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Tomgram: Michael Klare, Militarizing America’s Energy Policy

the exploitation of fossil fuels in North America is now officially the heart and soul of the global policy-making of President Trump and his generals

Tom prefaces Michael Klare’s piece which is titled:
The Strategy of Maximal Extraction
How Donald Trump Plans to Enlist Fossil Fuels in the Struggle for Global Dominance

Donald Trump and his generals are making fossil fuels a crucial ingredient for bulking up our national security. In that way, they will turn anything (or any group) standing in the way of the extraction and exploitation of oil, coal, and natural gas into obstructers of the national interest and, quite literally, of American national security.


And yet it is they who are hastening our demise with their FFs. Makes me want to scream!


NYC Taxi Driver Kills Himself at City Hall After Condemning Uber & Politicians for Financial Ruin

AMY GOODMAN: What is that reality?

BHAIRAVI DESAI: It’s a race to the bottom. Every day, people are going deeper and deeper into poverty. And this is the reality of the so-called gig economy. It’s about destroying what has been a full-time profession, turning it into part-time, poverty-pay work. Uber and company—Uber and Lyft—and, by the way, they are absolutely the same. It’s all one same business model. They use their political might. In 2016, Uber and Lyft combined spent more on lobbying than Amazon and Walmart combined, and Microsoft, as well. And so, they use their political might to win deregulation bills.

And so-called liberals are a big part of the problem.

BHAIRAVI DESAI: That’s right. This is the third—Douglas was the third suicide we know of in—within these just two to three months. And there is a crisis. There’s a human crisis as a result of the political failures, you know, that have given these Wall Street companies a free hand. And, you know, most of their lobbyists, by the way, come out of the Democratic Party. Many of them went straight from the Obama White House to work for Uber, you know.


They are NOT</ liberals! Amy Goodman (with her cred) needs to correct/call it out. They are the corporate FRightwing/GOPuke Lite who have been insulting/mind-slinging with lies and media help since 1968 and Nixon. This one is damned sick to death of it, too! GRRRRRRRRRRR. 🙁


N.Y. Teamsters form ‘sanctuary union’ to fight ICE agents

Worried about federal immigration policies, a New York labor organization is taking steps to protect its own.

Across Long Island and throughout the city, some 120,000 Teamsters are getting prepped to become a “sanctuary union.”

In 27 shops, business agents, supervisors and front-line workers are getting schooled on their rights under U.S. law — and when and how to challenge federal immigration agents who show up to search their work sites.

The training is complex and technical — hinging on specific types of warrants and the definition of a raid.

But in fundamental labor terms, it follows one simple rule: Union solidarity first, immigration status second.

The Teamsters’ decision to openly challenge immigration enforcement under President Trump is rooted in the loss of one of its own members.

On Aug. 24, Teamster Eber Garcia Vasquez, 54, a married father of three U.S.-born children, was detained by immigration agents when he showed up for a routine annual appointment.

Shipped first to a Bergen County jail in New Jersey, then to Louisiana, Garcia was whisked back to his home country of Guatemala roughly 10 days later — despite a clean criminal record and two pending green card applications for him, one from his U.S. citizen wife and another from his son.



The Florida Meetup scheduled for 2/17/2018 (Saturday) in Titusville, FL has been cancelled due to host’s illness. It will be re-scheduled. Contact orlbucfan with any questions. 🙂



U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon said he would boycott a visit to the White House.

Rippon — the first openly gay athlete selected to a U.S. Winter Olympic team — told The Daily Mail that he would not go to the White House in an effort “to support my community.”

“No, I have no desire to go to the White House,” he told The Daily Mail.

“But I would like to do something to help my community.”

Rippon added he would want to do “something positive and not just stay at home” during the White House visit, such as planning his own event in support of gay rights.

Last month, Rippon said last month he disagreed with the Trump administration’s values. He added that Pence “doesn’t really stand for anything I believe in,” asserting that the vice president supported “gay conversion therapy.”

Pence’s office has denied he believes in “gay conversion therapy.”

Pence has long been seen as a top adversary to LGBTQ rights.


Seems to be a trend among athletes not visiting the WH, wonder why.;)


Student loan programs proposal from Trump CNBC

The proposal sharply curtails income-based loan repayment plans.

It would also scratch the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program and embolden the government to go after students who don’t pay their loans.


Amazing that we can bail out corporate America in trillions of dollars, but to our kids in college that are the future for the country –pay up or else.


Just had to share this clip with you. Sessions coming right out with it.

“The office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.”

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