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Trying to post a video for the first time, don’t have a clue on how to do it.


Oh no! Some serious shenanigans went down in Kentucky today.

Senate passes bill making Kentucky ‘right-to-work’ state

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) — The Kentucky Senate on Saturday gave final approval to a bill letting union members in the state choose to pay dues while also getting union benefits.

The ‘right-to-work’ measure, House Bill 1, cleared the Senate on a 25-12 vote. It already had passed the Kentucky House and now moves to Gov. Matt Bevin’s desk to be signed into law.

Union members and officials packed the state Capitol, chanting and marching during discussion and voting on House Bill 1 and other labor measures they say are meant to hurt unions and workers.

Business groups, including the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, had prioritized such bills for the 2017 General Assembly, arguing that they promote economic growth.

“I’m very pleased,” Kentucky chamber president and CEO Dave Adkisson said after the Senate vote. “This put a sign on the front door of Kentucky that we’re open for business.”

Here’s a fb video of a very robust protest that happened there this morning. Wow. Check it out.

If it’s true that this “right to work” stuff works re: promoting “economic growth”, then I guess there must be data out there supporting that assertion? What other states have adopted this? I’ll have to do some research.

Edit: Looks like my facebook link doesn’t show up. Too bad, because there was a very enthusiastic pushback that went on! Lemme look for it somewhere else..



Just saw this sensible comment under the fb link I posted:

Elaine Micki Brennan · 17:59 Right to work means the employer has the rights to make people work for what they choose to pay and under whatever conditions they set and the workers are screwed, keeps unions out…


A big heads-up to humphrey to helping LD out while he fights the tech headaches w/this site!!!!!!!!! 🙂 “Right to Work” is simply a fancy BS business term which means right to screw workers. Take it from a retired Floridian who experienced it first-hand. Kochroaches, ALEC, TRWingnut fascists and Repukes have creamed over it for years. It’s just another way to designate lords and serfs. Rec’d!!


Same BS that happened in WI a couple years ago by Walker. Thru gerrymandering a once proud blue state is now red. Dem voters have been hemmed into the remaining “blue” districts and with little hope to go back to blue in the foreseeable future.


Glenn Greenwald: Democrats Eager to Blame “Everybody But Themselves” for Collapse of Their Party

Democracy Now interview with the more-vilified-than-ever Mr. Greenwald:

GLENN GREENWALD: Yeah, so I’ve done some, you know, pretty controversial and polarizing reporting in the past decade when I’ve been writing about politics. And when you do that, you obviously get attacked in lots of different ways. It’s not just me; it’s everybody who engages. It’s just sort of the rough and tumble of politics and journalism. But I really haven’t experienced anything even remotely like the smear campaign that has been launched by Democrats in this really coordinated way ever since I began just expressing skepticism about the prevailing narrative over Russia and its role that it allegedly played in the election and, in particular, in helping to defeat Hillary Clinton. I mean, not even the reporting I did based on the Edward Snowden archive, which was extremely controversial in multiple countries around the world, not even that compared to the attacks now.

And the reason is very, very obvious, which is that it has become exceptionally important to Democratic partisans to believe that the reason they lost this election is not because they chose a candidate who was corrupt and who was extremely disliked and who symbolized all of the worst failings of the Democratic Party. It’s extremely important to them not to face what is really a systemic collapse on the part of the Democratic Party as a political force in the United States, in the House, in the Senate, in state houses and governorships all over the country. And so, in order not to face any of that and have to confront their own failings, they instead want to focus everything on Vladimir Putin and Russia and insist that the reason they lost was because this big, bad dictator interfered in the election. And anyone who challenges or anyone who questions that instantly becomes not just their enemy, but now, according to their framework, someone who’s actually unpatriotic, that if you question the evidence, the sufficiency of the evidence to support this theory, that somehow your loyalties are suspect, that you’re not just a critic of the Democratic Party, you’re actually a stooge of or an agent of the Kremlin.


Yes. Even on “progressive” sites, although they are getting pushback.

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