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A union member: “Just everybody, know matter who you talked to, they liked Donald Trump and they liked Bernie, because they talked to the people. And we thought everybody else was giving us a bunch of hogwash, they were just talking over us.”

This was a good exchange about Social Security & Medicare:

Here’s the whole video:


Trump may have talked to the people but he lied through his teeth


Exactly. And I’m determined to show them that (especially on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/Healthcare). I do take a Bernie view of not blaming the conned but blaming the con man.


Geesh. And MSNBC (Chris Hayes included) “taked down” Bernie by blacking him out all during the primaries. Shame on all of the networks pretending to care what Bernie has to say now. It’s too late y’all! They just want to scapegoat the Trump voters for the Trump Presidency and will NEVER admit how they helped Trump win when they rigged airtime for Trump v. Clinton. I was horrified by this town hall, the 4 handpicked Trumpeteers sitting with Bernie, and comments from the audience. So, except for the beautifully spoken Muslim woman and some economics guy who spoke up for Bernie, this town hall was just another embarrassment for America. Poor Bernie, sandwiched between very uninformed voters. How does one educate them to understand why Trump is now the Supreme Commanding Liar in Chief? I weep.


PS… I thought Bernie did a terrific job with time allotted to him to speak to the issues and answer questions, and he did try to keep people on topic. Crazy, isn’t it, that Bernie is still the patient messenger. He’s still working hard to wake the masses. I’d have walked off the stage and told MSNBC if they want to invite me to any future town hall, I want to run it my way, not their way. (fat chance) I think Chris Hayes saw this town hall as post-election entertainment.


I have not watch MSNBC since the primaries and their treatment of Bernie. I used to watch them every night.


Like @CalifoniaPat, I haven’t watched MSNBC for a long time. What did it for me was Rachel’s interview with Bernie, where she responded to one of his statements with, “Do you want me to lose my job?” It didn’t get edited out, surprisingly.

I thought Bernie was amazing, and by the time he was through, the Trump voters looked as though they were seeing things rather differently. They wouldn’t show this on Fox, though, would they?


Bernie handled the republican voters quite well. It might have backfired on MSNBClinton as he was able to make his case to the doubters. I immediately turned off Rachel (as I can no longer tolerate her show) but I saw elsewhere that she had Palmieri on to make the Clinton case of the RUSSIANS and COMEY caused the loss. I doubt that Rachel gave her a hard time!


Yes, you are probably very correct about it backfiring on Hillary-ites. I think there may be many who voted for her who wish they hadn’t, and even more so regretful if they voted for Trump just to spite Hillary, and this town hall may have caused those unfortunate voters to regret their votes even more. I haven’t watched “the news” in so long, however, I decided to watch the Hayes town hall because I didn’t want to miss hearing Bernie speak. I was hopeful Bernie had a hand in orchestrating it, but it was obvious Hayes was in control and IMHO his was a perfunctory endeavor. Once again Bernie was constrained by the format and the time.

Rachel lost me very long ago. Palmieri is past her shelf date, isn’t she?


“Rachel lost me very long ago. Palmieri is past her shelf date, isn’t she?”

That goes for me too. The whole Clinton crew including the DNC, neo libs, establishment types and Dinos have to be replaced.

However they will not give up without a screaming and clawing fight. Unfortuately Keith Ellison will bear the brunt of it in the near future.


Hillary and crew will not give up their power plays anytime soon. I fear I may not live long enough to see real change. I really feel for Keith. His will be an awesome endeavor and we all better stand with him after asking him to “bear the brunt of it in the near future.”

I’m feeling so bummed right now I can’t say anything positive. I should shut down my computer as I did the TV, ignore it all and get back to my books! The stress over the last year+ is getting to me, and at my age, I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. :/


In the very near term things will not go very well but I am optimistic about the future’ Bernie lit a candle that will certainly burn brighter in the future. I know he will not stop his pursuit of necessary changes so don’t give up quite yet.


Their will be a “Phoenix” that arises from the ashes that the Repubs cause. I may not live to see it but the remaining votes I have will be with my kids and grandkids future in mind which has been a yuge part of Bernies platform


I’m hoping that some of those seeds Bernie planted will mature soon and swing things their (our) way.

It’s certainly been a tough time for awhile, my morale has been very low at times. But Bernie changed the conversation forever and ripples will be felt for a long time. I hope you don’t totally shut your computer down. I’d miss you. XO


It’s hard to see a bright side when the MSM both political parties have their heads up their a…s
And given how they had dissed our best candidate ever I’ve been discouraged BUT I loved the town hall because I thought Bernie was better than ever.

And I liked the way he was interested in hearing the viewpoint of all the people.When he was still in the campaign he said that he believed he could win over Trump voters.
In this challenging! Town Hall I saw a hard corp, anti New Deal, Trump supporter’s head jerk around in surprise when she heard that Trump is filling up his cabinet with Billionaires. She realized, I think that she bought a pig in a poke.

I’ve been sick of the Clinton machine trying to blame her loss on the FBI, the Russians, Bernie, wikileaks and anything she can cling to to avoid facing the truth about her failed candidacy.

So I’m really glad to have a chance to hear voters say they would have supported Bernie but never Clinton.
That doesn’t change anything but it makes what happened a bit easier to stomach for me.
Especially when Bernie has returned fighting and I think better than ever.

