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It’s 2016. Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are Falling?


“On how many countries is U.S. ordnance falling at the moment? Some put the total at six; others, seven. For the record, those seven would be Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and, oh yes, Yemen. …

On the Brink of Abyss

The photographs are devastating: tiny, large-eyed children with sticks for limbs stare out at the viewer. In some, their mothers touch them gently, tentatively, as if a stronger embrace would snap their bones. These are just a few victims of the famine that war has brought to Yemen, which was already the poorest country in the Arab world before the present civil war and Saudi bombing campaign even began. UNICEF spokesman Mohammed Al-Asaadi told al-Jazeera that, by August 2016, the agency had counted 370,000 children “suffering from severe acute malnutrition,” and the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) says 14.4 million people in Yemen are “food insecure,” seven million of them — one fifth of the country’s population — “in desperate need of food assistance.” Before the war began, Yemen imported 90% of its food. Since April 2015, however, Saudi Arabia has blockaded the country’s ports. Today, 80% of Yemenis depend on some kind of U.N. food aid for survival, and the war has made the situation immeasurably worse.”


Remember that ass Armando at TOP?

Armando ‏@armandodkos · 2h2 hours ago

Here’s my point – part of why Hillary lost EC, lost WI-MI-PA, is because she did the right thing. She didn’t pander to racial resentments./1

I fear that they have learned nothing.


The recount is dead.

But what kind of judge says this with a straight face?

“U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond said “suspicion of a ‘hacked’ Pennsylvania election borders on the irrational”….


Bernie Sander’s Town hall in Wisconsin on right now on All in with Chris Hayes.


Watching Bernie on All in America with Chris Hayes. I’m typing some notes in this and possibly other posts following this one.

This is in Kenosha, WI, taped earlier. at the UAW 72 center.

Bernie talks about one of the problems, wealth inequality and trade. Also about how Trump didn’t pay taxes and folks fell for his rhetoric.

Topic is “political correctness.” To Bernie it means “poll tested talking points.” To the audience, it means not being able to talk about certain groups of people. But also what the media says is “politically correct” (their own talking points)

Next topic: are we better off than 2008? Most agree, the financial meltdown was terrible, but we’re not doing better and haven’t enough for retirement.

Trump voters talking to Bernie (as part of the listening part of the program) is next. As a prelude, one woman said that free college tuition as an idea posited by Bernie completely kept her from listening to any ideas Bernie had besides that one.


There has been a recent influx of spammers who don,t seem to comment but I am receiving private messages again. Make it stop!


I’m receiving them as well. 🙁


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Continuing with All in America. Pretext: Kenosha was a heavy manufacturing community–it made mattresses, cars (Nash motors, which became American Motors was the biggest employer at one point–43% were employed by them in 1960’s). Chrysler bought them in 1978, closed plants, laid off many people.

Unemployment is not real high, 4.5% Most jobs are service jobs.

Trump voters in the audience and on panel are R’s who are union guys. Union guy says unions have lost “their way.” Trump voter who voted Dem downticket said that he would have voted for Bernie if he had been on top of the ticket, voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary. But the job he had and others–those jobs aren’t coming back.

Topic: health care. Trump voter (not a union person) says that health care is unaffordable, doesn’t see the benefit of universal health care because “how would it be paid for?”

Corporate culture has changed, CEOs don’t care about the people. Trade policies are also terrible–starting with GATT. Most on the panel are open to a rewrite of trade policies.

Minimum wage–raise to living wage or not. Some folks think that paying some person to bag your groceries causes food prices, or paying a kid at McD’s also causes food prices to go up. (my view–There seems to be a disconnect between a manufacturing job and a service job as manufacturing jobs may cause prices to go up, but not directly in their views. Yet, it was pointed out earlier in the program that the American Motor plant cars weren’t selling very well, Chrysler bought them and only motors were made there).


Bernie is never stuck for answers. Overall he handled the comments from the Trump supporters very well.


Someone points out about minimum wage–when it goes up, everyone’s wages go up. Gives them purchasing power they didn’t have. But fixed income, retirees can’t afford more expensive food.


Most Trump voters did not take his rhetoric about Muslims and Dreamers very seriously. They see it as “starting a dialog” not divisive nor hateful. Leads into “silent minority” discussion.

One of the folks says she doesn’t want SS or Medicare cut, yet she didn’t seem to know that R’s in Congress are making big plans to do that. She complains about how the CEO’s got rich off “us” so they should give back. Bernie concurs.

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