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The greatest domestic political fallout from Trump’s election just may be the groundswell of women ― many of whom had never been politically motivated before ― taking an active role in the future of U.S. governance. It’s a development that could have a profound effect on the coming midterm elections, as waves of new voters and activists are brought into the process.

Some, like Packer, have been driven by fear and opposition to the president’s agenda, and by disappointment in congressional Republicans for failing to serve as a check on it. But others, like Madalena McNeil, a 24-year-old college admissions counselor in Salt Lake City, have been motivated by something even more fundamental: a profound sense of regret that they didn’t do enough to prevent Trump’s ascent in the first place.

“Every day I wish that I had done more to stop this from happening,” said McNeil, who now organizes a group of local progressive activists called Utahns Speak Out.

Less than a month into the Trump administration, an unprecedented number of women ― more than 13,000 ― have expressed interest in running for office, according to groups that train women to be candidates. They’re gunning for Congress and for local office; they’re looking to take on Republicans who are too deferential to Trump, and Democrats who haven’t shown sufficient backbone.

“You have these Democrats now ― they want to be quiet, they don’t want to stir the pot,” said Erin Tyler, a 35-year-old nurse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who just decided to run for state office. “Well, we need somebody to stir the pot. Let’s go. Stop being so meek and timid. Open your mouth.”


Watch Susan Sarandon Scold Chris Hayes about his poor Coverage of Progressive Issues Such as #NoDAPL


She and Josh Fox tell Hayes how he was not doing his job, only typical media interest in headlines and laying blame. She defends Bernie Sanders, saying he could lead a legal, peaceful revolution, instead of the one Trump is doing by showing his ineptitude in the WH.


More about the MSNBClinton interview with Sarandon and Fox:

Susan Sarandon walked into an ambush and emerged victorious.

Sarandon and environmental activist Josh Fox were invited on Chris Hayes‘ MSNBC show to discuss the Dakota access pipeline. But before that, Hayes jabbed at Sarandon’s past non-support of his failed champion, Hillary Clinton.

Sarandon, a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, endorsed Jill Stein for president after Clinton won the Democratic nomination. At the time, Sarandon said she could not support Clinton because of her dangerous history of lies and her reluctance to support the environmental issues that Sarandon cares about.

Sarandon even said she’d prefer Donald Trump over Clinton because “he could bring the revolution” more quickly. In other words, Sarandon felt Trump could bring about real change because he’s not part of the entrenched political oligarchy responsible for the longstanding government gridlock.

Hayes suggested Sarandon was responsible for Clinton’s loss, and asked if she’s happy now that Trump is president.

“Do you feel you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would look like?” Hayes asked.

An annoyed Sarandon — who is not a Trump supporter — said it’s a waste of time to stew over the past and assign blame. “Really? That’s where we want to spend our time and energy?” Sarandon said. “Talking about blaming people for what happened is really wasting your time and energy.”

Sarandon said President Trump has been a catalyst for waking people (both liberals and conservatives) out of hibernation. “Because what we have now is a populous that is awake,” Sarandon said.

Sarandon then said the media is not doing its job of spotlighting important issues that people actually care about instead of trafficking in gossip and blame.

“You consider yourself a journalist? Right?” Sarandon said to Hayes. “How many hours did you spend on Standing Rock? … Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you are doing your job to cover these issues completely?”

After the two guests pleaded their cases on how they believe they can move forward, Hayes immediately returned with the anti-Trump drumbeat.

“Can you look me in the eyes, both of you, and say, ‘Yes, 24 days into the Trump administration, this is about what I expected it to be’?”

A seemingly disbelieving Sarandon shot back, “What is the point of even saying that?”

Undeterred, Hayes kept pushing on Trump until Sarandon interrupted.

“Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you weren’t doing your job to cover these issues?”

‘What’s the point of even saying that?’ Frustrated Susan Sarandon shuts down Chris Hayes’ anti-Trump drumbeat

As Hayes was handing off to Rachael Maddow, Maddow said she felt a little sweaty watching the interview. Hayes admitted he was sweating. He wasn’t expecting Sarandon and Fox to dress him down whenever he kept using Establishment talking points.

