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Thx for the thread Benny


From the BBC. Right now, I’m 50/50 about whether he will run. The thing is, he knows that keeping up the appearance that he could be running definitely strengthens his hand in promoting his issues and making sure someone acceptable will run and secure the nomination. I really don’t want to see Liz Warren and Bernie running against each other, splitting the progressive vote and allowing someone like Biden an opening to win


The Vermont senator was coy when an audience member in Austin asked him if he continued to have presidential ambitions.

Jim Hightower, head of the Texas chapter of Our Revolution, thinks Bernie Sanders will run for President in 2020

“Right now, we’re a long, long way away from 2020 elections,” Mr Sanders said.

In reality, however, it’s not that far off. By early 2019 the Democratic field will start to take shape.

Jim Hightower, an author, progressive activist and former state agriculture commissioner who heads the Texas chapter of Our Revolution, is less circumspect.

“I think he probably will run,” Hightower says, although he quickly notes that he may not be the only progressive candidate in the field. “There’s a whole new dynamic sparked by Bernie’s presidential run showing that people respond when something big and different and ethical comes their way.”

He adds, however, that Mr Sanders has a connection that’s enduring.

“People have faith in him because he is a genuine person,” he says. “You know he didn’t change his image every day or try to position himself. He says, ‘Here’s who I am, and here’s where I think we ought to be going’.”


He had a good answer to Tapper’s Farrakhan baiting. Has the left been hesitating to condemn Farrakhan? Bernie also denounced again the DCCC’s attacks on Moser.


Sanders also weighed in on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s recent anti-Semitic speech in Chicago.

Asked by Tapper what he thought about the left’s hesitation in condemning Farrakhan’s speech, which included things like “the powerful Jews are my enemy” and “Satanic Jews,” Sanders said:

“Racism is not acceptable. Religious bigotry against Muslims or Jews or anybody else is not acceptable.”

Sanders told Tapper he would “take on” Farrakhan or anybody else who espouses such views.

“We as a nation have got to do everything that we can to fight anybody, whether it’s Trump, Farrakhan or anybody else, who is trying to divide us up,” he said.

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