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Hogg in particular became the target of a wave of personal attacks and conspiracy theories, accusing him of being a “crisis actor,” an FBI apologist, and a budding fascist. In March, Fox News host Laura Ingraham even mocked Hogg on Twitter for being rejected from several colleges.

Those kinds of personal attacks are meant to wear down and break a target — to push a public figure out of public life by bombarding them with a never-ending avalanche of smears and accusations.

But rather than caving under the pressure, Hogg and his friends have flourished, using humor, restraint, and public pressure to engage with their trolls strategically. That approach has paid off, earning the Parkland students months of earned media coverage for their cause while helping marginalize their critics. In the face of intense media scrutiny and right-wing smears, these students are putting on a masterclass on how to deal with bullies.

Don midwest
Don midwest


shows how to respond to BS



In 2016, Bernie Sanders pioneered a political revolution based on financing campaigns from huge numbers of small donors who want to make America better, rather than smaller numbers of large special interest donors who support candidates solely to buy influence in Washington.

It is impossible to overstate the contribution that Sanders has made to American democracy by proving that a fundraising model driven by patriotic small donors can effectively compete with, and often outperform, the corrupted old fundraising model that turned tragedy into farce after the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court.

In elections where special interest money flows to candidates that support their special interests, democracy suffers and the people lose.

In elections where money flows to candidates from patriotic small donors whose only motivation for giving is to make their communities and country a better place, democracy thrives and the people win.

Isn’t it a joy to wonder how shocked Ted Cruz must feel to learn that Beto O’Rourke, the candidate of small donors and not special interests, is dramatically gaining on fundraising and coming on in the latest polling?

Isn’t it spectacular to watch Elizabeth Warren reap a huge surge of support from small donors and help other Democratic candidates succeed so Democrats can regain control of the Senate and House?

A thousand flowers are blooming for enlightened candidates running for office across the nation. One major reason is the patriotic small donors who want to take America back from the Trump Republicans in Washington.



The new data showing Amazon employees’ extensive reliance on SNAP demonstrates an additional public cost of the corporation’s rapid expansion. Even as generous subsidies help its warehouses turn a profit, its workers still must turn to the federal safety net to put food on the table. In Pennsylvania, for instance, an estimated $24.8 million in subsidies support 13 warehouses employing around 10,000 workers. At the same time, more than 1,000 of those workers don’t make enough money to buy groceries, according to public data provided by the state.

The American people are financing Amazon’s pursuit of an e-commerce monopoly every step of the way: first, with tax breaks, subsidies, and infrastructure improvements meant to lure fulfillment centers into town, and later with federal transfers to pay for warehouse workers’ food. And soon, when the company begins accepting SNAP dollars to purchase its goods, a third transfer of public wealth to private hands will become a part of the company’s business model.


Going to be harder to boycott Amazon, but I’ll start where I am and see….

Don midwest
Don midwest

Comey and McCabe Leap From The Moral High Ground Into The Trump Abyss

President Donald Trump has long shown the unique ability to bring out the worst in people. It is by design. Trump will name call, badger, and taunt until critics lose their professional or personal control. They fulfill the stereotypes and caricatures that Trump creates for them. It is a strange skill set that most of us would not want to cultivate but its success cannot be denied this week.

In one week, two of Trump’s most stalwart critics — James Comey and Andrew McCabe — took headers from what most people viewed as moral high ground. Both Comey and McCabe have launched public campaigns attacking their critics and cashing in with people who are willing to ignore clearly unprofessional conduct.McCabe and his GoFundMe windfall


Bernie has been a staunch supporter of the USPO for years. I remember him talking about it quite a few times on “Brunch with Bernie.” Another reason why I liked him. Post Offices are uniquely qualified to take on some banking duties in rural places out in the sticks. T and R to the usual TPW suspects!!


If corporate America had to fund pensions the way the post office does they be broke too and bitching at their respective corporate owned congress critters.


USPS needs more support from us, not less. Another instance of trying to force it into privatization and then blaming it.


That’s the R goal and then corporate raiding would commence with Wal Mart and Amazon leading the way.