Glenn Greenwald’s reaction to the interview:

Sarandon received a lot of hate tweets from the “the resisters.”


MSNBC and the rest of the corporate media is dead to me now , haven’t watched them in a long time. Better sources of info out there.

Eileen R

Me too! I get my news from the internet, mostly sites like this, and my entertainment from the TV, mostly reruns of old shows.


Yay Susan! I’ve been saying the same thing. Used to love the guy, before the Bernie bashing. He could have helped make a yuuuuge step towards all he says he wants and instead he dissed us all.

Now he’s just another cerebral anarchist to me. Great diagnosis and personal action (works in prisons, etc.). Terrible action for the people.

Oh, i was reading too fast, and thinking Chris HEDGES. oopsie

Well, good on her for dressing down Hayes, too.


He and Rachel used to be my favorites. I never never never watch MSNBC anymore. Have not watched since the Democratic primary race when Rachel was lying about Bernie. I now struggle with CNN but at least they do not claim to be ‘Liberal’. When I got on Twitter last night before going to bed, I was astounded with the anti-Sarandon tweets. Soon, I found the video clip of her on MSNBC. She was so good on the show. I realized the Clinton folks were the ones sending the negative tweets. The Democratic party is split right down the middle and it is time for them to decide which way they want to go.


I stopped watching Rachel as soon as it became apparent that she had discarded her journalistic integrity.

After her fake chair-throwing nonsense during the primary, I vowed to never watch her again. I used to defend her with my more rightward-leaning relatives. Now I realize how foolish I was to do so.


Thank you Benny! When I woke up this morning seeing Susan Sarandon’s name all over my twitter mentions, I knew something was up!



So the corporate lackey dinocrats want progressives to go easy on them? Screw every last one of them. This is about our country and it’s future, not the careers of vassals of Wall Street.


so with you Sparky.


Can we say emoluments


Any special treatment from China would mean that Trump effectively accepted a present from Beijing, an act that would violate the Constitution, Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, said in an email. “A different conclusion might be reached if Trump had been treated like everyone else seeking a trademark, but the evidence does not point in that direction.”


I’m sure our Secretary of State Exxon Rex approves


President Trump signed a measure Tuesday that could presage the most aggressive assault on government regulations since President Reagan.

The bill cancels out a Securities and Exchange Commission regulation that would have required oil and gas and mining companies to disclose in detail the payments they make to foreign governments in a bid to boost transparency in resource-rich countries.


There go more indigenous lands, especially in other parts of the globe, poisoned water supplies, etc. If the bribe fits….

So, in a system of checks and balances, the Dems have completely lost control of everything because every time they had control, they put almost the same kind of people in power that the Republicans put in. It was easy to get to this point because we already had Dems appointing Justices that believed in Citizen’s United. We already had the flimsiest of protections for the environment that corpses flaunted at every turn. I could go on, but here we are.

Going to my Dem county meeting tonight to vote for good resolutions, and hoping that even if these resolutions don’t change much, the young people that stay involved and see our support will one day change things. That’s all I’ve got.


Keep encouraging the young people PB4


Alexander Acosta is Voldemort’s New Nominee for Labor Scy

Acosta is currently the chairman of U.S. Century Bank, which is the largest domestically owned Hispanic community bank in Florida, and is the dean of Florida International University Law School.

He has served as the a U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida, and was an assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights division under President George W. Bush. He was the first Hispanic to hold a rank of assistant attorney general.


He clerked for SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito. hmmm…

More from Heavy.com: http://heavy.com/news/2017/02/alexander-acosta-donald-trump-labor-secretary-national-relations-board-assistant-attorney-general-civil-rights-justice-department-muslims-southern-district-florida-dean-international-university/

He has been a member of the NLRB before. What I’m not certain is how he was part of the governing process there.


Voldemort. I like it.

Acosta certainly sounds better, anyway.


But I’m not terribly reassured when I see this:


He is involved with the Florida Innocence Project, which sounds pretty good to me. I read his bio: impressive with few things I’d consider red flags, other than being a Republican.


Voldemort, in introducing the Labor Scy nominee said (I saw this live on teevee):

“He is a graduate of Harvard Law School. A great student.”

