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Don midwest
Don midwest

I was going to post the link by Caitlin, the one you linked in the short intro, daring the DNC to elect the establishment candidate and then totally collapse.

From the Indian Country Media Network

Dakota Access Pipeline Secret Documents: The U.S. ‘Trustee’ is not Trustworthy
When it comes to the Dakota Access Pipeline remember the adage: ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers December 4, 2016, decision to undertake a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) crossing of Lake Oahe states something quite startling: Paragraph 5 in the full text states, “Because of security concerns and sensitivities, several documents supporting the [original] Environmental Assessment were marked confidential and were withheld from the public or representatives and experts of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. These documents include a North Dakota Lake Oahe Crossing Spill Model Discussion….”

How does that square with the February 7, 2017, statement by Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer when he announced the Army was aborting the EIS process and withdrawing the notice of intent? Speer said, “the decision was made based on a sufficient amount of information already available which supported approval to grant the easement request.”

What information? Available to whom? How sufficient? In whose judgement?

I don’t know how this is going to play out. It is a global issue and the end of the colonial empires fighting for their final land grab and resource grab.

They will put bodies on the line and with militarized police not sure what will happen.

Don midwest
Don midwest

More Bruno Latour

Bruno was given a “talking stick” by indigenous people in Canada.

Where to start with his work?

This morning my suggestion is to listen to these 2 lectures. They are fairly easy to get into and the French accent is better than most interviews. You can get into these without going through his move beyond the Enlightenment. The first one from Harvard has subtitles on my youtube video.

Bruno Latour | On Not Joining the Dots || Radcliffe Institute

Published on Nov 22, 2016
Bruno Latour (6:33) speaks about the concept of sovereignty in connection with the work of Ulrich Beck and others and discusses his recent work on the mythological personage of Gaia in the contexts of globalization, climate change, the crisis in the European Union, migration, and other developments.

(46:45) Latour’s remarks are followed by a conversation moderated by Homi K. Bhabha, the Anne F. Rothenberg Professor of the Humanities and director of the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard. The discussion involves Latour; Diane Davis, the Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning and Urbanism and chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design; and Peter Galison RI ’10, the Joseph Pellegrino University Professor and director of the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard.

Introduction by Lizabeth Cohen, dean, Radcliffe Institute, and Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Department of History, Harvard University

This event was cosponsored by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard’s Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Seminar on Violence and Non-Violence.

The second talk is at the SHOT conference – Society for the History of Technology

SHOT 2016: Opening Plenary by Bruno Latour

Amazing that this has only 316 views. I recently looked sheering Alpaca with my granddaughter and it had almost 1/2 million views. Not sure how these counters work.

Latour in tweets points out that Trumpism is a new phenomenon – disconnected from the earth.


Speaking about Caitlin Johnstone she is quite the prolific writer.
Her site should be a progressives frequent visit location.

Here is a working link to her most recent writings.



oh, man, just went there–cool! someone who understands that it’s the whole shebang we need to be dismantling. otherwise, it’ll be “anyone but Trump” and we’ll be back with the slow bleeders.


oops! double post


This could be very helpful to Keith Ellison’s odds of becoming the next DNC chair


New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley plans to end his bid to lead the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and endorse Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) for chairman, NBC News reported Saturday.

Though Buckley was not among the front-runners in the race, his endorsement could help tip the battle between Ellison and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who are widely viewed as the two top contenders to head the DNC.

DNC members will vote next weekend on their new chairman.


A little more info on Ray Buckley’s endorsement of Keith


humphrey – please check your link, it’s full of code or something –
maybe it’s my computer?


I am not sure to which link you are referring to. When I click on them they seem to be OK


ok, thanks – don’t know why – but earlier on your comment I saw a link to a tweet that didn’t open properly for me and instead I saw a whole page of unintelligible data – now on your comment I can read the whole quote from Michael Brindley in your comment.
so whatever I was complaining about is now fixed and I can read your comment.- so thanks very much for keeping us informed on this important endorsement.
I’m going to send it to the Texas Democratic Party – hope it does some good…..


sorry Ray Buckley, not Michael Brindley the author of the tweet. 🙂


Keith adds his response:


thank you, humphrey!!!!!

this is the only piece of good news I’ve read in what seems like too long….

