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Her campaign noted, in a release breaking down the fundraising, that the average donation was about $44.

I don’t believe that for a second!

Hey! Great BNR! This is the first time I’ve read it here at TPW first. My god, I might be able to wean myself from that toxic cesspool DK. There is a certain frisson to that place, a je ne sais quoi of hot air and blinkered thought, but one must grow up, I suppose!

Anyway, always appreciate your hard work!


I don’t believe that $44 number either.

Joanne Murray

Ditto–first thing I thought when I read it. These people even believe their own BS.

joe from Lowell

I do. When Bernie started using the line that his average donation was $27, the Hillary campaign began sending out emails asking for $1 donations to drive down their average.


I’m not kidding Maddi!! LOL yup


$ 44 was a typo. It should have been $44,000.00


Simple math to check the accuracy. The problem is all the lying and misinformation $hrill’s crowd spreads. There’s no way to be sure that the actual no. of donations (large and small) and donated $$ amounts are accurate and true. Great work, LD! T and R!! I will head over to the slime pit to support nomandates.


I’d like to see a histogram of Hillz donations with sufficient granularity to see how many $1, $2 & $3 donations we’re racked-up to bring all those $2700 checks down to 44 bucks.


Morning Liepar. Pls put on your to-do list (at the bottom) a list of how-to, so we can find them in one place. I copied embed code and direct link above but did not get what I expected. You have made tremendous progress. Some of us are not so swift with new software. ;D


Thank you, Dro, for this link to Jim Hightower! Love him, his commentary, look forward to watching him. Wanted to say thanks, first, however.

“We can’t clear the water ’til we get the pigs out of the creek.”

Mr. Hightower’s above quote has been much on my mind these last two weeks. It looks like that’s exactly what Bernie supporters are going to have to be doing, in these coming days, months, and years.

And if you can embed code and a direct link? You may need to be tutoring those of us that need a map to find our way out of a closet. Good job! 😀


Thanks, Since we have ‘scattered’, I’ve been trying to find my way with several new sites and it is confusing. I stand amazed at Liepar. 😉


I know what you mean, Dro. I grew to enjoy the Kossacks at Reddick site but took hours to go through all the links and most went to newspaper articles, so when Liepar started this site, I was excited and have been here ever since. However, before I shut down my computer at night, I check out the links at Kossacks to see if I missed anything and get a bit involved in the convo over there but do not spend hours there as I used to.


I am curious what the promised release of documents by Gruccifer 2.0 might bring. It’s scheduled for 10:00 this AM EST.


New Guccifer Memos Seems To Indicte DNC Held Clinton Foundation database of $25-50K donors https://t.co/0lXddWaTis

— Jordan (@JordanChariton) June 21, 2016


From early reports it seem that much of the information is condensed and organized excerpts from previous publications. This important for a couple of reasons, in my view. First, that it (Clinton Foundation donor lists + other info) was on the DNC server, adds to idea they unfairly coordinated. Second, the organized excerpts will assist future writers to follow the dots.

Don midwest

Please post a comment here when BNR is posted on TOP (The Other Place) or GOS (great orange Satan) or other nicknames for dailykos.

I have links up right not to add to comments at BNR. There are 25 links up. And I have gone through and deleted many as well.

There is just too much crap going on in so many areas. It is almost impossible to keep up.

Also, great articles on caucus99percent.com. There are more articles there that I read than on TOP/GOS . The people that I read there in the past have moved on. I, probably like a lot of you, would search the REC list or the recent list and REC comments of people that I thought had something to say. For example, bobswern. I thought that I could enlighten the drones at TOP/GOS

(There is another candidate for the acronym I think, but I don’t recall)

My evolution was from What’s Happening of JoanneLeon which was posted every morning for years. She announced that she was going on hiatus and got the shit kicked out of her as she left. She is active on twitter but I stopped her twitter feed some time ago because she made too many tweets for me. Joe Sixtpack (sp) moved pernamently over to c99% some time ago and has almost never been back. I would try to look at his 8PM posting when it was there, but now that it is gone, late in the afternoon I may check back and see if there is anything worth reading, or if BNR is still up on the REC list. And I check my comments to see if there have been comments to which I need to follow up.

And gjohnsit posts almost exclusively now on c99% and I have linked a couple of his articles from TOP and even got a snarky comment about why would I link them.

