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Don midwest
Don midwest

» The road to the future, to a new expansion as is always close to the heart of capital, led outwards, to the still pleasantly unregulated world of a borderless global economy in which markets would no longer be locked into nation-states, but nation-states into markets. «
Wolfgang Streeck

The return of the repressed as the beginning of the end of neoliberal capitalism

This is from a book and an effort called The Great Regression. This is one of the 15 authors in a book which was simultaneously published in 13 languages and is active on twitter with many of the tweets in German since this is mainly a European effort.

The neoliberal about-face was presided over by a new goddess by the name of TINA – There is No Alternative. The long list of its high priests and priestesses extends from Margaret Thatcher via Tony Blair down to Angela Merkel. Anyone who wished to serve TINA to the accompaniment of the solemn chorus of the united economists of the world had to recognize the escape of capital into the world as both inevitable and beneficial, and would have to commit themselves to help clear all obstacles from its path. Heathen practices such as controls on the movement of capital, state aid and others would have to be tracked down and eradicated; no one must be allowed to escape from »global competition« and sink back into the cushioned comfort of national protections of whatever kind. Free trade agreements were to open up markets and protect them from state interference, global governance was to replace national governments, protection from commodification was to be replaced by enabling commodification, and the welfare state was to give way to the competition state of a new era of capitalist rationalization.


First, re: Arvada – this town is so messed up the local high schools’ history exhibit praises that cool civic organization, the KKK, for all they did for the city in the 1920’s.

Also, these particular hypocrites openly speak of the “Faith Christian” seat on the city council, as in they pick a candidate & tell their locals to GOTV.

Discussion on race, teacher’s dismissal spur outrage at Arvada school

The Jan. 12 “Race and Faith” chapel itself consisted of a panel discussion with a coalition of faith-based leaders who are actively grappling with issues regarding privilege and racial inequity. They addressed racist incidents that took place in the fall of 2016, a semester in which former Faith Christian parent Maria McVicker said multiple minority students left the school.

Some Faith Christian parents and students felt that the discussion constituted an attack on whiteness, and that it pushed a political agenda in an inappropriate setting.

In a forum meeting about a week after the chapel event, disgruntled Faith Christian parents voiced their opposition to Tucker’s discussion. McVicker provided a transcript of that meeting, with names redacted, that included complaints from parents claiming the event was an attempt to indoctrinate children enrolled in the school and that the school had fundamentally violated their contract with the parents regarding the nature of the education that should take place at Faith Christian Academy.

“If racial, ethnic and cultural diversity was our priority, we would have chose differently,” one parent said. “Perhaps Manual High School.”

“The constant barrage of the secular liberal progressive movement on our country is dividing this country like a poisonous cancer,” said another.


From personal observation, this is the local church from which we get more than a few of the white boys flying Confederate flags off the expensive pickups their daddy bought them. Check the parking lots.


Days after his talk, a group of parents complained to board members, saying they were upset their students were exposed to terms like “white privilege,” adding that talk of racism is “too political for a Christian school education.”

Within a month, Tucker was gone.


Rec’d for comment. 🙂 Is this area near Colorado Springs?


West side of Denver, between Golden & Boulder. Colorado has its’ ugly people, too.


And another one bites the dust


President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replaced him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, orchestrating a major change to his national security team amid delicate negotiations with North Korea, White House officials said Tuesday.

Trump last Friday asked Tillerson to step aside, and the embattled top diplomat cut short his trip to Africa on Monday to return to Washington.

Pompeo will replace him at the State Department, and Gina Hapsel — the deputy director at the CIA — will succeed him at the CIA, becoming




President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, was fired on Monday for unspecified security reasons and was removed from the White House, according to a Tuesday report from the Wall Street Journal.

Now, he has joined Trump’s re-election campaign.

McEntee, who served on Trump’s winning presidential campaign starting in 2015, joined the administration after the election. He was escorted off the White House grounds on Monday over an “unspecified security issue,” the Journal reported.


More LOL


Aides for fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have claimed that he found out he had lost his job after President Donald Trump tweeted about it.

