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Check on Jimmy Dore’s reasoning on how the 7 countries were chosen:


It is not the greatest source but the letter seems legit.


To me it shows the need for groups like the Justice Democrats need to be successful. North Dakota would be a good place to start.


They need new talking points. San Bernadino and 9-11 were Saudi Arabia, but that country is curiously absent from the list of seven countries. That’s how you know it’s all religious discrimination and ethnic racism.


Have you folks seen this? It is so excellent. It’s gotten some great comments, but I shake my head at some of his detractors.

Dear World, From America


Nothing like the puppeteers coming out and admitting how they pull the strings! This is pretty bold.


If you can’t open this, I will try to find a direct link to the AP story – this is through my ISP home page, and it may not be publicly available.


An interesting chart provided by 538 that tracks how congress has voted during Trumps Presidency. It has a few eye openers…….like Diane Feinstein’s votes for one.


You can check out how your congress critter is doing so far.


CNN does a reality check on Trump’s ban on people from Muslim countries. I’ll say one thing, except for Fox, of course, Trump seems to be reviving journalism.



The list of Democrats (DINOS) that need to be primaried is growing by leaps and bounds.


I managed to avoid another working lunch and was able to read a few articles on Trumps E/O on refugees. The comments section are just full of bat shit crazy comments, they gotta be his most delusional followers and their just down right mean and nasty. I have a strong feeling that we will suffer an out right terrorist attack as a result of Trumps attitude and decisions. Trump will not listen to his advisors due to his ego. Then he has Bannon on the NSC thats bat shit crazy as well. Good luck America were gonna need it.


Something to look forward to!

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