Trump ran for office pretended to understand people and feel their pain.
Bernie really does and I am furious at the Democratic Party and the media for their utter ignorance and stupidity in trying to ruin Bernie’s candidacy.


Caught your comment late, eve, but I hear you and agree with all you have said!


Every Trump nominee has been “preposterous.”


“In sum, on every measure that counts — lack of diplomatic experience, huge conflicts of interest, close relations with Putin, disinterest if not rejection of international human rights and international climate negotiations — Tillerson is a preposterous nominee for U.S. Secretary of State.

So far, Trump’s cabinet picks run directly counter to the purposes of every cabinet department they are supposed to run and every law they are supposed to enforce.”



“It’s a good thing former Texas Gov. Rick Perry once forgot he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy, because President-elect Donald Trump is nominating him to lead the agency. That’s according to reports by multiple news outlets.

Perry, who served 14 years as governor of energy-rich Texas, blanked on the Department of Energy’s name during a televised gaffe that was probably the most high-profile moment of his troubled 2012 presidential run. It’s become known as the “Oops Moment”


The Billionairs are simply completing their final mergers of what was left of the US Govt. Dark days ahead for us not in the “club”


Thanks for the thread polarbear4. Now all the new spammers will have something to read. /S


I’ll paste a link that what is snark but seems to be the theme of Trump at present:

I’m sorry to see that one can no longer upload photos or hardly anything on Reply boxes. Guess I got accustomed to an interface whereby we could do more than just cut and paste a link or type paragraphs.

I hope all is all right with LD and JD.


You aren’t the only one that wishes that we could get back to what was previously normal. It wasn’t perfect but it was a heck of alot better than now.


I think LD said that he must have broken something? Hubby says that the plugins might all need to be updated. Hubby only knows a bit about wordpress, but I’ve been trying to get him to look at it, we’ve been so busy. Finally got our furnace working last night (which was a relief with super-cold weather coming in on Thurs, lows in the single digits, feeling like 14F).

Hang in there, one way or another it will get better. So far I’ve learned to bold and blockquote.




Ooops, lol, that didn’t work, that’s what I get for rushing.

to bold something:

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That’s all I know so far, LD knows how to insert a twitter link so it appears in full!


Oh, for crying out loud. Take three!

to bold something type the letter ‘b’ between these “” with no spaces and to end the bold area do the same but include a / before the letter ‘b’.


Ok, now I’m getting aggravated, lol. For some reason my ‘pointy brackets’ got converted to what appear to be quotation marks. Sigh.

Let’s try blockquotes, one of my fave things.

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X crossed fingers X


Thats going to come back… its just taking some time to get working right after everything blew up


Geez! I wonder if the Russians hacked this site. That seems to be the going meme nowadays.


I hope all is well with them too!


Not sure if the tweets will show up but they made me smile.


Hahaha, made me smile too.


Testing on embedding a tweet!

This is an important development — and hopefully prompts a larger trend https://t.co/5chUQbki5P

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) 13 December 2016


Oh well i guess that didn’t work. Disregard comment.


Yah, I can’t figure out how to post a tweet in a way that it all appears (I think LD knows), but I was able to see your tweet by clicking on the link! 🙂


That’s really great news, Humphrey! Thanks.

Don midwest

where to start? so much crap going on

and blame russians??? nope, blame the democratic party

ongoing saga of Thomas Drake


“Government Watchdog Conducting New Investigation Into Pentagon Whistleblower Retaliation”

Snowden said many times, without Thomas Drake, no Edward Snowden. The lynching they did to Drake was incredible.

“The implications of the investigation may eventually be important for evaluating the actions of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked a massive trove of documents revealing the agency’s worldwide surveillance regime, Crane argues. “The challenge for the incoming Trump administration is that these investigations are in effect examining whether current Pentagon IG leadership has become an existential threat to the national security of the United States by forcing whistleblowers like Snowden to view the media as their court of last resort and the seek safety overseas,” he wrote in a statement.”

Don midwest

Marcy Wheeler, who posts as emptywheel, does incredible work

Here is a long report she is doing on the Russian hack of the election

The FBI discovered that the DNC was being hacked and told them, but they didn’t take steps

As Glenn Greenwald points out in another article, in fighting between CIA (wanted Clinton) and FBI (wanted Trump) …

Here is Marcy’s article

The Evidence to Prove the Russian Hack


With Syria in the news extra today, I thought I’d share a different (than the MSM) perspective from Robert Fisk on what’s been going on there:

There is more than one truth to tell in the awful story of Aleppo

Our political masters are in league with the Syrian rebels, and for the same reason as the rebels kidnap their victims – money



Along the same vein the is this tweet.\

Baghdad Bob would be proud of these propaganda efforts.

Meanwhile no doubt that the Iraqis are attacking Mosul with pillows and feathers with nary a peep from the MSM.


Also too!


The United States has halted some arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid concerns about mounting civilian casualties in Yemen’s civil war, according to multiple reports Tuesday.

The decision to suspend sales of precision-guided munitions comes after an Obama administration review of its support for the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen. The review follows an October airstrike on a funeral that killed more than 140 people.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), one of Congress’s most outspoken critics of the administration’s support of the Saudi-led campaign, called the continuation of air refueling “shameful.”

“SHAMEFUL that US continues to refuel #Saudi jets that drop bombs on women & children in #Yemen,” Lieu said in a tweet Tuesday.

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