One State Department official said that Mr Tillerson was caught unaware by the announcement, according to CNN, with it clear that the US’s top diplomat wanted to stay in his job.

In an official statement, Steve Goldstein, Undersecretary for public diplomacy at the State Department, said that Mr Tillerson “had every intention of staying… The Secretary did not speak to the president and is unaware of the reason.”


They’re trying to make the story about how Trump fired Tillerson via twitter which, while I think that was egregious, uncouth, rude, and inappropriate, to me is not THE story.

The Director of the CIA is now the Head of the State Department! F’g hell!

And it won’t help me sleep at night (at all) knowing what a foreign policy hawk Pompeo is and how anti-Iran (and pro-Netanyahu) he is.

Diplomacy Works, a pro-Iran deal group made up of former Obama-era diplomats, said Pompeo would likely push Trump to withdraw from the deal.

“Mr. Pompeo will be a destabilizing leader for the State Department who is certain to advise the President to withdraw the United States from our obligations under the nuclear agreement and could plunge our nation into another war in the region,” the group said in a statement. “Director Pompeo is a known Iran hawk who prefers military intervention to diplomacy.”


Trump’s Secretary of State pick is ‘the number 1 all time recipient of KOCH Industries $$$’

In just four election cycles, 2010 through 2016, Pomeo received: $335,000 from Koch Industries employees (including $92,000 just from the Koch family); $69,000 from the Koch Industries PAC; $417,175 from Americans for Prosperity (which is the right-wing advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers); plus another $87,532 from “Other outside groups heavily funded by the Kochs.”

That’s over $900,000 to buy one Congressman. No surprise, then, that Pompeo, who was a Tea Party member, is also a major denier of climate science. Pompeo described President Obama’s effort to cut carbon pollution at home (through the Clean Power Plan) and abroad (through the Paris climate deal) as a “perverse fixation on achieving his economically harmful environmental agenda” and as “worshiping a radical environmental agenda.”


That’s not good.


What a country when Tillerson is the “good” one


Mike Pompeo, the former Kansas lawmaker and CIA director President Trump unveiled Tuesday as his pick to run the State Department, has long worried Muslims and human rights groups for his sweeping statements about Islam.

There have been rumors for months that Trump would do what he did Tuesday — fire Rex Tillerson and replace him with Pompeo — and Muslim leaders and their allies have expressed concern about Pompeo’s singling out of and suspicious posture toward Muslim Americans. Pompeo has been honored by and has appeared with U.S. advocacy groups that have criticized Islam.

Tillerson as secretary of state seemed to work at tempering the sweeping statements Trump made about Islam as a candidate. A year ago, after the president visited Saudi Arabia, Tillerson told reporters traveling on Air Force One that he hoped Trump’s views on Islam “are going to continue to evolve.”

“Nothing helps you learn and understand people better than coming to their homes, where they live and seeing them face to face, seeing their families, and seeing their communities,” Tillerson was quoted as saying by USA Today. “We all share the same wants and desires for ourselves and our people, and our families.

“We want our children to grow up without fear. That’s such a strongly held view around the world, certainly among the Muslim world certainly among the non-Muslim world.”


Just the woman for the job!

The CIA’s new nominee director Gina Haspel once ran a torture site and destroyed evidence

As CIA director Mike Pompeo moves to become the United States’ secretary of state, deputy director Gina Haspel has been nominated to lead the agency. If confirmed by the Senate, she will become the first woman to run the CIA.

Haspel’s nomination will be controversial; she played a leading role in running a US torture site abroad and later destroyed the evidence of it.

In 2002, she oversaw a secret prison in Thailand that tortured two terrorism suspects. That torture took place within the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program, in which suspected terrorists are sent to US allies, and interrogated in “black sites” on their soil.

One of the men, known as Abu Zubayda, was waterboarded 83 times in one month and was slammed into walls by the head. He was deprived of sleep and kept in a coffin-like box. Interrogators later decided he didn’t have any useful information.
ProPublica found that Haspel personally signed cables to CIA headquarters that detailed Zubayda’s interrogation.

