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I found a sort of positive story about Detroit! From a Canadian perspective.

Mini-homes put a roof over low-income Detroiters for $1 per square foot

Seven tiny homes painted bright colours — including blue, red and yellow — have sprouted in vacant lots that previously only housed weeds.
Cass Community Social Services ultimately plans to increase the number of cozy cabin-sized dwellings to 25, helping put a roof over the heads of some of the city’s low-income seniors, homeless and students who have aged out of foster care.

Windsor is right across the Canada-U.S. border from Detroit.

Windsor’s Downtown Mission is also struggling to keep up with demand when it comes to the city’s most vulnerable, with director Ron Dunn calling the increasing rate of requests for beds “unprecendented.”

But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to start erecting tiny houses any time soon. Adam Vasey, director of advocacy and outreach for the mission, said while he’s excited by the idea, it does present some problems.
It’s good, but as a permanent solution, we do not address what is causing poverty, such as income inequality,” he said.

Different country, same underlying issues for the most part.

Currently, the homes are only fit for one person — a second could squeeze in, but only if “you really love him or her,” said (Faith) Fowler.

Future phases will focus on housing families, she added.

This is an aspirational program … it’s going to make people less poor and less vulnerable.”

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Astros Carlos Correa proposes to girlfriend Miss Texas USA Daniella Rodriguez after World Series win


I saw him propose on TV. It was fun to watch as she did not expect it to happen then.

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