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Good for her!


Elizabeth Warren’s stiff resistance to a bipartisan banking deregulation bill is not a surprise to her colleagues. But her tactics are.

She punched directly on Friday at her fellow Democratic senators who backed a bill easing up on regulations passed after the 2008 financial crisis — slamming it as a Wall Street giveaway.

The attack escalated a feud among the caucus’ moderate and liberal members that’s simmered all week long and underscores the ideological rift within the party as it tries to claw its way back to power.

Warren sent a fundraising email on Tuesday chastising the 16 Democratic senators who voted to move ahead on the bill for siding with the GOP and “with the big banks.”

During senior staff meetings on Friday, according to two sources, the back-and-forth got so heated that Warren’s camp offered to pass on the small amount of money raised from the Tuesday email to benefit one or more of her moderate Democratic targets.

A third Democratic aide present at the meeting described the conversation about the email as contentious, with Warren’s camp refusing to back down, and the offer to pass on the money as sarcastic.


Here’s the session with Jake Tapper yesterday at SXSW, in its entirety.


Interesting viewpoint from NY Magazine:

Here’s a Biden 2020 Strategy: Stay Home, Joe!

Speculation over Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions is ramping up along with his ambitious midterm political schedule (most notably his appearances with Pennsylvania special election candidate Conor Lamb). And it’s entirely unsurprising. Biden has never made his hopes to become president a secret: He ran for the job twice and came pretty close to jumping in once again in 2016.

There’s also a superficial plausibility to the idea that he’s what his party and his country want and need. A lot of observers look at those Rust Belt white, working-class areas that gave Donald Trump the presidency and figure Biden would have won had he not been distracted by his son’s illness and death and outmaneuvered by Hillary Clinton’s head start. He’s ahead in early 2020 polls of Democratic possibilities, though you have to figure a lot of this is the result of sky-high name ID after two terms as vice-president and what seems like an eternity in the Senate (he was sworn in as a senator by Spiro T. Agnew, for God’s sake; Jesse Helms was a fellow member of Biden’s freshman class in the chamber).

That long, long résumé points to the biggest problem with the idea of Biden 2020, bigger than lefty mistrust of him or his rep as being a tad “handsy” or his occasional gaffe-itis: He’s been walking the earth for three-quarters of a century, and if elected in 2020, would turn 80 halfway through his first term.

Of course there is ageism in that story, including Bernie’s age.



Bernies to “Old” but Biden is just fine to run. GEESH what a load of BS


Thanks, lala! i’ll be lurking now and then. :O)


This sounds promising;

‘Proton’ battery uses cheap carbon instead of lithium

A big challenge for the EV and renewable energy revolution is that the much-needed batteries are made from lithium, a relatively rare and pricey metal. Rather than focusing on other metals like magnesium, a team of scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne have figured it out to build rechargeable “proton” batteries from abundant carbon and water. If commercialized, the technology could allow for cheaper Powerwall-type home or grid storage to back up solar panels or windmills.
More at: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/apos-proton-apos-battery-uses-120100477.html




Bernie on the way to Lubbock. Over 1000 people came to see him. That’s good as most of the college crowd was already gone, mainly townies who wanted to see a pol of his stature.


From a local station, KCBD:

All throughout the speeches the usual talking points of the speakers came to life again, such as increased funding for Medicaid and Medicare, more regulations regarding the purchases of guns, universal healthcare and free public colleges and universities.

Those were the messages the crowd wanted to hear, though. Many of the supporters and goers held signs reading “Love it, Improve it, Medicare for all!” And many of the supporters rallied around Sanders idea of making public colleges and universities free for all residents.

“So you tell your senators that if they can vote for our billion dollar a year tax break for the Koch brothers, they damn well can vote to make public colleges and universities tuition-free,” Sanders said.

But towards the end of his speech, Sanders brought the subject of voting, which was part of the reason Our Revolution was hosting the rally. This area of Texas is full of people who consider themselves conservatives, which could also mean that anyone who identifies with left-leaning ideologies do not have much of a voice in voting towards their political opinion.

Both Sanders and Caraway (local precinct commissioner candidate) said though there is a high concentration of those people around here that should not scare off anyone who votes for Democrats around the area. It is all of the public’s right to vote and no matter what side of the political spectrum they lean towards they should have the right to vote and have their voices heard, Sanders said.

“Tens of millions of people feel that very deeply. Our job is to do two things: Our job is to come up with an agenda, a progressive agenda that speaks to the needs of working families,” Sanders said. “And our second task is to take that agenda to our friends and our neighbors and our family who have given up on the political process.”




“average joe” Bernie flying coach like the rest of us would be. Don’t know how he would react to AF-1 if he were prez and I know he would drive the SS nuts meeting the average joe.

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