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Thanks for carrying the torch. Now to see what I can find.


A day without reading Caitlin and you are missing something.

I will have to take Caitlin’s word on this because I stopped watching Rachel long ago.


I’m noticing a pattern here. It goes like this: First, some pro-establishment corporate media outlet publishes an unsubstantiated claim featuring a headline that is designed to make that unsubstantiated claim sound factual. The claim gets some traction but isn’t picked up by other mainstream outlets that want to preserve their appearance of journalistic integrity. Second, Rachel Maddow picks up the fact-free story, reports it as fact, and then proceeds to jack those unfounded claims as far out into the stratosphere as she can throw them, far beyond the original baseless claims’ wildest ambitions. Third, once Maddow has reported the false claim as fact, it is absorbed as doctrine by the rest of the mainstream media, who now feel comfortable reporting on the claim as though it is something factual and not a complete fabrication, and before long you’ve got Democratic leaders regurgitating the establishment lies on national television.


Just more of the same from the “Weapons of mass deception”


F.F.S. ! Did April Fools Day come early this year?


Chelsea Clinton will be honored with a lifetime achievement award from Variety next month, the magazine announced Tuesday.

The 37-year-old former first daughter, a vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, is rumored to be eyeing a run for a New York Senate seat in 2020 should Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) decide to run for president, the New York Daily News reported last month.

Things are going from the ridiculous to the sublime!


As far as I can tell her biggest achievement was being born a Clinton!


hahahaha! on both counts–Gillibrand and Clinton. Kripes. It’s not what you know, it’s who…and how many fake awards you can gather.


I would say Twilight zone.


She is uglier than a tick. I see her pictures at NYT functions and she photographs like something close an homely horse.


Oh Dear! I think that Trump has just been given a license to steal.

How is he going to twist this occurrence?


This is not the type of competition that we should be having!

Yet more money for the military. Go figure!


good catch.


I like this response. TOUCHE!


A day after President Donald Trump took credit for his status on the free-agent market, Colin Kaepernick donated $50,000 to a program facing cuts under the president’s proposed budget.

Meals on Wheels confirmed, via the Associated Press, it received a $50,000 donation from Kaepernick Tuesday, March 22. The former San Francisco 49er also made a $50,000 donation to the Love Army for Somalia campaign, according to his website which keeps a public log of all his donations.

Meals on Wheels ✔ @_MealsOnWheels
Thank you @Kaepernick7 for supporting seniors through your words and actions.https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/844234043201916928
3:04 PM – 21 Mar 2017

Trump’s proposed budget could mean major cuts for the group that delivers food and company to seniors in need.


Posted without comment.


That is what a Bully does. I am waiting for a scrawny weakling to punch him in the nose! ( At least that is what happens in the movies.)


Interesting. I just responded to a comment that has disappeared.


That’s our guy!

I mean, really, he (unintentionally) makes the rest of the money grubbers look so shabby.


Thanks, Benny!


Oy Vey! I think Nancy is past her expiry date!

Just watch the video to see why the Democrats are in trouble. So sad!


They are her leaderssssssssss. (Trying to sound like Gollum.)


Very sad, She’s like the aging sports star that believes they have one more great season left in them but everyone but the star knows she don’t.


I’ll bet he was only doing his job. LOL.


I think that there is a bit of a problem with the laws in Oklahoma.



Oklahoma law allows Sen. Ralph Shortey to keep his state retirement even if convicted of prostitution with a minor

There is a law that strips elected officials of their pension if convicted of a felony like bribery, corruption, or perjury, but it does not include prostitution with a minor.


How timely. Just as Trump is cutting back on regulations.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A bird flu outbreak that has led officials to euthanize more than 200,000 animals in three Southern states already is the nation’s worst since 2015 and new cases are still popping up, an expert said Wednesday.

Agriculture officials are trying to limit the damage, but it’s unclear whether quarantines, transportation bans and mass killings will stop the spread, said Joseph Hess, a poultry science professor at Auburn University.

The disease was first confirmed in southern Tennessee earlier this month and has since been detected in northern Alabama and western Kentucky.

Just imagine in no time we could be just like Brazil.


Some of China’s largest food suppliers have pulled Brazilian beef and poultry from their shelves in the first concrete sign that a deepening scandal over Brazil’s meat processing industry is hitting business in its top export market.

The moves by Sun Art Retail Group (6808.HK), China’s biggest hypermarket chain, and the Chinese arms of global retail giants Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) and Metro AG (MEOG.DE) come days after China temporarily suspended Brazilian meat imports.

Safety fears over Brazilian meat have grown since police accused inspectors in the world’s biggest exporter of beef and poultry of taking bribes to allow sales of rotten and salmonella-tainted meats.


I guess that these are legal authorizations hard to keep track of.


New York City Police Department documents obtained by The Verge show that police camera teams were deployed to hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street protests from 2011–2013 and 2016. Originally acquired through a Freedom of Information Law request by New York attorney David Thompson of Stecklow, Cohen & Thompson, the records are job reports from the NYPD’s Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU) that document over 400 instances in which the unit’s video team attended, and sometimes filmed, demonstrations. More important than the records the NYPD turned over, however, are those that it claims it cannot find: namely, any documents demonstrating that legal reviews and authorizations of these surveillance operations took place.

