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And it’s past time! :O) One way or another, we’re all in the fight of our lives. A fight with a whole lotta love.


Hello All! And thank you LD!!

The piece that you posted at the top of the thread, LD, pissed me off no end last night. 😉

The tone is pompous and insulting, imo.

Some of the parts that bugged me:

If (Brand New Congress/Justice Democrats) are able to follow through, the result would likely be a mass of underfunded token candidates, not necessarily serious challengers.

Democratic officials say they’re not too worried about primary challenges in next year’s midterm elections

for Justice Democrats’ founder, liberal media personality Cenk Uygur, what seems to matter most is inflicting damage on the Democratic Party

Critics say Uygur’s slash-and-burn approach to the Democratic Party is little more than an opportunist attempt to corner the media market for disaffected liberals, and that now he and his ilk are trying to do the same for politics.



Maybe this will add to your understanding of the article’s author.

View story at Medium.com

Here is a preface to the story.

Note from MT: This is an installment in my ongoing “Pundit Accountability Initiative” series. I would like to reiterate that the aim of these efforts is not to inflict embarrassment or cause anyone distress. I’m sure Mr. Seitz-Wald is a perfectly fine chap. I bear no animus toward him individually. What I do bear animus toward is his role in facilitating one of the worst mass failures in the history of the United States’ elite media, thereby doing irreparable harm to the country.


I wonder if the NeoDems are getting worried otherwise why comment .


Got this from that fascinating young man, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who calls himself an Earth Guardian:

Meet The Fixers

The world feels pretty broken right now. That’s why we need Fixers — bold problem solvers working toward a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck. For our annual list of emerging green leaders, Grist brings you 50 innovators with fresh, forward-thinking solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges.



Rusty Democrats begin quest to wrestle state’s ‘Rust Belt’ from Trump

At the weekly Drinking Liberally gathering on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, one loudmouth (Dem) party activist regularly expounds that if young people in Washington fishing and timber towns want jobs, they can always move to Seattle.

Not so, said Port Angeles native Kilmer. “We don’t want our region’s largest export to be our kids,” the congressman told the crab feed.

Talk is cheap, and Democrats must show an alienated base in Southwest Washington that they can listen and deliver. How so?

A very good, and very feisty, piece!

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