Go Keith!
Go Bernie!


This made me smile


A Venezuelan businessman who the White House has sanctioned over alleged drug ties is a member of a golf resort owned by President Trump, according to the Miami Herald.

Samark Lopez Bello has been labeled as a “frontman” in a major drug scheme, and the White House this week took steps to freeze his assets.

His name is on a membership list at Trump National Doral, a South Florida property Trump purchased in 2012, according to the Herald.

I wonder if he will get a refund on his membership dues? LOL


hah hah hah

I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg on this sorta thing…….

the great part of it – if there is anything at all positive to an ignorant, inarticulate, dangerous idiot running the white House – is that these liaisons would normally be kept hidden but with Trump they’ll come tumbling out into the open.
And I say that because our dear Secretary Clinton schmoozed with the brutal Saudi Royalty, Henry Kissinger, and the list of venal contributors to Clinton Inc.
They may say – oh no, this is far different from how we operate but I suspect, bottom line, it’s a difference in quantity not kind.
Corruption is rampant with those with connections and influence shafting the rest of the country.

Of course they want more deregulation till its a free for all without any limits….

While the backbone of this country – working people, immigrants, the middle class and the poor, expected to pay with their labor and suffering for the theft at the top.


“Of course they want more deregulation till its a free for all without any limits….

While the backbone of this country – working people, immigrants, the middle class and the poor, expected to pay with their labor and suffering for the theft at the top.”

This. :O)


Speaking of “FAKE NEWS” this has to be up near the top of the list. LOL


A strong majority of Americans say Democrats should look to cooperate with President Trump to strike deals, according to the inaugural Harvard-Harris poll provided exclusively by The Hill.

The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

The findings are significant as Democratic leaders in Congress are under growing pressure by their liberal base to obstruct the president’s agenda. The poll shows the party is divided on how to deal with Trump: 52 percent of Democrats polled say they should cooperate with him on areas of agreement and 48 percent saying they shouldn’t.


Media loves corporatism. So does Trump. They will be doing what they can without looking absolutely bought.


As much as I have absolutely no use for Tucker Carlson

He did a fair interview with Glen Greenwald with regards to the Democratic Party.

It is worth a view to see if you agree with Glenn’s response.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Glenn continues to be on target and the establishment democratic party continues to wander in the wilderness.

This might have been posted above, but worth it again

The DNC needs an Organizer in Chief, not a Fund-raiser in Chief


Amazed the Tucker “absolutely” agreed with Glenn. :O)


Bill deBlasio weighs in on DAPL.


Correct me if I am wrong

I have yet to see Hillary weigh in on the DAPL fiasco!


She’s just not that into us.


She is busy with high flyers if you read Page Six (gossip of NYC) and promoting her daughter’s new book.


can’t remember if i posted this before, but I am so glad Borosage is saying it, too.

Resisting Trump Is Not Enough


I saw this sign this afternoon in 68 deg temps(warm as Wi58 points out for the Midwest) while walking Ruby…


Sweet. Sweet Ruby, too. :O)


It’s the most inclusive sign I’ve seen so far, I liked it also because it included “water is life.”


Hope this works..this is a smackdown Sen Al Franken did yesterday when an R senator said Dems were against Pruitt although he was qualified but Dems were mad because they lost the election. Frankenstein asked to invoke Rule 19.


It was the same Rule to censor Sen Warren. Video link courtesy of Boldpolitcs.com.


It worked for me. I’m not sure how to interpret the “Frankenstein’ reference. LOL


My phone automatically thinks Franken is not a name, lol. Thus it autocorrects needlessly at times. I was sending a text about another woozle that has Ruby’s coloring, Red Tri and the Tri somehow turned into the word Trump (the real walking zombie).


What a surprise! Nary a peep concerning Justin Trudeau’s recent comments.


Justin Trudeau is blaming corporate and government leaders for the spike in global anger rocking world politics, warning that low wages and the shift to precarious part-time work is at the heart of why citizens are opposing traditional powers.
Speaking at the St. Matthew’s Day banquet – an elite, black-tie event in Hamburg with a tradition that dates back centuries – the Prime Minister said companies contribute to public anger when they post record profits on the backs of workers who are underpaid and overworked.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of our leaders besides Bernie would echo these statements?

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