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Excuses, excuses, excuses!

I’m sick of hearing excuses from the Clinton camp as to why she lost the election.

You can’t learn from your mistakes if you can’t even admit that you made any. The only “apology” I ever heard was after the DNC email leaks came to light and it was half-hearted with a lame generic “mistakes were made” comment.

WHAT were the mistakes and how can they be corrected in the future? If the Democratic Party can’t own up to mistakes THEY made, then they have no future.

On of the things they blamed her loss on was the non-voter. to that I say:

Hillbots say we should just move on, but I don’t want to. I want to keep pounding away at the Democratic Party until they own up to their mistakes.

Mike Figueredo at the Humanist Report had a really good take-down of Hillary posted yesterday.

Hillary Clinton Calls Out Vladimir Putin in Most Hypocritical Rant Ever (10:25)

He nails it.

She said “Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert attacks against our electoral system – our Democracy – apparently because he has a personal beef against me.”

Me! Me! Me! It’s always about you, isn’t it Hillary? Sorry to burst your little elite bubble, but it was the Progressives and the Deplorables who had the beef against you.

But I digress.

When she says “directed covert attacks against our electoral system,” tt implies that he didn’t just leak the Podesta and DNC emails, but he rigged the election itself. If another country actually hacked our election, that would be considered an act of war.

When she uses language like this, she’s willing to get us into a war for her own agenda.

Even Markos is shocked! Shocked, I tell you! /s

Hillary said these “hacked” emails were an attack against our country.

No Hillary, this is a distraction of the substance of what was in those emails. Whether or not Vladimir Putin leaked these emails, it doesn’t erase what you were caught doing.

The worst part was when she said this is about the integrity of our Democracy and the security of our nation. If our Democracy had any integrity, the primaries wouldn’t have been rigged.

Your minions at the DNC limited the debates to only 6. The DNC forbid candidates from participating in non-sanctioned debates.

You moved red states up on the primary calendar because you’re more conservative and you knew that would help you – giving you an early lead and demoralizing the support for Bernie Sanders.

You and your DNC goons created media narrative to smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters. You tried to spear him for being an atheist. You called his supporters “Bernie Bros” and claimed we’d gotten violent at the Nevada Convention.

You always seemed to benefit from “voting irregularities” in states that always seemed to hurt Bernie Sanders.

You basically mowed down Bernie’s grassroots campaign because you thought it was “your turn.”

And “security of our nation?” Let’s start with the private email server you installed in your house. You risked national security all so you could hide your corruption.

You’re also trying to delegitimize Donald Trump’s win. You thought you’d win, and that Donald Trump would use these same tactics on you, but you lost and now you’re using the same tactics on him.

In one of the Presidential Debates, when Donald Trump said he might contest the election results, you said . “That’s horrifying. Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him.” But now that you’ve you say everything was rigged againstyou.


Memo to Hillary (and the Democratic Party)

And yes, this election was about change. But you represented more of the same – namely more power and wealth for the elites and endless wars. You were the poster child for the Democratic Party as it exists today.

Don’t tell me you can relate to “everyday Americans” when you’re attending glitzy gala fundraisers raking in more and more money. You haven’t been able to relate to “everyday Americans” for quite some time now.

You got your ass handed to you in this election because of YOU, so you can just go wipe it with a cloth and quit blaming everyone and everything else.

And don’t try to talk to us about “shared values” because we don’t value greed, dishonesty, evasiveness, secrecy, or corruption. Just go! Leave! And take Markos with you.

Everyone knows he’s just like you – a Republican in drag.

Run for your lives! The meme volcano has erupted!


There’s the old LSM!

Don midwest
Don midwest



OMFG! Love it. Hilarious but sadly all too true.


DNC Head Plays The Victim Over WikiLeaks Revelations – 8:30

She (Brazile) actually said “The emails were “weaponized to sow misinformation and to sow discord between the Clinton and Sanders camps.”

They were the actual emails! There was no misinformation.

Memo to Donna Brazile:

And yo too, Debbie!


A nation of victims supporting the biggest bully govt. in the neighborhood.


Chuck Schumer fires staffers right before the holidays

The incoming Senate minority leader gave a bah-humbug dismissal to nearly all members of the Senate Democratic Media Center on Friday to make way for a more media-savvy team for the camera-friendly Brooklyn senator, Politico reported.


That’s where Schumer intends to step up with a more buzzy and viral video media operation to get the party’s message out on social media. The new media shop is expected to be in place in time for major fights after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January — the GOP repeal of ObamaCare and confirmation hearings for controversial cabinet picks.

“The mission of the revamped SDMC will be to produce more content to make content more creative and catchy, and to do so faster than we’ve been able to in the past,” a Democratic aide told Fox News.

The Democratic Party’s “message” is mostly all talk to appeal to the 99% but the “words” never seem to match the “actions.” All Schumer is wanting to do is polish the turd and encase it in glitter so that it doesn’t even smell any more.


I got a free month of Amazon Prime, to get free shipping for a couple of things for my grandson.

I was excited to also get to see Falling Skies, a sci-fi series that was very good.

But as I watched this and other sci-fis, i noticed that there weren’t any old, wise women. The closest they came were semi-old men, who were, of course, cherished by semi-young or young women.

The one older woman in Falling Skies was Blaire Browne, who would have been an excellent choice to hold a central role in the series, but instead was seen only once, in the beginning, as a weak “collaborator.” The series Fringe did feature her as a basically good, though somewhat compromised woman, and featured David Nobel and Leonard Nimoy as real, old men, both with their shadows, but what complex character doesn’t have a shadow? BTW, highly rec Fringe, if you are a sci-fi fan like me.

So if anyone out there writes scripts, let’s see some wise old women and men, OK? These things affect how we are seen in society, and if we are only seen as weak, or maybe worse, not seen at all, it reinforces the mindset of those we interact with, including applying for jobs.

My little rant for the day. Not much to do with politics, except it reinforces the neolibcon attitude that the old and weak are disposable.

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