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Thanks, Benny!


I guess when you get caught this is what you do.


The modeling company founded by President Trump will shut down, according to multiple reports on Monday.

“The Trump Organization is choosing to exit the modeling industry,” the president of Trump Models, Corinne Nicolas, told business associates in a weekend email, according to Mother Jones.

Prior to the November election, Mother Jones reported that the agency had previously employed foreign models who violated immigration rules by working for the company without proper visas.


Thanks Benny and Humphrey! 🙂


An interesting article about the Trump Cabinet and his advisors.

It is lengthy but informative.


Mr. Monopoly, that mustachioed fat cat with the Taftian profile, was about as close as most Americans got to a New York City billionaire until candidate Donald Trump started flying his jet to their cities and villages last year. Now they are practically an everyday sight, because President Donald Trump has coaxed a pack of them out of their penthouse triplexes, yachts and private jets to either join his Cabinet or sit on his councils and advisory boards. Trump voters know they’ve had a government for billionaires—that’s one reason they’re so mad—but to have one by billionaires means the Mighty Oz is now setting the nation’s agenda, and there is no curtain.

A billionaires’ takeover of the U.S. government was not one of Trump’s signature campaign promises, but in retrospect it was obvious he wasn’t going to bring in the sustainability MBAs—he doesn’t know any. Instead, he set up a government of, by and for his peers (or men the famously insecure Trump wishes to call his peers). His Cabinet of millionaires and billionaires is the richest in American history.

Trump’s billionaires are not government-hating ideologues like the Koch brothers or mega-donor Robert Mercer. They are more like what Trump used to be—unaffiliated centrists. And their agenda—and now the country’s agenda—is defined by those matters that affect their wallets.


I can’t say that I am surprised.


ADVERTISEMENTS FROM SEEMINGLY independent advocacy groups are swamping Beltway newspapers with dire warning that recent proposals to lower drug prices will lead to dangerous consequences. In the last week alone, the ads have appeared in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Roll Call, The Hill, and Politico.

The groups placing the ads have no obvious connection to pharmaceutical companies. For instance, the American Conservative Union (ACU), one of the organizations taking out an ad, describes itself as devoted to promoting “liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and strong national defense.”

But unbeknownst to readers, the organizations have undisclosed financial ties to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the umbrella lobbying group that represents the biggest names in the drug industry, including Merck, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Purdue Pharma, and Eli Lilly.


We need to see more of this.


Wyoming Democrats, who were divided after last year’s presidential caucus, rejected the party’s two pro-Hillary Clinton leaders Saturday and elected a former state lawmaker who caucused for the more progressive Bernie Sanders.

Joe Barbuto of Rock Springs is the new chairman. Laramie resident Erin O’Doherty is vice chairwoman. She said in a message that she originally was a Clinton supporter but she turned in a blank ballot and is uninterested in primary fights.

In Wyoming, Sanders won the popular vote in the Democratic caucuses. But Clinton ended up winning the state because of the party’s delegate math, causing an uproar among so-called Berniecrats.

Last year’s chairwoman, Ana Cuprill, and vice chairman, Bruce Palmer, both pledged to Clinton. Both were superdelegates. The two ran against Barbuto, O’Doherty and others for re-election in their party this year.

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