CIA videos of the torture were destroyed in 2005, on the orders of a cable drafted by Haspel. Her then-boss Jose Rodriguez, the CIA’s director of operations for counterterrorism, signed off on the order. “The cable left nothing to chance. It even told them how to get rid of the tapes,” he wrote in his memoir, according to ProPublica. “They were to use an industrial-strength shredder to do the deed.”


Who exactly scares up these idiotic yahoos for the orange dumbbell? Jesus Joke Pence? Wonder how long career spooks will put up with Pompeo and the dipsy doodle? Wonder where they will bury the bodies?



Hmmmm the right person to “handle” the Stormy problem eh Trumpcorp?



Why Gina Haspel is CIA director instead of Tom Cotton

There are at least three different theories out there to explain why Trump decided to tap Haspel to lead the CIA instead of Cotton. They aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive either; it could have been a combination of the following:

The White House didn’t want to open up Cotton’s Arkansas Senate seat after the GOP’s shocking loss in the Alabama Senate race and other special elections.

Cotton started to find the job less attractive given the possibility that Trump, a historically unpopular president, could lose in 2020.
With Cotton looking ahead to his own presidential campaign someday, staying in the Senate is a better platform for building and keeping a national profile than leading a covert intelligence agency.

However you look at it, the first two theories tell the same story: The national political environment is so unfavorable to Republicans that the White House had real fears that they could lose a Senate seat in Arkansas (a state Trump won by 27 points in 2016). And Cotton, as fervent a Trump true believer as you will find in the United State Congress, is harboring real doubts that his president can win again in 2020.




The Stormy Daniels scandal feels like the kind of salacious yet pointless story that distracts the public from the truly important issues of the Trump era.

But it is important. At its core, the Daniels story isn’t about tawdry details of infidelity. It’s about the corruptibility of Donald Trump — a president whose personal life and finances are shrouded in unprecedented opacity. Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen paid Daniels, an adult film actress, $130,000 in exchange for her signing a nondisclosure agreement in the final days of the 2016 election that kept her from saying anything about an alleged affair with Trump.

The payoff raises two big ethical and legal problems. First, it is an attack on America’s threadbare system of campaign finance regulation; one of the few remaining laws on the books bans corporations from giving gifts to a candidate. (Cohen used his Trump Organization email to arrange the deal.) If we turn away from this drama on the grounds that it features too many uses of the phrase “porn star,” we’ll have blown another enormous hole in the web of rules that are supposed to separate our democracy from a plutocracy.

There’s also the fact that secrets worth paying north of a hundred grand to keep are secrets that could be powerful tools in the hands of foreign governments or domestic special interests. Is Daniels the only woman Trump has paid off? Have his other secrets been successfully kept from other interested parties? Who has leverage over the president, and what are they using it for?


The sad thing he is still much better than his odious likely Republican opponent Scott. Poor orlbucfan


The U.S. Senate seems close to rolling back many of the banking protections adopted after the 2008 financial crisis. A bill derisively nicknamed the “Bank Lobbyist Act” would roll back consumer-protection and monitoring rules for some of the biggest banks in America and even make it easier for banks to hide racist mortgage-lending discrimination. The Congressional Budget Office ominously warned this week the measure could increase the risk of another financial crisis.

Yet a group of 16 Democrats this week still voted to advance the legislation, including Florida’s Sen. Bill Nelson. Why on Earth would he support a sweeping rollback of laws designed to protect millions of his constituents from living through another crash?

Well, there’s one Florida firm that the so-called Bank Lobbyist Act would help immensely, and that firm also happens to have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Nelson’s campaigns over the years. SunTrust Bank, an Atlanta-based chain with a heavy presence in Florida, has donated $32,850 to his three Senate campaigns since 2000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. OpenSecrets also notes Nelson has two 30-year mortgages with SunTrust, with a combined value between $750,000 and $1.5 million as of 2015.

