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Hi LD, Thanks for all your efforts to keep TPW up and running. Sorry about your connectivity issues at home. The remaining Water Protectors at Standing Rock have a Christmas Donations drive going with 2 Act Blue pages set up.
Please follow this link to read and share an email message I received from Jane White Eagle
You can donate at links from the email or use the ones below.
Link to Act Blue Christmas Dinner Donation Page
Provide a Traditional Sioux & Lakota Christmas Diner for Standing Rock Water Protectors & Our Veterns

The “Main Kitchen is still run by outsiders and once served chicken strips while we were making deer stew for the veterans. There are few Native Americans in the Main Kitchen and the chef is vegan. Veganism is anathema to a tribe of the Great Plains like the Lakota, who were hunter-gatherers for more than a thousand years until the U.S. military forced agriculture upon them in the 19th century. We would like to serve a traditional Sioux dinner to all Water Protectors including Natives, veterans and children.

$10 feeds a Water Protector a Christmas diner.

Link to Act Blue Christmas Gift Donation Page

There are still children at Standing Rock and we would like to provide them and their parents with stockings and gifts. We are up to date with most supplies except propane and would like to provide “non-essential” gifts like toys, games, markers and crayons, coloring books, chapter books, and hats and gloves, and pillows.

They still have a long way to reach their goals and time is very short.
Please share the message and/or donate if you can.


Thank you for your efforts on this jbob. You are a total sweetie.


Thank you LD for making it so that tweets can be seen again! But you probably noticed that they seem to post “upside down”. Which is really no biggie and doesn’t really matter at all in the whole scheme of things! But in the tweet above you will see that the ‘finger’ in the text part of the tweet is pointing down where the graphic is on twitter, so it looks kind of funny.


Bernie Would Have Won: Why We Need To Say It

I liked this excerpt from the article:

Something To Vote For, Not Something To Vote Against

Again, and again, and again: People need something to vote for. Hillary Clinton gave people something to vote against. That’s not enough. If you’re in a liberal media bubble, you think Trump’s speeches were just misogyny and immigrant walls. They weren’t. Trump won on message. He resonated with people. When he said, “Make America Great Again,” that resonated with a lot of people.

Why did she even use the “I’m With Her” slogan? She might just as well have had a photo of Trump at her rallies with the slogan “I’m Not With Him,” because that was really the essence of her whole campaign.

And Hillary’s answer? “America never stopped being great.” Which objectively is a fucking stupid statement to anyone she needed to be reaching out to.

This is so true. If America never stopped being great, I guess it was also great in the Reagan years, the Bush 41 years, the Clinton years, The Bush 43 years, and the Obama years. But it’s not great. I’m worse off financially now than I was during the Bush 43 years – and I hated Bush 43. Maybe she meant America never stopped being great for the plutocrats, but it’s an altogether different story for the 99%.

America Great

OK crossing fingers this looks OK when I post it,

Don midwest
Don midwest

Good to see you Mike. Saw a lot of you back in the day that Bernie was running.

Since then the collapse of the dem party continues and not clear if they will learn or be replaced. They are not organized for the clear and present danger, the Trump coup along with the repubgs, but they are playing Russia card, looking for scapegoats, etc.

I just saw the next link by Liepar – turn party over to donors… can it recover?


I’m going to wait and see who they choose for DNC Chair. If It’s Ellison, then the party might have a chance. If not, I don’t think it can recover.


An excellent interview with Tulsi Gabbard refuting Chris Cuomo’s talking points.


First protesters found guilty Tuesday

Two pipeline protesters were convicted Tuesday of misdemeanors in the first Dakota Access-related jury trial in Morton County.

The case, which laid bare some of the disorder around the pipeline cases, also featured the first attempt to pick a jury in a county flooded with news and personal ties to the controversy.

Tuesday’s proceeding was the court’s second attempt this week to commence a jury trial of pipeline protesters. On Monday, a 10-person trial was postponed after a judge learned some evidence had not been provided to the defense attorneys.

Though the trial happened Tuesday, it was not without confusion and objections: Voliva first reached his defense attorney, William Thomason, shortly before trial and showed up seemingly unexpected in the courtroom midway through a 9 a.m. pretrial hearing. Kent Morrow, representing Shapiro, speculated that he was missing a key police report.

No representative of the Morton County State’s Attorney’s Office appeared at the pretrial hearing to respond to the objections, and South Central District Judge Bruce Romanick was determined to proceed.

“We’ve got to keep moving,” he told the attorneys with four hours to go before the trial. “That’s how our system works.”

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have expressed concern in recent days over their ability to find a fair six-person jury in Morton County. Their worries were reflected in questions asked by the judge and attorneys during the selection process.

After an hour of deliberation, the jury found the men guilty of the two Class B misdemeanors. Romanick gave them 10-day suspended sentences, meaning they will serve no jail time if they successfully complete a year on unsupervised probation. He also ordered $500 in restitution to law enforcement and $500 in reimbursement to their public defenders, along with mandatory court fees.