Bolding done by me.


I guess that it a mere coincidence that these things seem to happen during police involvement.


ALBUQUERQUE — The killing of Mary Hawkes, a troubled 19-year-old woman suspected of stealing a truck, should have been a case study in the value of police body cameras. The action was fast-moving, the decisions split-second. And all of the surviving witnesses — including the shooter — were police officers wearing small video cameras on their uniforms.
But nearly three years after the 2014 shooting, it instead has become a cautionary tale about the potential of new technology to obscure rather than illuminate, especially in situations when police control what is recorded and shown to the public. Federal investigators said in December that they were probing allegations that police tampered with video evidence in the case, underscoring broader questions about whether a nationwide rollout of body cameras is fulfilling promises of greater accountability.



Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) on Wednesday compared President Trump rhetoric and tactics to those used by dictators. “We must resist President Trump’s dangerous tilt towards authoritarianism,” Merkley, a member of Senate Democratic leadership, said from the Senate floor.

He said Trump’s attacks on the media and those who oppose his policies are out of line with the belief the government “derives its power and authority from the people,” and argued that the president has “inflamed people’s anger” toward immigrants and religious minorities.

“There are core strategies used by authoritarian leaders … to consolidate power. There are strategies that are incompatible with our construction of government and we must call out these strategies and we must resist these strategies,” Merkley said.

Merkley also pointed at the frequent chants of “lock her up” — referring to presidential campaign opponent Hillary Clinton — heard at Trump’s campaign rallies, adding: “Threatening to throw your opponent in jail … is a strategy usually seen only with dictators.”


Like you lots, Merkley, but the media was bought and paid for a long time ago, which might be even worse than being called an enemy.

Now “lock her up”–that is bad.

But it’s still weird how we’re supposed to believe that all the reigns before him and the campaigns (media pushing Trump non stop and Clinton) didn’t lead to this very thing.



President Donald Trump’s approval among the core groups that make up his base has begun to erode, contributing to his overall approval rating hitting a new low in Quinnipiac University’s political tracking poll.

While Trump’s support in his core constituencies – white voters, men and Republicans – had remained resilient throughout his lowest points on the campaign trail and into the first months of his presidency, Wednesday’s edition of the Quinnipiac poll registered significant drops in all three groups since the beginning of the month.

“Although taking a beating, he keeps on tweeting to the point where even his fiercely loyal base appears to be eroding,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Most alarming for President Donald Trump, the demographic underpinnings of his support, Republicans, white voters, especially men and those without a college degree, are starting to have doubts.”

Overall, just 37 percent of Americans say they approve of how Trump is doing his job, and 56 percent disapprove, the worst result for him so far in his young presidency.


Yay! Now can we please just admit the truth and put Bernie in?


This seems to be a perfect spot for this tweet.


LOL! True then, true now.


We can dream, Bernie would run out of pens undoing all Trump inc’s E/Os and then vetoing all of congress’s bills the repubs send him.


Why am I not the least bit surprised?


The Senate voted on Wednesday to roll back an Obama-era safety regulation.

Senators voted 50-48 to nix the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule extending the amount of time a company can be penalized for failing to report workplace injuries and illnesses to five years.

Republicans are using the Congressional Review Act to take a hammer to rules instituted under the Obama White House; the law allows them to overturn recently published regulations with a simple majority.


I can hardly wait. Gotta get my popcorn ready.


The Trump Trade could start looking more like a Trump Tantrum if the new U.S. administration’s healthcare bill stalls in Congress, prompting worries on Wall Street about tax cuts and other measures aimed at promoting economic growth.

Investors are dialing back hopes that U.S. President Donald Trump will swiftly enact his agenda, with a Thursday vote on a healthcare bill a litmus test which could give stock investors another reason to sell.

“If the vote doesn’t pass, or is postponed, it will cast a lot of doubt on the Trump trades,” said the influential bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive at DoubleLine Capital.


This could prove to be very interesting


Among the documents the company must produce: Emails company executives allegedly sent using pseudonyms.
Earlier this month, Attorney General Schneiderman accused former CEO Rex Tillerson — now U.S. secretary of state — of discussing environmental issues under the email name “Wayne Tracker.”
According to Schneiderman, “Wayne Tracker” sent emails from at least 2008 through 2015 to discuss “important matters,” including climate change. Wayne is Tillerson’s middle name.

I might add that I don’t consider Tillerson to be the worst of Trump’s cabinet. There are bigger fish to fry.


It is about high time that the Democrats start acting like the opposition rather than screaming Russia! Russia! Russia!


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday called for his Senate colleagues to block President Trump’s pick to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Sanders said Jay Clayton, a partner at law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, was “the embodiment of the greed that nearly destroyed the economy” and unfit to lead Wall Street’s watchdog.

“We need somebody who is prepared to confront the system, not someone who is part of the system,” said Sanders.

Gorsuch should be blocked FOR SURE!

But I don’t see the wimpy Democrats doing so.


I was trying to find some follow up on this tweet but so far no luck.

It doesn’t surprise me that NBC news is taking a shot at the left and Bernie.

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