HomeRegionalCalifornia4.5 to 5 Million Votes still not counted in CA — Late today, TH 11-10-2016, CA released its first report of missing votes — uncounted ballots — since the election
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It certainly seems as though they have a vote counting problem in CA?


No matter which party is running, our election process is one big fraudulent exercise. But not one of TPTB is willing to expose it. Those of us that talk about it are conspiracy theory nuts and sour grapes.


I didn’t think i would live long enough to see the day that the US needs election observers from the UN to watch how votes are counted in THIS country–Very sad


Too many ballots, not enough shredder trucks?


Crazy Red State Oklahoma allows me to go online and see that my ballot has been counted – not that it counted for much. If OK can do it, why can’t other states? I was thinking about the implications of every voter being able to verify that his/her ballot had been counted. It seems like it would create an opportunity for transparency, but I am don’t know a great deal about in-depth election tracking.

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