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Don midwest

Chris Hedges does not seem so far out these days

But it looks like his observation that Bernie made the wrong choice to run as a democrat and that after the election he would become irrelevant, that prediction has not been born out as Bernie is now the major US politician.

Here he is from Monday

The Feuding Kleptocrats

The Trump kleptocrats are political arsonists. They are carting cans of gasoline into government agencies and Congress to burn down any structure or program that promotes the common good and impedes corporate profit.

They ineptly have set themselves on fire over Obamacare, but this misstep will do little to halt the drive to, as Stephen Bannon promises, carry out the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Donald Trump’s appointees are busy diminishing or dismantling the agencies they were named to lead and the programs they are supposed to administer. That is why they were selected. Rex Tillerson at the State Department, Steven Mnuchin at the Treasury Department, Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency, Rick Perry at the Department of Energy, Tom Price at Health and Human Services, Ben Carson at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education are eating away the foundations of democratic institutions like gigantic termites. And there is no force inside government that can stop them.

The sparing of Obamacare last week was a Pyrrhic victory. There are numerous subterfuges that can be employed to cripple or kill that very flawed health care program. These include defunding cost-sharing subsidies for low-income families, allowing premium rates for individual insurance to continue to soar (they have gone up 25 percent this year), cutting compensation to insurers in order to drive more insurance companies out of the program, and refusing to enforce the individual mandate that requires many Americans to purchase health insurance or be fined. The Trump administration’s Shermanesque march to the sea has just begun.

William S. Burroughs in his novel “Naked Lunch” creates predatory creatures he calls “Mugwumps.” “Mugwumps,” he writes, “have no liver and nourish themselves exclusively on sweets. Thin, purple-blue lips cover a razor-sharp beak of black bone with which they frequently tear each other to shreds in fights over clients. These creatures secrete an addictive fluid though their erect penises which prolongs life by slowing metabolism.” Those addicted to this fluid are called “Reptiles.”


I read that Peter DeFazio isn’t supporting Sander’s bill yet. Contact time!



Nearly a year after the final contest in the Democratic primaries kicked off his “political revolution,” Sen. Bernie Sanders will headline the second annual People’s Summit, a three-day gathering of progressive activists and organizations beginning on June 9 in Chicago.

“This comes from a time when the momentum in social movements are all in high gear,” National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro told CNN. “It comes off the incredible momentum of the Sanders campaign and the greater hunger for people in our country for change.”

DeMoro and the nurses union, the first national labor group to back Sanders’ insurgent bid, have worked closely with the senator and his political organization, Our Revolution, to channel the energies of a resurgent left.

The same meeting last year brought together the threads of a coalition that, in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in November, has led massive anti-Trump protests while pressuring elected Democrats to take on the White House with a more progressive agenda.

That includes a serious push for single-payer health care in California and, in a more symbolic gesture, Sanders’ plan to again introduce a similar “Medicare-for-all” bill on Capitol Hill. The influence of the “Berniecrat” wing has also been felt in more substantial ways, as an activist swell stiffened Democrats’ resistance to President Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks and his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

“The momentum is with the movements of the left and so is the most popular politician in America: Bernie Sanders,” said People for Bernie co-founder Winnie Wong. “The Democrats will be forced to move left. Whether they will be effective in augmenting the strategic political work we do moving into 2018 remains to be seen. People will leave the summit with a sense of purpose. This is a promise.”

Sanders did not attend the first gathering but he loomed large over the proceedings, as his allies and surrogates gave speeches and hosted workshops and plenary sessions. Linda Sarsour, a Sanders delegate at the Democratic National Convention last July, addressed the meeting last year and has emerged in 2017 as a movement leader and co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington.


Oh My! What a list of participants.

Sure would be nice to be in attendance.


I’ll see if I can attend. It depends on how expensive it is. It’s definitely got all of the heavy hitters and likely to be better than Netroots.

Don midwest

Yes. Way better than Netroots.

Several people there who I have not seen at netroots

Been about 5 times but it is too close to dems for me

But have been bringing in new activists so it does serve a nitsch

But this looks way better

I will try to go

If anyone else here is going, we can get together


This is noteworthy because to me this is more about the State Department not wanting to withdraw from the Paris agreement and they are using corporate letterhead to put some pressure on Trump.

And guess who greased the skids for Exxon Mobil to promote fracking? Mike Allen and Axios media doesn’t bring that up.


Why Give Trump The Keys To War With Iran?

Introduced to coincide with the annual American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC) conference that concludes today, the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 (S. 722) would give Trump new tools to violate the Iran nuclear deal. Perhaps most shockingly, a small group of Senate Democrats have joined Republicans to grant Trump some of the most dangerous authorities that would put the U.S. and Iran back on the path to war. The list of sponsors includes many of the usual suspects ― the consummate Iran hawks who worked to block Obama’s diplomacy with Iran and many of whom have sworn to “rip up” the nuclear deal: Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Bob Corker (R-TN), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Ted Cruz (R-TX). But the list of sponsors also includes Ben Cardin (D-MD) ― who opposed the nuclear deal but has said the U.S. should still abide by it ― as well as Bob Casey (D-PA), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Chris Coons (D-DE), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN) who supported the deal.

