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Thanks, LD and JD! Missed you yesterday. :O)

Don midwest
Don midwest

Greenwald on Guardian smear of Assange

Oligarchs of the world unite!!

Unite against documents!!

Especially national security documents!!!

Like Cheney’s secret meeting with oil companies before or early in W Bush term

Well, here it is

The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False

Part of why this happened has to do with the Guardian’s blinding hatred for WikiLeaks, with whom it partnered to its great benefit, only to then wage mutual warfare. While the paper regularly produces great journalism, its deeply emotional and personalized feud with Assange has often led it to abandon all standards when reporting on WikiLeaks.

But here, the problem was deeply exacerbated by the role of this particular reporter, Ben Jacobs. Having covered the 2016 campaign for the Guardian US, he’s one of those journalists who became beloved by Clinton’s media supporters for his obviously pro-Clinton coverage of the campaign. He entrenched himself as a popular member of the clique of political journalists who shared those sentiments. He built a following by feeding the internet highly partisan coverage; watched his social media follower count explode the more he did it; and generally bathed in the immediate gratification provided by online praise for churning out pro-Clinton agitprop all year.

But Jacobs has a particularly ugly history with WikiLeaks. In August, 2015, news broke that Chelsea Manning – whose leaks became one of the Guardian’s most significant stories in its history and whom the UN had found was subjected to “cruel and inhumane” abuse while in detention – faced indefinite solitary confinement for having unapproved magazines in her cell as well as expired toothpaste. Jacobs went to Twitter and mocked her plight: “And the world’s tiniest violin plays a sad song.” He was forced to delete this demented tweet when even some of his Guardian colleagues publicly criticized him, though he never apologized publicly, claiming that he did so “privately” while blocking huge numbers of people who objected to his comments (including me).


Hello everyone!

So much corruption, so little time to find/document/report/remedy it all!

Homeland Security agents took $15M in bribes, closed their eyes

Court records and internal agency documents showed that over the last 10 years almost 200 employees and contract workers of the Department of Homeland Security have taken nearly $15 million in bribes while being paid to protect the nation’s borders and enforce immigration laws.

The Times’ findings most likely undercount the amount of bribes because in many cases court records do not give a tally.

The findings also do not include gifts, trips or money stolen by Homeland Security employees.


Now, this kind of resistance I approve of!

Edit: Drat, tweets not showing? I was so spoiled! That tweet is about today’s Day of Resistance on the plans for the Florida pipeline that endangers the fresh water aquifer #StopSabalTrail #NoSTPL

Tim Canova, still at it:

Edit: And the tweet above is Tim Canova joining the peaceful protest in support.

Last edit to add:
“As of Thursday, more than 3,700 people had signed a petition to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Sabal Trail pipeline. It’s being led by Tim Canova”

I bet a lot of people thought that Mr. Canova was going to go away! Doesn’t look like it.

Sabal Trail could become Florida’s own Dakota Access Pipeline problem


I loved this piece:

The Front of the Classroom

You take a test and do well. You make As and do academic extra-curriculars. You are separated into separate classes. The awards pile up. You take a another test. You do well. You are accepted into a school near the top of the US News & World Report rankings. You make good grades, you win awards, and then grad school or a competitive internship.

Along your way, your social life narrows, eventually you socialize with those who passed through the same sieve.

Having passed through this gauntlet of measurement and grading, you and your peers enter the upper ranks of the professions. Within your field, virtually everyone you know is similarly qualified.

This sounds lovely, but there are downsides. You begin to equate the various metrics at which you and your peers excel with virtue in general. You distrust what anyone not similarly credentialed has to say.

Policy shifts away from the interests of the broad public to the concerns of the “best and brightest.” Education is presented as a solution to every problem. Breaking down barriers to the top of the ladder of success becomes the primary civil rights issue. Women and minorities who are not striving for elite positions do not merit so much consideration. Economic disenfranchisement becomes an issue of who did well at school and who didn’t, not structural forces acting on society. What should be a progressive politics becomes just another version of the bootstraps myth, with grades and scholarships standing in for sweat and prudent personal budgeting.