TOP/GOS is trying to get to the beltway sellout status of Talking Points Memo, as quickly as possible


OPOL is gone from TOP- his diaries have been deleted and he has zero mojo.
He has been a sporadic poster at c99%…..the last diary at TOP revealed possible health issues. Hopefully, someone has heard from him.

Liepar, this site is beautiful- love the blue- and wonderfully functional and we are so grateful to you for your gargantuan efforts to spread the word.
Thank you very much!

Don midwest

Potential member of The Progressive Wing is Lensy

She posted a diary at TOP/GOS about how Hillary is going for the Republican vote. I am the only one who recommended the diary and the Hillarybots have been relentless in attacking her.

I recommended BNR, this site, c99% etc

Continues to be clear the oppression of TOP for anyone who does not tow the DNC line

dear occupant

Lensy is holding up pretty well and would certainly welcome member here, thanks for offering her the invite Don Midwest.


Yes, brilliant idea!


Good morning, Birdies!

Finally got the BNR posted at DK, minus one video and one pic.


Hope that some of y’all drop by to say hi!


Nicely done, as always, LD. Thanks and good morning.

Raggedy Ann

Good morning, fellow Berners!
I was writing a comment early this morning it suddenly vanished. I think LIepar was messing around with the site. Hmmmmm…..conspiracy theories abound!

It’s great to see Bernie return to the Senate to vote on the gun laws, which of course didn’t pass. The cowardly senators might have a new found respect for the old man and the fact that his message resonates with millions of Americans, and especially the much maligned millennials – much to their chagrin.

Have a beautiful day, my friends!


RA: please post fire updates. That’s the only part of the MSM I follow. Stay safe. Rec’d.

Raggedy Ann

Sorry, orl – I mentioned it in the comment I lost. We are now nearly 50% contained and many people are getting back into their homes today. Many are still out, but things are getting better. The wind will be our enemy until it is completely out, though, so danger remains.

Thanks for your concern, orl. I really appreciate you!


Stay safe! My best to you.


I accidentally posted this in yesterdays BNR but if it is legit it bears repeating.


Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC


From the Intercept….
Leaked Guide Shows Clinton Staffers How to Solicit for Super PAC Without Breaking Pesky Rules


Something is seriously wrong—CNN just showed a shot of the crowd at Hillary’s open to the public event and there were only about 100 people there. It looked like a neighborhood HOA meeting group it was so small.

Seriously, I’ve seen bigger HOA meetings where people showed up to discuss how pissed they were over residents not scooping up their dog’s poop.

What is this lethargy/lack of enthusiasm going to mean for a GE turn out? Her small loyal Dem base is not enough to win a GE!


i don’t know. i just can’t see us voting in Trump. although I won’t be voting for her, lots of people, including Republicans, see her as the saner of the two. They may not attend her rallies, but they will hold their nose and vote for her, imo.

They must have internals showing this, since she is definitely courting the Right now much harder than the Left. The usual from the DLC/Third Way/NeoLib wing.

joe from Lowell

Electorally, we Democrats got damn lucky the Republicans nominated Donald Trump this year.

Cali Scribe

They have a pretty weak bench overall — then again, so do the Democrats thanks to Hillary Clinton sucking up all the political oxygen.


That has been going on throughout the primaries–just managed well. Their response:

She’s got this!! don’t you know–Berners, Indies, and all those youth are not needed. The Dem core will carry her!


Love this site! This is definitely a place where I want to be. Its refreshing and honest. I’ve deleted my bookmark link to kos. I’ll never give that site another second of my time. Keep up the good work!


Welcome @ecriddell
LD has done awesome work and we hope you too will contribute to making this an inviting and open space–enjoy!


Thank you Liepar for another great Bernie Roundup. It is the first thing I read in the morning and missed it for too long after I left TOP. I truly appreciate the hard work and effort you are putting into this new website.


Thank you, LD. I love coming to TPW every day for my Bernie fix.


I stopped posting at DailyKos years ago and went to FireDogLake (now Shadowproof), to join others too progressive for Daily Kos. I did go back to DailyKos to read BNR. Much prefer TPW. Thank you for superb BNR work. I read TruthOut, Craig Murray, CommonDreams, TVNewsLies. I listen to SamSeder on Majority Report.
Hurray BNR.

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