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The “no free lunch” saying is drawn from a specific historical time period, dating back to the emerging American urban landscape of the late 1800s and early 1900s. During that time, most major American cities were controlled by political machines,


Just the name Betsy DeVos is enough to gag any self-respecting maggot!


Hi all, Thanks for keeping up with the current progressive news stream LD!
I’ve been taking a break from the political scene and simply enjoying retirement. It’s still winter here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I’ve been cross country skiing just about every day. Here are a few recent photos.

The view from our ski area on the Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park

A bathroom building buried in the deep snow at Bridalveil Creek Campground

The Chilnuanllna Creek from a bridge that is near my rental in Wawona CA (YNP)

(edited to make the photos show up)


Wow! Jealous! :O) Can’t see the photos. maybe when i reload?

Where is it near, if you are OK disclosing? If not, cool, understand.


Hi polarbear4,
I am in Wawona CA (inside Yosemite National Park)
I had to edit that post to make the photos show up on my computer.
Hope you can see them now.


Awesome pix JBob, That’s what retirement is all about!!!!!


Go ahead Republicans–yoke these candidates to Bernie–the most popular politician in America

Jon Ossoff is a 30-year-old Democrat who has never served in an elected position, running for Congress in a decidedly conservative district. But thanks to his online pitch to voters — “Make Trump Furious” — he has improbably found himself awash in donations: roughly $3 million, his campaign says, while 11 Republican candidates are scrapping for attention.

“Certainly, I’m the underdog. But in a special election, energy is everything,” said Mr. Ossoff, who, if he makes the runoff after the vote next month, will most likely face off against the leading Republican in the race to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price, President Trump’s new secretary of health and human services.

If Democrats have any hopes of recapturing the 24 seats needed to take back the House, they will depend on a lot of anti-Trump energy and underdogs like Mr. Ossoff. The race in Georgia, in a district Republicans have held for a generation, will be an early test of Democrats’ ability to capitalize on Mr. Trump’s polarizing presence — he barely won the district last year — and the ability of both parties to choose candidates within their divided ideological factions who can win a general election.

Fueled by the conviction that affluent, educated suburban areas are at least trending toward competitive in the strange and shifting battlefields of Mr. Trump’s America, Democrats believe this is the kind of district where they have a shot.

The Democrats are expected to wage a similar, though even more uphill, fight in Montana for an at-large House seat left vacant by Mr. Trump’s appointment of Ryan Zinke as secretary of the interior. There, they chose a musician, Rob Quist — whom Montana Republicans quickly yoked to Senator Bernie Sanders — in a state where Democrats have had sporadic success in recent years.

“It’s a base election, and our base is very energized right now,” said Nancy Keenan, the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.


Wow. Maybe this acorn DID fall a ways from the tree…


I think I’d like Woody a lot better than Tim!


Although I also protest Trump, I think the establishment is all on board with protesting Trump–looks great and makes us want to return to Dem neolibs. Cynicism showing here.

But good for him anyway. :O)


Typical CEO……All that matters is the bottom line! The hell with the 99%


Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) Chief Executive Bob Iger on Wednesday said his seat on President Trump’s business advisory council provides an opportunity to voice opinions that will benefit the company and its shareholders.

Iger, in response to a question at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, said he did not believe his membership “supports or endorses” Trump’s policies



I can only shake my head that this made the news!


Washington — Melania Trump is hosting a luncheon on International Women’s Day. It’s her first solo White House event as first lady.

The U.N.-designated day commemorates the push for women’s rights. Women across the U.S. are observing the day by skipping work and shopping, and attending rallies.

At the White House, the first lady welcomed about 50 women seated at tables adorned with floral centerpieces of pharaoh tulips and sweet pea flowers in shades of purple.

Attendees included her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump; Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen; White House counselor Kellyanne Conway; and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.


What do they talk about ?!


iPhones and how KellyAnne will forgo hers in order to pay for health insurance, what else?


NOT shopping. The idea is to spend nothing, unless it is at a women-owned business.

Anyhoo, so Melania hosted a bunch of her relatives by marriage and politically connected to her. Big whoop, eh?


Question for anyone. I used to be able to click in the lower right space of the reply box and a icon of a camera, video and another option used to show up to load those. Did that go away or did I inadvertantly change a setting w/o knowing it? I found that option rather easy to use.


You are not alone. It is missing for me also.


not sure that I ever saw it. sounds cool.


Most of the deconstruction of the US government in order to cater to the oligarchs and the CT’s of the world, I find depressing. But once in awhile, I spot a picture of two people in Congress who doing what they can to protect what little we in lower rungs can keep for the personal and national security of our country, and it brings a little hope.

From Pramila Jayapal’s tweetdeck:


Two great ones!

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