Yesterday, I took off most of the day to devote to quiet reading and less internet. I read JD Vance’s memoir, “Hillbilly Elegy.” I saw him on MSDLC several times, speaking about the WWC, many of voters who ultimately voted for Trump.

in the book, Vance speaks about his own experience growing up in the cultural mores of what he calls hillbillies but he is quick to point out that many in the lower rungs of social economic status could be similar. Their language is unfiltered, worldview mistrustful of any politician or those up at the top, some of them sexist, and many go from a frying pan into the fire. They are in troubled family situations, and become pessimistic or cynical. While it is true that many of the rural towns suffer from brain drain, the ones left behind aren’t given the social tools to succeed. Thus, getting rich from gaming the system and others is part of that fabric.

Hillary Clinton should have read that book cover to cover and talked with
Vance personally if she was too uncomfortable with meeting folks in social statuses different from her peers. Vance is conservative in many respects, but in the book, the R code words don’t appear until later–and he offers insight about why the hillbilly culture buys into fake news.

If I were Bernie Sanders, I would also ask for a meeting with this guy to talk about public policy as the book doesn’t provide a prescription, only bits of insight. But a diagnosis is important as Bernie knows.

I highly recommend the book. Meantime, you can use google to search for JD Vance TED Talks to see a 15 minute video about his experiences which were shared in the book.

Hillary did not learn anything from the election, nor did Podesta, oor Joy Reid, who continues to bash Bernie Sanders on the Dem Establishment’s behest.


I know country people and one is my best friend. They look at rednecks as white trash. My friend voted for Bernie even tho she’s a Republican. But $hrill? It’s unreal, but these folks sniffed out the DLCorrupt quite a few years ago. They hate them. The Clintonistas are beyond clueless.


Oh my goodness, Benny, first of all I will surely look up JD Vance, maybe a vid, as you suggested, for a start.

I’m so glad you were able to grab some downtime and read a good book, that can be such a pleasure. Major bookworm over here.

I think you really hit the nail the head on Hillary not being comfortable with those not in her typical social circles. It became painfully apparent.

Am so sad to watch the lack of “learning” from this election by mainstream Dems! Damn, Joy, wow.

Saw a tweet referenced on twitter today from Armando, not a bad one (for a change) about Bernie organizing resistance to Republican efforts to defund Medicaid, and some of the comments were atrocious! Hillary supporters still harboring so much bitterness towards Bernie, even when he’s trying to do the right thing. Discouraging, but….am sensing that that sort of negativity will eventually be sidelined. So that’s a good thing. 🙂 All the Best


Thanks Mags, when I responded about doing a google search, I should have phrased it “one can” instead the directive voice of “you”. My bad!

Over at c99, there is an essay about Hillary not showing up to lead the million women march–or for anything. The essayist bears the opinion that HC was all about HC, and I agree with that person. I thought so as well, which is why it doesn’t surprise me that she has decided more than just to lay low, and trots her spouse out to events like the Kennedy Center Honors.

The problem was for me, two narcissists running for POTUS, and Trump won out. As everyone knows, I voted for Stein because of how the electoral college functions. Yes Dems, we understood the MATH. (why didn’t the Kossacks?) We are going to have a time of it, but I also believe the American people will rise, as we always have. Bernie and Keith are the ones to make us and others believe we will not allow the con man to bring mass destruction to our society. Which is what the R’s are proposing.

But like Bernie, I have some hope because of the younger folks, especially those who won races like Maggie Hassan, and the list goes on to supporting Nina Turner for governor!

I also have been watching reruns of West Wing on Netflix. Funny how classic that has become.


Investors Delay $2 Billion Purchase of Dakota Access Pipeline Stake

a pair of major investors held off on a purchase of a $2 billion stake in the project. A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Enbridge Energy Partners and Marathon Petroleum Corporation won’t meet a previous deadline of December 31 to complete a sale. The companies will now have until March 31 to consider whether to walk away from an investment in the pipeline. Energy analyst Antonia Juhasz called the filing very bad news for Energy Transfer Partners, writing, “If Enbridge and Marathon thought that completion of the pipeline was a done deal, the money would have been a done deal too. This means they are worried and are not feeling secure enough to turn over their cash, putting even more financial pressure on Energy Transfer Partners.”



Great open thread comments, just thumbed up a lot tonight, most comments expressed my thoughts spot on.

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