It cracks me up considering he questioned POTUS44’s educational attainments 6 years ago:

I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.”

Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York in 1983 with a degree in political science after transferring from Occidental College in California. He went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Source: Trump: Obama a “Terrible Student” Not Good Enough for Harvard | NBC New York http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Trump-Obama-Wasnt-Good-Enough-to-Get-into-Ivy-Schools-120657869.html#ixzz4Ys9X70kx

Trump really wanted to use the press conference to say he won the election with 306 electoral votes.

He also said that massive crowds were coming to see him in Melbourne, FL this Saturday. Last time I checked there was a protest being arranged. Sigh.


Any massive crowd will be curious tourists looking at him like they do the Tragic Kingdom, etc. around here. The opposition will be out in force, too. The MSM probably won’t accurately report it. SOS.


These Democrats do not have a clue, all they want is their corporate backers and money. Time for them all to be primaried.


The Confusion Candidate

Has there been any evidence that anyone has taken stock of what happened and why the Democrats lost? Like, “OK, we made these mistakes. Let’s learn from this.”

I’ve seen absolutely none of that. I see a lot of finger pointing elsewhere. I don’t quite understand why. Presumably these people want to win elections. They want power. Yet they’re not showing any signs of wanting to look inward.

The Democratic Party does have a structural problem. It’s a party of business that has to pretend otherwise for electoral reasons. So that’s what produces all the weakness and confusion of their message. But if you look in purely partisan terms at the Republican Party, these people know how to play hardball. They want to win and they will stop at nothing. They really do have that instinct to fight. Democrats don’t. And there is that structural issue where the loyalties are so divided it’s hard for them to speak with one voice.

On the other hand, just in purely partisan terms, and in personal ambition terms, why are they not trying to figure out what went wrong and do something serious to address it?



but mags, b/c Trump! Unity! Unity!

I’ve listened to Berners saying they don’t like the Justice Dems b/c Unity!


Is this for real??? Trump actually nominated someone QUALIFIED for the position????


Why didn’t he do this in the first pleace, instead of wasting valuable time on Putzderp.


Can’t Californians find someone to primary Feinstein next spring?

Aspiring Senate hopefuls got some bad news the other day when Sen. Dianne Feinstein sent out invites for a “Feinstein for Senate 2018” campaign kickoff fundraiser March 18 in Bel-Air.

“We need Senator Feinstein in the Senate now more than ever,” Sim and Debra Farar, the couple who are chairing the event, wrote in an email last week to the California Democrat’s backers.

The $1,000- to $5,400-a-head brunch is being co-hosted by a group of business, tech and entertainment figures, including “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” actress Christine Adams, Hollywood studio executive Robert Daly and Kirith Prady, wife of “Big Bang Theory” executive producer Bill Prady.

A number of Democrats have been eyeing the seat amid speculation that the 83-year-old Feinstein might call it quits after her term is up. The rumor mill got cranking when Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, was diagnosed last year with lung cancer, and went into overdrive when Feinstein had a pacemaker installed in January.

But the senator recently signaled she’s up for running again, telling KQED-FM’s Scott Shafer: “If I can … continue to produce, then I will continue to produce. If I believe I can’t, either by health or any other way, I won’t. But as long as I believe I can, I will.”



What would life be without austerity for us and war, though? i mean really!


I should be one happy agency if Scott Pruitt gets rammed through his nomination


In an unusual show of opposition for federal employees, Environmental Protection Agency workers have been calling their senators to urge them to reject President Trump’s pick to lead their agency, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, has sued the EPA more than a dozen times in his current post, alarming many of the agency’s employees, who fear that, if confirmed, he will work to dismantle its work


Elizabeth Warren weighs in on the EPA nominee


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) blasted Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, from the Senate floor Thursday, arguing he prioritized corporations over his home state.

“A state’s attorney general is supposed to serve the people,” Warren said. “Instead of working as the attorney general of Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt has served as the attorney general for Exxon.”

Democrats — led by Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) — are holding an all-night talk-a-thon from the Senate floor to protest Pruitt’s nomination. A final vote on his nomination is expected early Friday afternoon.

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