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Colorado teachers are marching – and they know neither the GOP nor the Democrats are on their side. It’s been decades of Dems & GOP’s joyfully coming together in our legislature to starve the public schools.

Teachers march to state Capitol to demand more classroom funding

Please note our brave Dem leader making “tough choices”- how can they possibly go against their big money donors?


The Denver Classroom Teachers Association announced teachers with Denver Public School will walk out on April 27.

According to a release, teachers will teach Friday morning and then head to the Capitol for a rally. The rally is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

DPS teachers will be pushing for lawmakers to support more funding for education.

Denver teachers to lead statewide walkout April 27


A good overview of what the Colorado teachers are up against. Centrist governing at its’ most greedy.


Which means despite being the nation’s 12th richest state, our public schools land at the bottom of the list for both per pupil spending and teacher pay.


Let the record show- at this moment the local NBC affiliate has NOTHING on its’ website regarding the protests.


The state currently is underfunding schools by more than $800 million each year, and the teacher shortage and education budget shortage are hitting rural schools hardest.



Colorado shows that the movement is growing beyond the dark red states


THE TEACHERS STRIKES that have roiled red states across the country burst onto the national scene seemingly out of nowhere. But a closer look at the people who make up this movement reveals the distinct Trump-era nature of the uprising.

In the four states where teachers movements have erupted over the past few months — Arizona, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma — educators and community members are encountering broadly similar circumstances. In all four states, residents are reacting to years of Republican-controlled legislatures, a decline in state funding for students and teachers, an expansion of private school vouchers and charter schools, and an increasingly galvanized electorate that is motivated by all sorts of other organizing efforts that have emerged since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

And while the ranks of the educators are stocked with progressives, the strikes would have flopped had they not been joined by conservative Republican teachers who are, in significant ways, manifestations of what Washington pundits have begun to believe are purely imaginary people outside of the Beltway: folks who remain ardently conservative but are rejecting the direction the party has taken in the White House, back home or both.


This one is a bit long. It is one of the best reads summarizing the blowback that is building here IMHO. I just hope the explosion is peaceful. I’m scared of the alternative.



Of course the Democratic Socialists are coming! Oh noes!!


Bernie weighs in:

First it was teachers in West Virginia. Then it was Oklahoma. Then Kentucky and Arizona. And this week, teachers across Colorado are rallying to call for better pay and funding for education. This is not an issue that is going away soon. This is a movement that is bringing tens of thousands of people together across the country to say: No. We will not stand by while billionaires get tax cuts and schools are underfunded. We will not stay silent while teachers in the wealthiest country in the world have to work two or three jobs to get by. Congratulations to those speaking out in Colorado.



That Boulder Camera article is so balanced. Nice they only talked to legislators against increasing school funding. “But we already promised ALL the money to our construction & real estate donors!”


An article by David Wong I keep bookmarked & return to often – 5 Ways Powerful People Trick You Into Hating Protestors



New Jersey Becomes 13th State to Adopt Automatic Voter Registration

On Tuesday, New Jersey will become the 13th state to adopt automatic voter registration—and the third to do so this year—continuing a trend that has seen blue states expand access to the ballot in an attempt to combat Republican voter suppression efforts. “The ability to exercise your basic right to vote has become a right that’s more important now than arguably any other time in our nation’s history,” Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat who was elected last year, told Mother Jones. “Opening democracy up and making it work for as many folks as possible has never been more important.”

Murphy will sign the bill, which was passed by the Democratic-controlled legislature, on Tuesday afternoon at Trenton’s Hughes Justice Complex, which houses the state’s justice system. The new legislation could register nearly 600,000 new voters, according to a study by the Center for American Progress. “It will get a ton more people registered,” said Murphy. “We will be in the top rung of open democracy.”


Too soon, Donna Red Wing. We’ll keep fighting.


“Donna was a force to be reckoned with and will be greatly missed by individuals across the country. She called herself an activist and an agitator and prided herself in being called the most dangerous woman by the Christian Coalition at one point.” One Iowa Executive Director Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel said.


To scare azzholes like The Christian Coalition, Focus On The Family, and James Dobson is a compliment! RIP.



Allegedly serious people have spent the past couple of weeks wondering why Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny starver from the state of Wisconsin, didn’t do more to push back against a clearly unbalanced president before chickening out on his 2018 re-election campaign. This is why. Paul Ryan has dedicated his political life to the division of society into makers, who own the country, and takers, who should be left to die in the streets. He believes it as deeply as he believes anything. Paul Ryan would have been fine if Vlad the Impaler had been elected in 2016 as long as President Impaler did things like this.

One of the real tricks of the trade here is to fashion every federal aid program into “welfare,” even though Bill Clinton ended the federal role in welfare over 20 years ago. But, now, food stamps are “welfare.” Medicaid is “welfare.” (They’ve repeatedly tried to brand both Social Security and Medicaid as “welfare,” too. So far, they’ve failed at that. Ryan sheds salty tears over this every time he gets behind a microphone.) If you rebrand a program as “welfare” in the public mind, you can do pretty much anything you want to the people who depend on it.


Does anyone on here know of any organizations who sell the ‘peace’ button for donations? I sure would like to get a few. Thanks! 🙂


Not for charity but union printed. Lots of designs.


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