT!!!! But wait the corporation found that Afghanistan has some mineral resources to exploit at the expense of our soldiers. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



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    terrorist havens

    what’s the code to cross a word out?


    Trump’s idea of making America Great Again includes this.


    What Will Replace Outdated Left and Right Economic Thinking? The Commons Paradigm

    The old guard of electoral politics and standard economics has trouble comprehending the principle of emergence, let alone recognizing the need for innovative policy structures that could leverage and focus that dynamic power. It has consistently underestimated the bottom-up innovation enabled by open source software; the speed and reliability of Wikipedia-style coordination and knowledge-aggregation, and the power of social media in catalyzing viral self-organization such as the Occupy movement, the Indignados and Podemos in Spain, the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, and Syriza in Greece. Conventional schools of economics, politics and power do not comprehend the generative capacities of decentralized, self-organized networks. They apply obsolete categories of institutional control and political analysis, as if trying to understand the ramifications of automobiles through the language of “horseless carriages.”

    Instead of clinging to the old left/right spectrum of political ideology—which reflects the centrality of “the market” and “the state” in organizing society—we need to entertain new narratives that allow us to imagine new drivers of governance, production and culture. In my personal work, I see the enormous potential of the commons as farmers and fisherpeople, urban citizens and Internet users, try to reclaim shared resources that have been seized to feed the capitalist machine—and to devise their own governance alternatives. In this, the commons is at once a paradigm, a discourse, a set of social practices, and an ethic.

    Over the past five years or more, the commons has served as a kind of overarching meta-narrative for diverse movements to challenge the marketization and transactionalization of everything, the dispossession and privatization of resources, and the corruption of democracy. The commons has also provided a language and ethic for thinking and acting like a commoner—collaborative, socially minded, embedded in nature, concerned with stewardship and long-term, respectful of the pluriverse that makes up our planet.

    If we are serious about effecting system change, we need to start by emancipating ourselves from some backward-looking concepts and vocabularies. We need to instigate new post-capitalist ways of talking about the provisioning models and peer governance now emerging. Influencing unfolding realities may be less about electing different leaders and policies than about learning how to change ourselves, orchestrate a new shared intentionality, and hoist up new narratives about the commons.

    I’ll add DAPL and Catalonia.


    More trouble for Weinstein.


    Attorney Lisa Bloom said Saturday that she is stepping down as an adviser to film executive Harvey Weinstein amid mounting sexual harassment allegations against the veteran producer.

    “I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein,” Bloom, a lawyer who has represented a number of women in high-profile sexual harassment cases, wrote on Twitter.

    “My understanding is that Mr. Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement,” she added.

    Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton weighed in? Selling books I guess.

    comment image?w=720&quality=85

    In case you haven’t noticed I am not a fan of Hillary.



    Hurricane Nate on It’s Way.

    “Nate is the ninth hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic season, and the ninth storm in a row in the basin to reach hurricane strength.”

    As CNN reports, Nate—the latest storm amid a devastating and unprecedented hurricane season—is already responsible for at least 24 deaths in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, and hundreds had to be rescued from mudslides and intense flooding.

    Right now, predicting a 2.


    View of a window in St Louis. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


    In case you can’t read it, there is sign which reads Black Lives Matter.


    Upper left corner for those who cant zoom in.

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