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On this, Seth and I agree:



‘We’re Just Not Normal’: Philly DA Larry Krasner’s Criminal Justice Reform Is Just Beginning

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is flipping the script. He is on a mission to reform the way Philadelphia dispenses justice and that has won him loyal supporters and fierce critics.

Since taking office in January Krasner has hit the ground running, staying true to his platform of ending mass incarceration, bringing back balance to prison sentencing and overall criminal justice reform.



So, something needs to be done about this. “For too long, Congress has given presidents a blank check,” Kaine recently said. “Our proposal finally repeals those authorizations and makes Congress do its job by weighing in on where, when, and with who we are at war.”

That sounds good. But the actual language of the Corker-Kaine bill appears to do almost the opposite of what its authors claim.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, it may be “far broader and more dangerous than even current law.” The ACLU’s Christopher Anders calls it “a monumental shift that will amp up war everywhere.”

Stephen Vladeck, a specialist in national security law at the University of Texas School of Law, believes that “the bill risks doing exactly what Congress refused to do in those first, tense days after 9/11 — write a blank check to this and future presidents to wage offensive war, without any regard for whether such uses of force are necessary or wise.”

Matthew Waxman, a Columbia Law School professor who served on the National Security Council during the Bush administration, has stated that it “entrenches an indefinite war.”

Bruce Ackerman, a prominent scholar of constitutional law at Yale Law School, is most pessimistic of all. “For all their brave talk over the years,” he said, “Sens. Corker and Kaine have tragically capitulated to the Trump administration, and invite Congress to endorse a worldwide war on terror.”


Animal abuser and a liar


A top Democratic contender in the Michigan governor’s race fought to sell off more than 100 animals at a shuttered pharmaceutical testing facility he owned, court records show, contradicting his account of events that culminated in the neglected animals’ rescue.

Businessman Shri Thanedar has been weathering accusations of animal neglect after HuffPost reported Wednesday that animal welfare groups had to rescue over 170 dogs and monkeys months after the Oxford, New Jersey, facility shut down in 2010.

On Thursday, the candidate tried to pin the animals’ neglect on Bank of America, which repossessed the property in April of that year. He said the bank sought to sell the animals against his advice.

But court records show that the court-appointed receiver, charged with managing the disputed property, actually tried to place the animals in sanctuaries against Thanedar’s wishes.

In fact, it was Thanedar’s attorneys who unsuccessfully sought to have the animals assessed and sold.


Gag Alert! Don’t read on an empty stomach.


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Hillary Clinton this morning will lead the first meeting of her Onward Together political group, on New York’s Upper East Side. She and Howard Dean will welcome 11 partner organizations for a day of sessions “about harnessing the energy and activism post-election.” In the afternoon, the groups have the chance to meet with 150 donors. Last year, OT had 33,000 donors and gave over $1 million to partner groups. The group says that figure will be higher for midterms this year.
President Clinton publishes a novel on June 4, co-authored with thriller writer James Patterson, “The President Is Missing” (preorder link). The two will appear together at BookCon, a massive booksellers’ convention, at the Javits Center in New York on June 3. Tickets are already sold out. Then the pair have a multi-city book tour in June — together and separately. An eight-part series comes to Showtime in 2019.
Chelsea Clinton is a prolific tweeter. She has been repeatedly critical of the campaign memoir by the N.Y. Times’ Amy Chozick, “Chasing Hillary,” shouting out to people who comment on the book: “Hi Ana Marie! … Thank you Max … Hi Dan! … Hi Katy! … Hi Jeet! … Hi Amy! … Hi @amychozick!”

Too bad I can’t Photoshop.

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Obviously we can look forward to more lies.


Fueled by payments by the DNC for her e-mail list. And they wanted Bernie to give his away for free. Sigh.


This certainly does not come as a surprise.

The same thing is happening with the older generation. If things don’t change soon the 2018 elections won’t be so rosy.


Oh, but at TOP, we don’t need millennials…no we don’t need progressives, nor open primaries. We are fine as a party. Shhh….


It certainly looks like an example of “Money Talks”!


Newly released documents reveal that Virginia’s George Mason University allowed conservative donors to influence hiring decisions in exchange for financial donations.

The documents — donor agreements between the university and the Charles Koch Foundation — detail deals in which the foundation would set up endowed professorships at the university, retaining the right to select two out of five members on the hiring committee for those positions, according to The Associated Press.

The foundation also had the right to appoint members to advisory boards to recommend faculty firings.


He seems to have good qualifications.


What a difference a word makes!

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