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But the Dems are FINE! Nothing to see here.

“I bet that’s Susan Sarandon’s fault, though.” LOL


As for the “devastating” poll cited by Jimmy Dore–that Suffolk poll showed Trump with a net +3 favorability

Trump’s favorability in more up-to-date polling is “devastating” to him: Gallup has him at -17 and Rasmussen (very Republican biased) has him at -9. And Quinnipiac had Trump at -11 at about the same time as the Suffolk poll last week. Gallup had him at -9 then. (Plus Gallup and Quinnipiac polled twice as many people as did Suffolk)

I get that the Dems are far far from perfect, but Dore should not use one cherrypicked very Republican favorable poll to make a point. There’s quite a difference between +3 Trump in the Suffolk poll and -17 Trump in the Gallup poll.



Don midwest

Search for Trump Popularith

Article from Briebart news that Trump is more popular in Paul Ryans’ district than Paul is. Calls for a new leader to replace Ryan. Problem is health legislation

As Donald Trump Eclipses Paul Ryan’s Popularity in Ryan’s Own District, His Constituents Turn on Obamacare 2.0 Bill

Then from ibtimes

Donald Trump Latest Approval Rating: Popularity Is Highest Since Inauguration

related to dems using crap to discredit Trump rather than taking the dem party back to the people

lots in this article about Trump. I did not read, just a fast skim.

For the most part, I avoid polls and ongoing horse race talk like this.

Lots more links but I have already spent too much time

BIG DEAL – dem establishment heads in ass


Being from WI that district would vote for Ryan even after they see their health care go up. Its so red the devil himself could do a human sacrifice and as long as he’s running as an R on the ballot he’d win. Ryan has never had a real close race in a long time in that district. So I have doubts on that poll.


Perhaps the best indicator of where Trumps’ popularity actually stands is 538’s poll aggregator described as: “An updating calculation of the president’s approval rating, accounting for each poll’s quality, recency, sample size and partisan lean”
Right now it’s Trump at 44% to 49.5% so he’s down 5.5. In any case, yes, criticism of the Dem message should focus on the 2016 results along with the 2010 and 2014 results.



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday offered legislation aimed at preventing corporations from avoiding U.S. taxes.

“The truth is that we have a rigged tax code that has essentially legalized tax-dodging for large corporations,” Sanders said during a press conference.

The bill comes as President Trump and congressional Republicans aim to pass tax reform legislation this year that lowers the corporate tax rate.

Sanders criticized Trump for saying during his address to Congress last week that U.S. corporations are taxed at one of the highest rates in the world. The senator said that most corporations pay less than the statutory corporate tax rate of 35 percent.

A report from the liberal Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy released Thursday found that Fortune 500 companies that were profitable each year between 2008 and 2015 had an average effective tax rate of 21.2 percent.

Sanders’s bill would end the ability for corporations to defer paying U.S. taxes on their foreign earnings until the money is repatriated. Profits from U.S. companies that are currently held overseas would be taxed at a rate of 35 percent, and U.S. businesses would still be allowed to get tax credits for the taxes they pay to other countries.

The bill also includes provisions designed to limit the tax benefits of corporate inversions — transactions in which U.S. companies merge with foreign companies and then reincorporate overseas. Additionally, the legislation would prevent U.S. companies from claiming to be foreign companies if their management and operations are based in the U.S.


Draft Bernie to the People’s Party with Josh Fox call tonight.

Register at the bottom of this page: https://draftbernie.org/


A day without an article from Caitlin Johnstone is like a day without sunshine.


Julian Assange’s press conference needed to be delayed following WikiLeaks’ epic first drop from its Vault 7 series, because the system being used to broadcast it was being pummeled with aggressive cyber attacks. When he was finally able to bring the conference online and start answering questions from the press, Assange said something in passing that should have received a lot more attention than it did.

When asked if there was any mention of terrorist groups or extremists in the leak drop among a list of targets for CIA cyber attacks, Assange said that there were not, which he called “conspicuous”, but added that this shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s made a study of the CIA because they have always been far less involved in fighting terrorism than the language used to justify their massive budget would have the American people believe. Despite being handed enough tax dollars to afford its own drone program and its own NSA-like domestic espionage program, the CIA does very little in the way of fighting terrorists. Why would it? Terrorist groups are a tool that the CIA and other deep state arms use to manipulate world affairs. You don’t attack your own weapons.


If that is not enough there is always this article.


