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More reasons why the Dems need to move on from the Obama/Clinton establishment. Ellison is the way not Perez.

But will Mr. Trump suffer repercussions if the Republican Congress plows ahead? Its proposed changes are unpopular — including repealing the Affordable Care Act, which only one in four Americans support — and eliminating benefits usually arouses anger in the affected groups. But political punishment will not be automatic, because Democrats currently have little organized presence outside urban areas. Small cities and rural areas are overwhelmingly represented in Congress and state capitols by Republicans, who will do all they can to displace blame.

For the Democratic Party, the coming Republican assault on public health insurance represents a huge political opportunity. But to seize it, the party will have to beef up state committees and place a priority on activating volunteer supporters everywhere — getting people to write messages to local newspapers and social media sites, and reach out to hospitals, health care providers and nonprofits to beat the drums about losses the Republicans are inflicting. Even if Democrats cannot soon win outright majorities beyond their urban base, they must be actively involved in communities damaged by Mr. Trump’s false campaign promises.

Democrats cannot just defend Medicare; they must loudly point out that repealing Obamacare means eliminating the taxes that subsidize health care for low- and middle-income people. That huge and immediate tax cut for the rich would lead to the demise of subsidized health insurance for millions of less privileged Americans in rural, suburban and urban communities. Proclaiming this truth could help Democrats gain a new hearing from many Trump voters. But it remains to be seen whether the party can rise to the challenge of showing up everywhere.


Dems will show their true colors. I’m more and more afraid of what those colors are.


Good morning, Liepar, thanks so much for keeping this site going. I know it takes up a lot of your time and energy. Is there a way that we can contribute monetarily? I tried PayPal and it was returned for some reason.


I don’t know if this is good or bad, but…


Lots of stuff I agree with in this interview:

Anthony Bourdain: The Post-Election Interview


Why I Kneeled Before Standing Rock Elders and Asked For Forgiveness

“We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke … But we’ve come to say that we are sorry.”

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