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Rep Louise Slaughter, sometimes referred as the Bernie Sanders of her district, passed away this morning, from complications resulting from a fall earlier this week.

RIP, Louise. You will be missed.


Bernie adds his thoughts:


As we know, Phillippe Reines, staff person still on the Clinton payroll, tried to give (some share of the billion dollars spent) advice about 2020 elections and beating Trump in a WaPo op-ed yesterday.

Here’s Matt Stoller’s (who worked in the Senate budget office before moving over to a think tank) comment, that sums it up nicely in this tweet:


About the same as White Star Line Irsay ordering the Captain to speed up thru the ice berg warnings.




The corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy. The rest of us shouldn’t by Bernie Sanders

We need to hear from struggling Americans whose stories are rarely told in newspapers or television. Unless we understand the reality of life in America for working families, we’re never going to change that reality.

Until we understand that the rightwing Koch brothers are more politically powerful than the Republican National Committee, and that big banks, pharmaceutical companies, and multinational corporations are spending unlimited sums of money to rig the political process, we won’t be able to overturn the disastrous US supreme court decision on Citizens United, move to the public funding of elections and end corporate greed.

Until we understand that the US federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage and that people cannot make it on $9 or $10 an hour, we’re not going to be able to pass a living wage of at least $15 an hour.

Until we understand that multinational corporations have been writing our trade and tax policies for the past 40 years to allow them to throw American workers out on the street and move to low-wage countries, we’re not going to be able to enact fair laws ending the race to the bottom and making the wealthy and the powerful pay their fair share.


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