HomeRegionalCalifornia4.5+ Million Votes still not counted in CA — MON 11-14-2016, CA released its 2nd report of missing votes — uncounted ballots — since the election – and SOS list of close contests
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Don midwest

If the parties were not factions, they would want to fix the election system. They would be embarrassed to be the worst. They would want the people to participate. But they play their games and plot for the 2020 census so that they can redraw the boundaries so they can win more elections.

Will CA be the leader is putting in place a world class election system?

Greg Palast is redoing his movie “The Best Government Money Can Buy” after the election. He ties stripping and flipping to billionaires. Worth watching it now as a call to action. Will be better when he brings in material from the last presidential election.


We sooooo need to keep educating around this. TPTB have many convinced that we’re “conspiracy nuts” and there’s “nothing to see here,” voting machines are just fine, thank you.

i brought it up at our local Dem meeting last night as something we want to work towards changing–the only one.

Thanks for continuing to be on this, CA Dem and Don and others.

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