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The White House accused three of the 19 women who allege that President Donald Trump sexually harassed or assaulted them of engaging in a “publicity tour” to spread their “false claims,” which the White House maintains are politically motivated.

The accusers, Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey, and Jessica Leeds, all came forward with their ac
cusations against Trump during the 2016 presidential election and are receiving new attention amid a national conversation about sexual harassment and assault. The three women appeared on NBC News’ Megyn Kelly Today on Monday morning to talk about their experiences with Trump.

Crooks called the statement “laughable” and challenged Trump to release a security tape of her encounter with him in Trump Tower in Manhattan in 2005, during which she claims that Trump kissed her on the lips without her consent.

Trump could be forced to testify in court regarding the sexual misconduct allegations as part of a defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, one of his accusers, if the case is not dismissed.



The majority of Republican voters think elected officials accused of numerous sexual harassment and sexual assault claims—a dishonor role that includes the president—should resign, according to a recent poll.

The Quinnipiac University Poll found the 51 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of all polled said an elected official should step down if he or she “has been accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault by multiple people.”

The poll didn’t ask about Trump specifically, but the survey suggests that most adults across the country, across party-lines and across racial and ethnic makeup want President Donald Trump—who has been accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment by at least 16 women—to resign.

The poll did not specifically ask whether Trump should resign, but stuck to the more general “elected officials.” But respondents were specifically asked if they found Trump hypocritical when he criticizes some sexual harassers. The vast majority, 73 percent of all polled—79 percent of women and 66 percent of men—said the president’s reproaches were hypocritical.


Unfortunately, fundraising does not appear to have taken off yet. LOL


An Idaho man is raising money to commission a statue of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, which he hopes to place in Burlington.

Al Asker, 45, of Boise, Idaho, doesn’t have a specific spot in mind yet, but he is hoping to commission an 8-foot marble statue of the senator and former presidential candidate. This will cost about $450,000, including the statue’s base, shipping and handling.

If the fundraising fails to meet that goal, Asker’s Plan B is an 8-foot bronze statue for $150,000, he said. As of Tuesday, two people had donated a total of $54 in the 20 days.

“I feel a deep swell of American pride when I think of Bernie Sanders,” Asker wrote on his fundraiser page through Generosity.com. “He is what our Founding Fathers meant all representatives to be: a public servant rather than a paid-off career politician.”


Thanks Mags. She definitely has upped her recognition with this, but there has also been crticism. I’ve seen battles over her actions at DK. It’s interesting that the pro and anti factions do not correspond with the old Bernie and Clinton factions.


Did you all see this?!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

An Activist Stands Accused of Firing a Gun at Standing Rock. It Belonged to Her Lover — an FBI Informant.

The Intercept has learned that the legal owner of the gun Fallis is alleged to have fired was a paid FBI informant named Heath Harmon, a 46-year-old member of the Fort Berthold Reservation in western North Dakota. For at least two months, Harmon took part in the daily life of DAPL resistance camps and gained access to movement participants, even becoming Fallis’s romantic partner several weeks prior to the alleged shooting on October 27, 2016.

Heath! What the hell?!

In his interview with the ATF and Bureau of Criminal Investigation on December 13, 2016, Harmon described how he came to be an FBI asset: He see if he could help by “being an observer” of the protest movement.had reached out to his brother, a BIA police officer in North Dakota, to “He said he knew people and they would get ahold of me,” Harmon stated. “That’s when the FBI contacted me. That’s the reason why I was down there in the first place.” By August, Harmon was regularly visiting the Rosebud Camp, which is where he met Fallis, according to his interview. He said he helped the FBI confirm the presence of specific “AIM members” at the camp, in reference to the American Indian Movement, and reported a vehicle carrying lockdown devices used by protesters to disrupt pipeline construction.

I had no idea!

Harmon is part of a different lineage. In his interview with law enforcement, he noted that his uncle Gerald Fox had been on the “other side” of the AIM struggle at Pine Ridge. Fox was a BIA officer who stood off against AIM during the 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee, alongside members of the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI. According to a 2010 obituary in the Bismarck Tribune, Fox went on to join a BIA special operations unit, and between 1976 and 1984 “was detailed to every major Native conflict that happened in the United States.”

In the aftermath of the Pine Ridge standoff, the FBI looked the other way while a paramilitary organization known as the GOONs — whose leaders included members of the BIA tribal police force — carried out a multiyear campaign of extrajudicial killings and brutal physical assaults of AIM members and supporters.



Where are the comments? LOL On my phone. Rare occasion.


In case anyone needs a chuckle and/or can relate!

A little help here? Baby signs distress signal from mall Santa’s lap

Kerry Spencer taught both of her children to sign using American Sign Language before they could speak because she found it useful to be able to communicate with them when they were babies. However, she did not anticipate her son, Samuel, to use his skill to communicate that he did NOT enjoy the experience of sitting in a mall Santa’s lap.

Hahaha, Merry Christmas everyone! 😉

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