You can click on the link if you are interested.


usually next stop after TPW


i will so support Gabbard in 2020 and i bet Bernie will, too. now for a running mate….

imagine reining in the MIC omg

I put a link to the Pentatonix version of Imagine here but I don’t see it. Prolly did it wrong. :O)


I have always liked the sarcasm of Atrios

This time by means of a Greenwald tweet.


I Guess it would help if I added the Atrios tweet.


I came across the latest Fox News poll


Haven’t studied but I will add a portion of it.

Summary Chart Among Registered Voters

———Favorable——— ——–Unfavorable——– (Can’t say)
Never heard of

TOTAL Strongly Somewhat TOTAL Somewhat Strongly
Bernie Sanders 61% 33 28 32 12 20 4 3
Planned Parenthood 57% 39 18 32 9 23 5 5
The 2010 health care law, also known as Obamacare 50% 26 24 47 11 36 2 1
Mike Pence 47% 30 17 43 12 31 6 5
Donald Trump 44% 30 14 53 6 47 2
* Elizabeth Warren 39% 24 15 31 7 24 10 19
Paul Ryan 37% 13 24 47 16 31 7 9
Nancy Pelosi 33% 13 20 50 14 36 6 9
Sanctuary cities 33% 19 14 37 8 29 7 22
WikiLeaks 31% 11 20 46 16 30 11 12
Chuck Schumer 26% 11 15 30 10 20 14 30
Mitch McConnell 20% 3 17 44 13 31 13 22
The Freedom Caucus 19% 6 13 18 7 11 18 45

The excerpt is from page 4 as it is more understandable.


Here’s a poll we can all agree on. We have a clear winner!


More voters have a favorable opinion of Planned Parenthood (57 percent favorable), than of Vice President Mike Pence (47 percent), President Donald Trump (44 percent), House Speaker Paul Ryan (37 percent), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (33 percent), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (26 percent), and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (20 percent).

Bernie Sanders tops them all: 61 percent favorable vs. 32 percent unfavorable.


I just saw this!

More info to follow.

EDIT: fixed second tweet.


Here is a bit more info!


The Latest on legal challenges to the Trump administration’s revised travel ban (all times Pacific unless noted):

4:10 p.m.

The judge in Hawaii who put President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban on hold was nominated to the federal bench by President Barack Obama.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Kahala Watson got his nod in 2012 and is currently the only Native Hawaiian judge serving on the federal bench and the fourth in U.S. history.

He received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1991.

His 43-page decision Wednesday was released less than two hours after the hearing ended.


Trump responds.


Trying this again.

Pentatonix Imagine


Turkey vs EU …….. And the beat goes on ………Whats next?

Turkey blocks some cooperation with NATO partners as EU row escalates.


Turkey has blocked some military training and other work with NATO “partner countries” in an apparent escalation of a diplomatic dispute with EU states, officials and sources said on Wednesday.

Turkey was not immediately available to comment, but sources said it had blocked NATO’s 2017 rolling program of cooperation with non-EU countries, including political events, civilian projects and military training.

Turkey is angry at several western European countries for stopping it holding political rallies to promote an April 16 referendum granting President Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers.


Hi all,
On my phone I can’t figure out how to upload an image from my iPhone to create a comment for this thread. I don’t see any icons for images unless I am creating a thread post in general. I presume I have to use a cloud service to create the link to the jpg? Otherwise, most of these options I seldom use such as u, li, ol, spoiler.

I recognize LD is trying to keep the system stable but I do wish I could upload pics from my own library to post a comment.


This will not likely be much help. It is one thing that I miss about TOP. What I did was create a draft diary (with no intention to post it). I kept inserting images during the primary and whenever it was suitable they were readily available. LOL They are still there.


I wonder what or if there will be a response to this report?

Israel imposes ‘apartheid regime’ on Palestinians: U.N. report


A U.N. agency published a report on Wednesday accusing Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people, and said it was the first time a U.N. body had clearly made the charge.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman likened the report, which was published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), to Der Sturmer – a Nazi propaganda publication that was strongly anti-Semitic.

The report concluded “Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole.” The accusation – often directed at Israel by its critics – is fiercely rejected by Israel.


Love Jimmy Dore! The Democratic party has driven out people like me, a 78 yr old women from the party, not just the Bernie Bros! I re-registered to the Independent party after the Democratic Convention. If Keith Ellison was elected head of the DNC, I would re-registered back, but we all know what happened there so here I sit and an Independent. Bernie is not the fault but Bernie did open my eyes about what a Democratic senator/representative should be like. He/she should be backing legislation to help people not the corporations and the banks. I hope I live long enough to see that happen but probably will not as long as Democrats blame the Russian for losing the the election and not themselves.

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