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Florida Meetup
Saturday, March 10th
Starts at 1PM
Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant
1475 Garden Street
Titusville, FL 32796
Contact: orlbucfan
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
I’m getting psyched about this meeting. Florida needs all the progressive/futuristic help it can get. LD, what’s up with the DCCC/DNC badmouthing a primary candidate? I hope the voters let them have it! The early turnout numbers are high which is always a good sign for the good guys/gals. T and R to the usual TPW suspects!!


I wish I could be there!!!!!

Please say hello for me/us?

Is there an agenda?

By any chance at all, a longshot especially considering that you’re not on twitter, do you know ‘GeoffMiami’? AKA ‘MiamiGeoff’?

I believe his real name is Geoff Campbell.

He took a lot of incoming flak from estab Dems recently when he penned a couple of pieces about Scott Dworkin:

Stories From Democratic Candidates: How Scott Dworkin’s Bulldog Finance Group Failed Campaigns

Anyway, I gave him a heads up about your event.


The gal who initiated and is hosting is a prominent C99er called Can’t Stop the Macedonian Signal. It’s just a social gathering of like-minded political junkies from FL. 🙂 DNC stops like TOP are not welcomed. It will be a small group, but I’ve learned that once you start something like this, word travels. 🙂 A group of C99ers have got the same thing developing in central NY state. Unfortunately, they’ve had to reschedule several times cos the winter weather has been the pits! I’ve heard of Dworkin being a DLC/Turd Wayer. Not familiar with MiamiGeoff tho I have heard of a character called MiamiGator. Thanks for the plug, mags! 🙂


Yes! MiamiGator. He said, when I messaged him, “just saw this”, but he didn’t say if he was thinking of attending.

Do you ever see Humphrey over at C99?


Any bets on how long until Panama gets sanctioned or invaded or something ?


Trump hotel executives were ousted from their offices in Panama’s Trump Hotel on Monday, as Panamanian officials stepped in to resolve a 12-day standoff between Trump’s company and the property’s owners. Trump’s security guards also left the property, and crews immediately began stripping Trump’s name from the building.

Easy to see why our Ambassador in Panama resigned last month.


Oh, look – a foreign money laundering interest. How expected.



Let’s see, Amazon has taken over retail, they’re working on tv entertainment (and movies?), they’re working our food supply, healthcare, and now banking?

Amazon wants to be your bank too?

Amazon may want to construct a more seamless relationship with its millions of customers — they could pay for all the things they get from Amazon, such as books, groceries and access to TV and movies on Prime Instant Video, via an Amazon-branded checking account.


I trust yahoos like Bezos about as much as I trust psychopaths. He’s got megalomaniac stamped all over his unattractive bald head!


Here I was worried about Walmart becoming the BnL of Wall-e fame. Looks like Amazon may win out.

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