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But data from pre- and post-election polls support at least one rock-solid conclusion Democrats should heed in the build-up to next year’s midterms: Red-state abortion politics are not the intractable obstacle center-left partisans believe them to be. Democratic politicians in historically right-leaning states and districts need not hedge on reproductive rights to win elections. Nor must the party support the political aspirations of anti-choice candidates if it hopes to flip the balance of power in Congress.

As a teachable moment, the case of Doug Jones offers a decent tutorial on winning a red-state election by running a genuinely progressive candidate that speaks to the base instead of creeping toward the center. In Alabama, black voters sealed a Democratic victory in the face of concerted voter suppression, in large part because of the work of black organizers and the party’s elevation of a good candidate with a history of prosecuting Klansmen. Because he didn’t have to rely on a handful of anti-choice independent voters or those fast-disappearing moderate Republicans, Jones could stand his ground on abortion rights, bolstering the faith of his supporters. This is a sound means of running a successful campaign, and it comes with a bonus: The Democratic Party doesn’t have to sell out women to win.


Doug Jones does not seem to be a “genuinely progressive candidate.” Isn’t he backtracking on MFA?


He never said he was for it. He said he wasn’t “there yet”. But this was NOT a ringing victory. Jones barely won, and had Moore been less repugnant, he wouldn’t have. It was the write ins, as much as black support that won the day for Jones. Dems can NOT be complacent. And making abortion a litmus test will continue to lose in red states.


Have to disagree, Bernie. There was a much bigger push to save the ACA among neolibcons.


What Was Verifiably Great About America: Fragments of a Memoir Set To A Musical Soundtrack

Lots of good music embedded in the article.

Pete Seeger, a few years before his death, told me and a small group of others this anecdote about he and Woody Guthrie. The two of them were playing a gig for striking coal miners, deep in the Ozarks. Because no one present could afford babysitters, the union hall was filled with women and small children. A short time into their performance, a squad of large, brutal company goons, wearing long coats concealing clubs and other weapons, entered the hall.

Pete inquired of Woody as to how they should respond. Woody told him to keep playing, and play for all they were worth, which they did. They continued their show and no trouble came to pass that night. Afterwards, one of the members of the goon squad approached Woody and Pete and confessed to them. “We came here to bust up the meeting. But what was going on was not what we were told. You seem like good people.”

Pete related, Woody, much taken with the declaration, returned to their quarters and wrote his song Union Maid, in a single sitting. That is what Woody meant by, “This machine kills fascists.” His music and that of other inspired troubadours kills the soul-dead ideology of fascism with the life-vivifying veracity of truth.


Merkley comes out against LNG at Jordon Cove–yay!

In part:

These remain powerful benefits. But other factors have changed considerably.

The company has reduced the number of affected landowners along the pipeline, but after five years it is still holding over the heads of landowners the possibility of seizing land through eminent domain. As I have maintained from the beginning, it is unacceptable to use eminent domain — a power designed to accomplish critical public projects — to advance a foreign-owned, private, for-profit project.

The project’s pollution profile has also changed. In 2012 the company touted its intention to procure clean, offshore wind energy to help power the terminal. That option is no longer on the table. As now planned, the terminal would become the largest carbon polluter in Oregon, with emissions equivalent to putting half a million gas-powered cars on the road.

And it is no longer true that the LNG shipped to Asia would reduce pollution. Since 2012 we have learned more about natural gas escaping from fracking fluids and gas pipelines, which by many estimates makes it at least as carbon-polluting as coal. When that LNG is burned in Asia, it would generate carbon pollution equal to an additional 3 million gas-powered cars on the road.

Additionally, global energy markets have evolved dramatically. Non-carbon alternatives such as solar and wind are now highly competitive. With a renewable energy future within reach, it makes little sense to help Asia leap from coal to natural gas, locking in carbon pollution for decades.

That carbon pollution is a big deal because it is driving up global temperatures, with a new record virtually every month.

We are feeling the impact of climate disruption across Oregon. It has killed a billion baby oysters; disrupted our salmon fisheries; and generated worst-ever droughts, hurting farmers and ranchers. Our forests carry scars from the pine beetles and catastrophic wildfires, costing businesses and taxpayers millions.

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