Romanick’s decision to order reimbursement to the attorneys came upon a request from (Morton Co. prosecutor) Erickson. The prosecutor told the judge in court he intended to seek a hearing for reimbursement after the trial, because he contends the protesters are seeking to do economic harm to Morton County through their arrests. The defense attorneys opposed this, since their clients were indigent enough to qualify for appointed counsel, and said they had not tracked their hours.



Hopefully the fines will be paid with some of the donations in support of Standing Rock.



Keith is working non-stop to reach out to DNC members, elected officials, and grassroots activists across the country, but he can’t do this alone. That’s where you come in.

Here are a few simple ways you can help Keith bring the grassroots to Washington, DC.

NOTE: Please refrain from contacting DNC members directly.

This is a very badly written tweet, he and his campaign will need to do better than this. If you read the comments under the tweet most people are not bothering, apparently, to click through to the six action points and seem to be assuming that Keith is basically telling everyone to keep their mouths shut! Plus the action points don’t seem very strong to me.


This is the “very badly written” tweet, imo at least.




Rahm Emanuel might be my #1 most despised Dem. Toss up between him and Cuomo. I give Dems in red and purple states more of a pass. But Chicago and NY state–no way they should be led by such creeps.


Rahm is not exactly what I grew up thinking of as a liberal!

I gather there was some kind of data dump. My twitter feed is blowing up!

Here’s a link to a letter from the City of Chicago written by an Amber Achilles (!) Ritter to Council for the Better Government Association that begins almost 2,700 pages of documents!


People are going through them and finding all sorts of things.




The exact behavior one can expect from a GOP mayor.
…opps, that’s right he’s a DNC Dem.


A bill being written in California — and apparently another similar one is in the works in NY: http://patch.com/california/napavalley/s/fzbvh/california-state-senators-co-writing-presidential-tax-release-legislation?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_term=politics%20%26%20government&utm_campaign=alert

California State Senators Co-Writing Presidential Tax Release Legislation

The bill would require Donald Trump & other presidential candidates to release their tax returns or not appear on the California ballot.

The bill will be introduced in January.


Too bad no one thought of it before…. I hope it spreads to additional states. But at least California has enough electoral votes that it should make a difference, and with New York’s added to it …? (Of course, Republicans write off CA & NY as unwinnable anyway, but I’m sure they wouldn’t want to not even appear on the ballot.)


Emanuel releases private emails, ending court fight


All the President’s Generals

“Americans, who strongly admire their military, like to think that its most senior leaders rise on merit. This is not, however, the way the military promotion system actually works. Officers who reach the rank of general have usually been identified and sponsored at a young age, often when they are still company-grade officers in their mid-twenties. They are, in a word, groomed. Their careers are carefully “curated,” as a friend of mine (and colonel in the Air Force) reminded me recently. They’re placed on a fast track for early promotion and often given jobs in Washington at the Pentagon or as liaisons to Congress. Their sponsors and patrons, flying “top cover” for them, have found them worthy and they may indeed be talented and hard-charging. They are also judged to be “safe”—in the sense of being true believers in the professional military way of life.”

Astore’s take on Trump’s generals is right on.


I think that Joe Biden is confused in his assessment of Hillary’s campaign!


Vice President Biden believes Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in part because she never figured why she was running for the nation’s highest office.

“I don’t think she ever really figured it out,” Biden told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Thursday. “And by the way, I think it was really hard for her to decide to run.”

LOL! The “Ready for Hillary” crap with her followers blessing really twisted her arm. (Give me a break Joe.)

But he said it was unfair to solely blame Clinton for her loss. He said Clinton saw a noble purpose in her campaign, feeling an obligation to help pave the way for women in politics just as President Obama did for black people.

You mean that it wasn’t her turn? HA! Her sense of entitlement was palpable!


74% of Texan Dems side with Ellison?? That seems significant.


Am sorry, sort of busy, this is in relation to a discussion above about flooding some first Americans now experience due to damming, in a very harmful way, in the Standing Rock area, and prob in other places too.

Always nice to report some what seems to be good news:

Mohawks become first tribe to take down a federal dam

The St. Regis River project is the first removal of an operating hydroelectric dam in New York state and the nation’s first decommissioning of a federally licensed dam by a Native American tribe, federal officials say. Paired with the recent success of North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux in rerouting a pipeline they feared could threaten their water supply, the dam’s removal underscores longstanding concern over the health of tribal lands.

“We look at this not only as reclaiming the resources and our land, but also taking back this scar on our landscape that’s a constant reminder of those days of exploitation,” said Tony David, water resources manager for the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation, which the Mohawks call Akwesasne.

The Mohawk territory extends into Quebec and there is a reservation near where I grew up in Montreal. I grew up feeling an affinity and fellowship with them. So this news was extra-welcome for me. 🙂

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