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Don midwest
Don midwest

Will increasing disaster force climate action?

As regulars know, I am a fan of Bruno Latour.

From his book published a couple of months ago in English, “Facing Gaia: 8 lectures on the new climate regime”

pgs 72-73

references a book that says that in the last year of WWII, everyone in Germany knew they were going to loose the war, but even with a totalitarian government they kept fighting. They had as many military and civilian causalities in that last yeas as the previous 4 years.

Bruno says that increasing events are not enough to bring about change. There must be a fundamental reorientation in politics to address the most important political actor, Gaia, or The New Climate Regime



Now, another former aide who worked for Farenthold in 2015 has come forward to share graphic new details about his behavior with the House Ethics Committee. The damning new allegations of verbal abuse and sexual harassment paint a disturbing picture of Farenthold’s workplace conduct, which was reportedly so vulgar that it caused one aide to “seek medical treatment and psychological counseling, and at one point, caused him to vomit daily.”

The new account also calls into question Ryan’s attempt to discredit the initial allegations, and puts the spotlight on Farenthold’s Republican colleagues, who have remained deafeningly silent despite calling on Democratic members of congress to resign over accusations of sexual misconduct.


Well if he doesn’t resign, he’s toast in the primary for 2018


A freshman Congressman who has come under fire after sexual assault allegations is claiming party leadership knew of the complaints a year ago, and still supported his candidacy.

Nevada Congressman Ruben Kihuen told ABC News that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and its Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, knew about the allegations against him, but did not find anything of substance and continued to support him.

“They looked into them. They didn’t find anything, and they continued investing millions of dollars in my campaign. They went out there and campaigned for me,” Kihuen told ABC News Tuesday of Pelosi and Lujan.

Representatives for both the DCCC and Pelosi told ABC Kihuen’s account was false, and that they learned of the allegations last week, when Buzzfeed first reported them. The outlet reported December 1 that a 25-year-old woman, only identified as “Samantha” had left her job as the finance director on Kihuen’s campaign because he repeatedly propositioned her for dates and sex, and twice touched her thighs without her consent.

Both Lujan and Pelosi called on Kihuen to resign after the publication of the article. But Kihuen told ABC he was not resigning. “I plan on continuing the job that I was elected to do by the people of the 4th congressional district,” he said.


As much as I hate the GOPukes, I have a feeling Kihuen is telling the truth. Democraps like semi-senile Pelosi are just as bad. They’re just different. T and R to the usual TPW suspects!!



U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, under fire over a sexual harassment lawsuit, will withdraw from the March 6 Republican primary.

Mike Bergsma, chairman of the Nueces County Republican Party, told the Caller-Times he was told this morning by Farenthold’s campaign team he will not seek re-election next year.


Apparently there’s a lot in the MSM on how Alabama proves that people love establishment Dems, and Caitlin’s having none of it. Early in the article she admits that Trump is toxic and must be fought, but tha also:

There’s a pipe dream in the DemEnter school of thought that progressives will be able to stage a takeover of the Democratic party beginning in 2018, but as long as the cult of anti-Trumpism, impeachment and Russiagate continues to dominate the way Democrats think and vote, this simply will not happen. 2018 will not be a year in which Berniecrats shore up influence over the Democratic party, it will be a year in which Democrats are “But Trump!”ed into supporting the so-called “center”, which only gets to call itself that because its massive corporate funds and media influence have enabled it to become a mainstream force.

You cannot have your impeachment/Russiagate crusade and also move US politics to the left, progressives. You cannot. What you are trying to do isn’t like walking and chewing gum at the same time, it’s like trying to walk in one direction while taking a jet plane in the other direction at the same time. Keep supporting the impeachment/Russiagate narrative and you’re just handing the ranchers an easy day’s work as you march yourselves all straight into the slaughterhouse. They will “But Trump!” you into conformity until you stop letting fear and corporate narratives rule your minds and start pushing for what you truly want for yourselves instead.

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