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Jordan has closed the gap quickly in Idaho, shes not out of it yet. Looks to be down 8k votes with 10 % reporting (going off googles results)


Cunningham is also making up ground, down 4% with 55% reporting


Keith Ellison elected AG! In Wisconsin, a nail biter for governor. 47,000 votes not reported yet out of Milwaukee city, which should be very good for Evers.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Refugee Muslim Women that Trump wouldn’t Have Let in, win House Seats

Perhaps the most remarkable stories are the two Muslim women elected to the House, one from Minneapolis (Ilhan Omar of Somalia) and the other from Detroit (Rashida Tlaib of Detroit but ultimately Palestine). They aren’t only women, and Muslims, but also refugees. They are Donald J. Trump’s worst nightmare and the antithesis of what he thinks America is or should be, if you listen to his rhetoric. But actually he has some commonalities with them.

Some 44 million Americans are first-generation immigrants, and 33 million are second-generation.

Between them, at 77 million, they are a quarter of Americans. And Trump is among the 33 million second-generation Americans, since his mother was born in Scotland.

That is, Trump and Rashida Tlaib are both second-generation Americans, and Trump’s mother and Ilhan Omar shared the immigrant experience (as did both of Trump’s wives).



Running behind this morning so I’m not able to get a post going, but will join one later if someone wants to put one up!

Don midwest

Does anyone have a count of the makeup of the new US House yet? Orange Dimwit and the the GOPukes in the Senate better get ready. Pelosi will have a fight on her hands if she semi-senile runs for Speaker.


Benny: I want to give you a special shoutout of thanks for posting and hosting these 3 election night threads. Sighhhhhhh,what can I say? FL does not have a strong opposing party to the GOPukes. The FL Democratic Party has been in a shambles for over 20 years. Al Gore not contesting the 2000 election finished it off. I saw this both in the Dean and Bernie’s campaigns. If we had a genuine opposing party, Gillum would have won. Now, over to the Senate and Sick Rott. This major piece of garbage somehow manages to buy just enough votes to win. He will be a horrible senator, needless to say. We’re used to it here. Again, there was no strong young opposing candidate like a Beto. It will be up to the young people to build up a strong genuine progressive opposition party/candidate bench. The 4 amendments including felons’ Right to Vote (a major game changer in future elections) that I favored won. 🙂

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