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Thanks, you all. Happy Sunday!


I will add something to “light and easy” prior to the Super Bowl.

Pathetic: Democrats Still Don’t Understand Why They’re Wiped Out!


OOPS……The edit buttom=n seems to be missing. LD must be tweaking the site.


I watched some of the DNC Forum in Detroit yesterday.


One of the candidates who I had not previously heard about impressed me. His name is Sam Ronan.

“So many people thought the primary process was rigged and it’s true,” said Sam Ronan, a DNC chair candidate and Air Force veteran from Ohio. “We messed up as a party and we need to own that. We have to offer olive branches and build bridges to Berniecrats.”

Here is a video from a previous meeting.

He should be an up and comer in the Democratic party.


Sam was great, and said that right in front of Donna Brazile. Two other candidates talked about it too:

“How do we appeal to the Grassroots?… The first thing to restore trust in this party is to tell everybody that the fiasco of last spring will never be repeated. Our charter, Article 5, Section 4…which says that in the selection of a nominee for President of the United States, this party, all the officers, all the staff, will be impartial and even-handed…If it turns out they’re not impartial, they will no longer be working for the DNC.”
— Peter Peckarsky

“For us to move forward as a party…first we’ve got to address the nominating process. We have to make sure the chair is neutral…In order to have that trust to move forward, we have to have that. We have to reform the superdelegate process. We need to make sure that the DNC never again gets involved in a joint fundraising agreement with somebody in a primary.”
— Ray Buckley


When people say Bernie wouldn’t have won, I just remind them that Bernie was getting crowds of 25,000 and Hill was getting, what, a few hundred?

It was as plain and as bold as the nose on their face but they rationalized it away and gave us Trump. And being in the Dem party still, I see the majority of those in Lane County still thinking of Hillary as some kind of hero and patting themselves on the back for bringing us Berniecrats into the fold and convincing many of them (not me!) that we’re all really in agreement about most everything! NOT. It’s a disease. But I’m not ready to give up yet. Probably in 2018.


I'm rooting for these Patriots! The neoliberals are going down and the working class is making a comeback #SuperBowlSunday #AMJOY #SuperBowl pic.twitter.com/4C3UPXmb6t

— RoseAnn DeMoro (@RoseAnnDeMoro) 5 February 2017



I came across this tweet and just have to post it.


BTW, supposedly this link is streaming the game live, free.

Also for the Patriots–relatives up that way. :O)

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