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As if ICE’s regular activities weren’t bad enough


An attorney for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft after being accused of stealing immigrants’ identities.

Raphael A. Sanchez, ICE’s chief counsel in Seattle, was charged with one count each of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, The Associated Press reported, citing a charging document filed Monday in U.S. District Court.

He resigned from his position earlier this week.

Sanchez allegedly stole seven identities of peoples “in various stages of immigration proceedings,” prosecutors with the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section say.


This Scientist Stands Between Scott Pruitt and the Destruction of the EPA’s Advisory Boards

Wilson, a behavioral decision scientist of 12 years, occupied a seat on the nearly 50-member Science Advisory Board. She was informed shortly after Pruitt’s policy change that she would have to choose between her own EPA grant, funding a study on Lake Erie farmers’ decisions around conservation and water quality, or serving on the board. Wilson chose her grant in November and was officially fired in January.

The Science Advisory Board has been transformed by Pruitt from a committee stacked with some of the top environmental experts in the nation to a panel of many representatives from industries the EPA regulates. Pruitt has installed 16 new committee members, 14 of whom consult or work for the fossil fuel or chemical industries, according to Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Now, Wilson is pushing back against the rule that cost her the board position. She joined a lawsuit brought by advocacy groups like Physicians for Social Responsibility and National Hispanic Medical Association and two other scientists that argues the directive violates federal ethics requirements. A month later, nonprofit science advocacy organization Union of Concerned Scientists also filed a complaint that says Pruitt’s new policy fails to explain the conflict posed by EPA grant funding, and states that “no such evidence exists” to back it up.


Hope they win! thx.


Gillibrand is getting a lot of push back from Clinton fans because she was the one to explicitly point this out about Bill. You can definitely see it on DK when she is mentioned.


Democrats are looking to embrace the #MeToo moment and rally women to push back on President Donald Trump in the midterms—and they don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near it.

In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told POLITICO they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.

“I think it’s pretty tough,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), vice chair of the House Progressive Caucus and one of the leading voices in
Congress demanding changes in Washington’s approach to sexual harassment. His presence “just brings up a lot of issues that will be very tough for Democrats. And I think we all have to be clear about what the #MeToo movement was.”


i imagine Bill has a lot of #metoos out there. maybe paid them already?




Getting escorted out of a public hearing while yelling West Virginia’s state motto might have been a best-case scenario for Lissa Lucas’ political future.

On Friday, Lucas, who is running as a Democrat for the House of Delegates in the 7th District, spoke at a House Judiciary Committee public hearing in opposition to co-tenancy legislation, which would allow companies to lease a tract of land for natural gas drilling with the permission of 75 percent of the land owners.

During her speech, Lucas rattled off the names of committee members who have taken campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry, prompting House Judiciary Chairman John Shott, R-Mercer, to summon guards to kick her off the floor.

As they did, she yelled the state motto, “Montani Semper Liberi,” or Mountaineers are always free.

As of Tuesday afternoon, her campaign has received $45,000 through ActBlue, an online, small-dollar fundraising tool to connect progressive candidates to small donors across the country.

In a twist of fate, rallying against corporate money in politics might have made Lucas the most effective political fundraiser in the House of Delegates so far this election cycle.



Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back operations in more than 40 others after the State Department told them to pare their operations, according to plans seen by Reuters.

The slated closures, which are being reviewed by the State Department for final approval, follow President Donald Trump’s decision to dramatically reduce the number of refugees that will be allowed into the United States in 2018.


Just a quick shoutout to you all on this sad night. 🙁

Thinking of you all.. (heart)


Just read about the Florida shooting.

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