But even if we don’t have a consensus among Democratic policy wonks, we’re getting awfully close to a consensus among Democratic politicians, on that one basic idea.

That consensus is spreading to Democrats around the country. Your average House candidate doesn’t usually come up with his or her own plan, so he or she looks around at what people in their party are proposing, pick something that sounds good to them, and slot it into the “Issues” section of their web site. This helps determine what voters hear, and what members of Congress feel they’ve committed to.

So right now there are future Democratic members of Congress who are saying to voters, “Let’s open up Medicare to anyone who wants it.” And it’s a hugely popular idea — 75 percent of Americans support it in this Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Those candidates will start polling the idea themselves, or look to Democratic messaging projects like this one, which will probably reiterate for them that voters think it sounds like a great idea. People who remember how hard it was to explain the ACA to voters will be excited to have something to say on health care that’s easy to understand.

If Democrats take back the House, don’t be surprised if they pass one or more of these bills in 2019 or 2020, just as a demonstration. Then the party’s presidential candidates will all have plans that start with the idea of opening up Medicare or Medicaid, and if one of them wins, that will be the basis of the next attempt at health care reform. Does that mean it will pass, or that we know exactly what it will look like? Not at all. But if the next Democratic president signs major health care reform, it’s going to include opening up Medicare or Medicaid. And we’ll look back and say that it all started right now.


Gov. Cuomo’s cruel, chilling threat to community organizers

Gov. Cuomo is angry. He’s angry that he is facing an increasingly competitive Democratic primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon. He’s angry that our organizations have endorsed Nixon and played a role in the Working Families Party getting behind Nixon as the real progressive candidate in the gubernatorial race.

When Cuomo gets angry and fears he is losing his grip on power, he goes on the attack against his perceived enemies and tries to destroy them.

That’s why he is lashing out at us and our organizations.

In recent days, Cuomo has said to labor leaders and leaders of the Working Families Party: “If unions or anyone give money to these groups, they can lose my number.” We can confirm those threats by the governor are real, and we take them very seriously.

By threatening to defund “these groups” we help lead, Cuomo is attacking the people we organize and represent — thousands of low-income working New Yorkers in communities of color who are on the front lines of grass-roots movements for justice, and struggling for survival in our state.


Dennis Kucinich Is Back in the Running

He’s making a tech-savvy Ohio Broadband plan central to his unexpectedly potent bid for governor of Ohio.

Even those who have disagreed with Kucinich over the years acknowledge that he is running a serious, issue-focused campaign that, as the Plain-Dealer suggests, promises an end to the “business as usual in Columbus (that) has left too many Ohioans behind.”

That’s certainly true on the question of getting broadband to the people. Kucinich recognizes the real issue: “We have growing broadband monopolies which threaten the economic growth of our state and widens the digital divide.” And he’s proposing a real response: “a not-for-profit public utility in Ohio, a new broadband service which will dramatically reduce the cost of broadband, and provide a powerful high-speed platform for business growth while establishing net neutrality.”

While municipal broadband networks have been developed in cities across the country, statewide initiatives represent something of a new front in the fight for a free and open Internet.

This is a fight that must be waged

(Kucinich) also knows his way around Internet issues, as a longtime advocate for net neutrality with a record of savvy engagement on media issues.

“Ohio will answer the call of the 21st century,” says Kucinich, whose campaign argues that “Ohio Broadband means: Power to We the People.”




I liked this tweet too:


I wanted to share this screenshot with you all.

I was catching up on a day-old twitter timeline just now and found Bernie sandwiched between pics of Thandi and her female cub Tlalamba.

I rarely have time to actually watch the daily live safaris broadcasted from South Africa (that I love so much), but I follow some people on twitter who do, and they post screenshots.

Nice to see Bernie’s tweet get to 130k likes!! 🙂

4-18-18 Tlalamba Thandi & Bernie heart.jpg

I don’t know if mama Thandi looks like she’s blowing kisses to anyone though, lol, it looks to me that she’d love it if they got lost! 😉


Here’s a better pic of mama Thandi, so you can see why Chris said she looked like she was blowing kisses..in case you’re interested.

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