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Very seldom do I agree with a politician or party 80% of the time. Probably why I remained an Indy with strong leaning being an FDR Dem. The current Dems have forsaken a lot of us in the name of the almighty $$$$$. So yes I would disagree with his tweet about Clinton I think she is corrupt but that doesn’t mean I don’t support Ellison for DNC Chair just don’t agree with that tweet. Right now the middle class and poor doesnt have a party that supports them that much other than pandering for their vote around election season. Lets face it we’ve been thrown into the pot of water on the stove and the “Berner” awakened some of us to get out of the pot. To bad most feel comfortable in the pot yet and once the water boils maybe they will see the light.


I don’t know if I was ever in the “pot” 🙂 to start with. I’ve been a life long political Futurist, but registered Democrat cos of the closed primary BS. I definitely support Ellison. I have read a few articles claiming he’s got a warlike bent in his nature. Again, not sure if that’s true? Anywho, it’s the day before Christmas Eve, and I want all you fellow TPWers to have a safe and happy one!! Stay warm and don’t drive in the snow/ice!!


Oh there’s much more to this story. Too many tweets to post individually, but take a look at this:

It’s from a guy who attended the town hall in Detroit.

Here’s the cut and paste of his tweets:

So, Ellison’s line on Bittel is that he “didn’t know he had money when he met him” and Bittel met Ellison with a plan. This is pathetic.

When the Bittel endorsement was brought up, Ellison told us at the town hall “not to repeat smears”

Referencing this tweet [the Clinton is not Corrupt article from today], Ellison repeated that he doesn’t believe Clinton was corrupt, and claimed this kind of “smear” is what made her lose

He and all the Michigan/Detroit politicians assembled also repeated the lie that it was our apathy that caused Clinton’s loss

Ellison also believes that it is our responsibility to “reach across the aisle” and convert Trump voters.

when one young guy brought up maybe creating a new party, more than half the room started booing, and Ellison claimed the guy was “cynical”

Worst part of all this is that this was a majority black pro-Sanders crowd in Detroit. This is as left as Dems go. Abandon them.

Here’s the thread about it on Way of the Bern

A Bernie supporter went to the Ellison town hall and asked him about the tweet+ Bittel endorsement+ Ellison’s answers were NOT good from WayOfTheBern

I didn’t see the tweet, but the thread starter over there said:

*Edit: He also said “”If you had a beef on twitter with somebody, make peace, because you were probably arguing w a Russian or a bot”

As for this part:

Ellison also believes that it is our responsibility to “reach across the aisle” and convert Trump voters.

I seem to remember in the primaries when Bernie tried to reach out to Trump Supporters and Denise Oliver-Velez at TOP write that hateful diary.


Recruit Trump supporters? Hell no.


I know that he’s not in the running, but I still think W. T. Rybak would have been a good choice.

He’s the former mayor of Minneapolis (and was mayor when the IH-35 bridge collapsed.) He’s already a DNC Vice Chair and he and Tulsi Gabbert were the only ones who publicly came out against having only 6 Democratic debates.

See his Facebook post from back then.

Many may not remember, but according to this article

After the [2012] election, Obama’s top political operatives — strategist David Plouffe, reelection campaign manager Jim Messina and then-DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard, now U.S. ambassador to South Africa — debated the decision of retaining her as DNC chair so intensely that there was already a replacement in mind: R.T. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis and a DNC vice chairman.

I really liked this from the Wikipedia Page about this.

Rybak’s mayoralty dealt mostly with lowering crime, creating jobs, building affordable housing, and balancing the City’s budget. He attended public events in the city on a regular basis and participated directly in discussions of city issues on his Facebook page.

The part in bold is something every Progressive believes in. He was also a journalist before he got into politics, so it seems like he would have good communication skills. It sounds like he was really “connected” to his constituency when he was mayor.

But he’s not in the running for the job, so I guess he’s not interested.


Also NINA.


Thanks to you, I’ve looked into Mr. Rybak a bit, couldn’t help notice how photogenic he is, sounds like he has some chops and some good experience, thought, maybe someone like him could be a good Presidential candidate? Then went on his twitter page and the very first tweet I saw was from a couple of santa elves sending him a Merry Christmas tweet that included, “(Please be Prez). ;)”

Then the second tweet was Rybak tweeting a story about some green business successes and the third tweet was pic of refreshing looking Minnestoa beer.

So on first look Rybak sounds good!

Through his feed I also learned that a young, native, Ojibwe woman named Peggy Flanagan, from the White Earth Band, is considering running to fill Keith Ellison’s spot should he chosen to head the DNC. Ms. Flanagan is currently a State Rep.


Thanks for posting all of that LSM! I saw that yesterday, it was so discouraging! My twitter feed went down so I lost the source and so was not able to report it accurately.

The part about it being our responsibility to reach out to Trump supporters was particularly laughable. Did you see this tweet?


No! Kyle’s response is hysterical. LOL. Speaking of Kyle, I watched a great segment on Secular Talk today, but I’ll wait until the day after Christmas to post it (if there’s an open thread that day) – along with the appropriate memes of course.


Merry Christmas and Merry every other holiday you might be celebrating, TPW! Thank you all for caring.


So we have a statement from Bittel and the word of some guy on twitter… Think I’ll wait for a statement from Ellison, or atleast video from the detroit townhall. This could very well be a “smear” intended to sow division among potential Ellison supporters.

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