SunTrust is one of the loudest corporate voices fighting for the bill, S 2155. Under current law, “midsize” banks such as SunTrust are subject to the same regulations under the landmark Dodd-Frank Wall Street-reform bill as even more massive Wall Street firms, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup. These so-called midsize banks (which Intercept banking reporter David Dayen refers to as “stadium banks” because they’re still large enough to purchase the naming rights for sports stadiums) now want the Senate to push the “floor” for those regulations from the current $50 billion in assets to $250 billion. As critics have pointed out, doing so would remove 25 of the 40 largest banks in America from federal oversight.


Sun Bank now SunTrust Corpse is the major banking entity here in central Florida. I don’t care for Nelson ‘cept for his enviro stands. Like I’ve written previously, not sure if it’s tourism $$, being a cracker or whatever, he has always stood up for the environment. For that reason only, he will get my vote. Floridumb has been in bad shape at the political state level for a long time. There are small signs of positive change. I want the indicted criminal known as Scott gone. I hope I live long enough to see these white collar crooks in real prisons where they belong.


Rec’d, jcitybone. 🙂


Right to work laws for the peasants and a right to steal law for the Banksters -yep sounds about right.



House Republicans may have the power to prevent important facts about President Trump and Russia from coming to public light. But here’s what they don’t have the power to do: Prevent important facts about their own conduct on Trump’s behalf from coming to public light.

House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee have announced that they are shutting down their investigation into Russian efforts to sabotage our democracy and into Trump campaign collusion with those efforts. Shockingly, they have reached conclusions that are entirely vindicating for Trump: There was no “collusion,” and while Russia did try to interfere, it didn’t do so in order to help Trump.

In an interview with me this morning, Rep. Adam Schiff — the ranking Democrat on the Intel Committee — confirmed that Democrats will issue a minority report that will seek to rebut the GOP conclusions.

But here’s the real point to understand about this minority report: It will detail all the investigative avenues that House Republicans declined to take — the interviews that they didn’t conduct, and the leads that they didn’t try to chase down and verify. And Schiff confirmed that the report will include new facts — ones that have not been made public yet — that Republicans didn’t permit to influence their conclusions.


Log In keeps sending me in a loop so that I never log in. Not a huge deal since I am away alot, but sometimes when I’m not logged in, it will quit accepting my “code.”

Yay for mayors! We are terrible on putting people in prison and it’s one of the things that an establishment Dem will do, too. I think one of their muckety mucks said something like “We’re not worried–it’s been over 10 years….” when Hill was forced to change during the campaign.

And yes, the police so need to remember who they are protecting.


I’m watching the Tillerson presser.

He’s spoken by phone with Trump and now with CoS Kelly. Tillerson will remain in his position technically until March 31st, but he will be turning most of his administrative authority to Deputy Sullivan.

He’s making it clear there is a difference of opinions between him and Trump (without criticizing Trump), that he (Tillerson) was hired to defend the constitution, and that is true for appointees as much as career service folks in the State Dept as well as partners in DOD. Diplomacy is necessary.

Challenges ahead for State Dept–dealing with Russia, Syria, China. He did say he thought Russia’s governmental actions were troubling, and what the Russias are doing aren’t in anyone’s interest.

No Q & A.

He was visibly shaken. But bear in mind he’s never been fired before.


From Bernie:

President Trump’s abrupt firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, apparently without any reason given to Secretary Tillerson himself, sends a message of confusion and disarray in the administration. Especially at this moment, when a major summit between the United States and North Korea has just been announced, and our close ally the United Kingdom has experienced an unprecedented chemical attack on its soil, countries around the world are looking to the United States for signs of stability and leadership. Trump is sending the opposite message. Firing the Secretary of State by tweet is no way to run a foreign policy.


Another man falls:

Metropolitan Opera fires James Levine after finding ‘credible evidence’ of numerous sexual abuse claims

The 74-year-old had been the music director at the Met for four decades as of 1976

James Levine, the once esteemed conductor of New York’s Metropolitan Opera, was fired from the company on Monday after an in-house investigation including over 70 interviews found evidence supporting a history of sexual abuse allegations, reports The New York Times.

The 74-year-old had been the music director at the Met for four decades when he retired in 2016 for health reasons. He later continued his work as music director emeritus and artistic director of the young artists program.

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