Yet now these senators are signed onto legislation that requires non-nuclear certifications that would block the president from removing sanctions that are set to expire in later stages of the nuclear agreement. Why would Democratic senators who support the nuclear deal sign on to a measure that would violate the agreement? Because, they have argued, the bill gives the president a case-by-case waiver for the deal-killing provisions. That means that these senators are trusting Donald Trump with new deal-killing authorities and abdicating to him whether the U.S. honors the nuclear deal or “rips it to shreds.”

If this legislation is passed the U.S. can expect a negative response from Tehran that will undermine moderates in Iran’s upcoming May elections.
The bill also enables Trump to re-impose sanctions on Iranian entities that were de-listed pursuant to the accord. And it mandates sanctions that would broadly target any person or entity that ― knowingly or unknowingly ― contributes to Iran’s ballistic missile program, including universities that conduct research and banks that process payments for the government. This would amount to a trickle-down reimplementation of sanctions on much of Iran ― and a violation of the nuclear accord. Finally, the bill would designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), an elite branch of the Iranian military, as a terrorist group ― a major escalation. The IRGC is a highly problematic organization that has benefitted from years of a sanctions economy at the expense of Iran’s people. It is not unusual for individuals within the IRGC to be sanctioned if they are believed to have connections to Iran’s ballistic missile program. However, designating a foreign military branch as a terrorist organization is an extremely dangerous provocation that Pentagon leaders in multiple administrations have advised against. AIPAC has urged for the IRGC designation for the past decade, yet Barack Obama and even George W. Bush resisted. But now, with Donald Trump in the White House, AIPAC is pressing ahead with its proposal.


This was one of the few foreign policy agreements Obama made that I thought was workable. Now this is being derailed and I’m guessing AIPAC is funneling money to Dems to help accelerate the process.


Insane. Shame on Casey. i knew the others were lost.


The Democrats are finally figuring out how to connect with the working class. OOPS!


LOL. :O)


It’s almost worse reading about how they are holding workshops on how to connect with the working man and woman. Because it makes them the more deceptive Party. The only reason they want to “connect” is to get votes, not to represent us.


Bernie showed them how to connect with the working man $27 at a time


just a wee bit out of my price range


So sad! When actual hope is destroyed by Bullshit.


Too bad Obama didn’t put in place a Marshall Plan for green energy (altho he was certainly better than Trump is).


Exactly why Bernie’s bully pulpit as the most popular politician in America is so crucisl. Perhaps Charla ia a lost cause, but some people will wise up if they are provided with accurate info


Soon after Charla McComic’s son lost his job, his health-insurance premium dropped from $567 per month to just $88, a “blessing from God” that she believes was made possible by President Trump.

“I think it was just because of the tax credit,” said McComic, 52, a former first-grade teacher who traveled to Trump’s Wednesday night rally in Nashville from Lexington, Tenn., with her daughter, mother, aunt and cousin.

The price change was actually thanks to a subsidy made possible by former president Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which is still in place, not by the tax credits proposed by Republicans as part of the health-care bill still being considered by Congress.

It has been difficult for many Americans to keep up with the changes brought by Obamacare and exactly how the Republican proposal, if enacted, would affect their lives. But for Trump’s most dedicated supporters, it’s simply easier to trust the president is making things better and will follow through on his promise to provide “insurance for everybody” and “great health care for a fraction of the price.”

McComic said she’s not worried about her disability benefits changing or her 3-year-old granddaughter getting kicked off Medicaid or her 33-year-old son’s premiums going up.

“So far, everything’s been positive, from what I can tell,” she said, waiting for Trump’s rally here to begin Wednesday night. “I just hope that more and more people and children get covered under this new health-care plan.”


sad and funny at the same time. glad they are covered.


Dick Cheney Says There’s No Doubt That Russia Has WMDs — I Mean, Hacked The Election

This is who you’ve allied yourselves with, Democrats. This is where you’ve decided to take your stand. With war criminals like Dick Cheney, who should have stood trial at the Hague many years ago. With John McCain, who has supported every single evil act of American military interventionism in his entire lifetime, and who has pushed for many, many other acts of warfare that our world was fortunate enough to avoid. I look in liberal discussion circles and I see these bloodthirsty war criminals being celebrated as heroes for standing up to Donald Trump as though they oppose his vile human rights policies, when really they only oppose his resistance to the neocon policy of regime-change invasions. Nobody who has pushed for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Muslim countries actually cares about an immigrant ban on those same countries. Come on.

What have you become, Democrats? How did you get here? I think it’s worth taking a few steps back to reassess your situation. I’m not addressing the career politicians on Capitol Hill here, we all know they’re crooks; I’m addressing the real, rank-and-file members of the Democratic party. What happened to you? I’ve been watching you my whole life and I can honestly say I’ve never seen you so crazy. You used to care about the poor, the working class, economic justice, taking care of everyone, but now whenever I look in your direction I get blasted in the face with McCarthyist vitriol and George W. Bush prancing around on the Ellen show while you all cheer and talk about how you wish he could be president again instead of Trump.

This is madness, Democrats. This is not who you are. You know this. Please follow your hearts back to sanity. Thank you.

As always, more at the link.


Nunes is ignoring his duties as chairman of the committee to protect Trump


U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said on Tuesday he will not divulge – even to other members of his panel – who gave him intelligence reports that indicated President Donald Trump and his associates may have been ensnared in incidental intelligence collection.

Asked by a Fox News reporter whether he would inform the other committee members about who gave him the reports he viewed on the White House grounds last week, Nunes said: “We will never reveal those sources and methods.”

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