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Agree! Hope Ronan wins an office soon. Thanks, humphrey.


Bernie: We Are Looking at a New Political World

Bernie was in LA yesterday. What was supposed to be a 30 min talk to promote “Our Revolution” morphed into a semi-rally followed by Q & A to defeat Trumpism and the RW ideology. From the LA Times:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got a rock star’s welcome when he spoke in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday in what was theoretically a book tour stop but amounted to more of a political rally, urging progressives to play by new rules as they resist President Trump’s administration.

“We are looking at a totally new political world,” he said. “If we play by the old rules, we will lose and they will win. Our job is not to play by the old rules.”

Sanders applauded the activism that has sprung up since Trump’s inauguration and said Democrats and progressives needed to continue to build a resistance to Trump as well as a vision for the future.

“We can defeat Trump and Trumpism and the Republican right-wing ideology,” he said. “We have to understand, despair and throwing up your hands — that ain’t an option.”

Sanders believes a majority of voters agree with progressive values and Trump has a “mandate for nothing,” but he sought to explain Trump’s electoral college win despite losing the popular vote, arguing the party did not do enough to appeal to economically downtrodden industrial workers.

He also mentioned his support for Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.


There is a video embedded in the article. The political cartoonist who did the Q & A showed priceless cartoons he scribbled of Bernie 2016 (in campaign mode) on the screen behind them in the theater. The video is worth watching because they talk about “what if Bernie had been the POTUS GE candidate” instead of Clinton. Bernie was asked if this was a typical audience, and he replied, “this is a calm and sedate crowd, the crowd is usually pretty raucous.”


However, I wonder if he will pull some votes from Ellison and cause him to lose? While I really like Ronan, I think he got in it too late and may cause a split in the progressive left vote.

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