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I’m uneasy with Bernie traveling with Perez. Don’t know that I’d even attend if I had a chance to. iirc, Perez did some mean stuff during the campaign and I wouldn’t vote for him. I’m glad Bernie has a national voice but want him to be more discriminating as to who and what he’ll use it for.

In a way, it’s like he’s saying, “It’s OK to vote for guys and gals whose political positions match those of Perez.” It’s NOT OK for me.


#deleteunited: United Airlines getting the Uber treatment. The plane was not overbooked: they bumped the asian doctor to make room for their f*cking employees. Also, according to the BBC, which featured this latest insanity, the bumps are not random, but are low fare tickets. Mofos: I will never fly United again. I hope they lose millions in business and the CEO has to resign for being a corporate f*ck.


i sheepishly admit that United offers the best prices for round trips to visit my family and they often give me pre-TSA, too.

But this is pretty bad.


This crap got started when they deregulated the airlines around the time of the Raygun Curse. Deregulation is just a fancy term for excess corporate greed. This old-timer is sick to death of it!!!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin on Syria again

In my mind-blowing conversation with Vanessa Beeley the other day, I learned that there is no American criticism of Assad to be found anywhere online prior to 2009. Seriously. Google it right now and try to prove me wrong. Not only will you not find anything remotely resembling the vitriolic demonization you see about him today, you will find that in 2002 British Prime Minister Tony Blair actually nominated him for knighthood. It was not until Assad began advancing resource policies benefitting its allies Iran and Russia that this demonization began.


I posted this previously but it may have been missed. I Hope it becomes a trend.


Wyoming Democrats, who were divided after last year’s presidential caucus, rejected the party’s two pro-Hillary Clinton leaders Saturday and elected a former state lawmaker who caucused for the more progressive Bernie Sanders.

Joe Barbuto of Rock Springs is the new chairman. Laramie resident Erin O’Doherty is vice chairwoman. She said in a message that she originally was a Clinton supporter but she turned in a blank ballot and is uninterested in primary fights.

In Wyoming, Sanders won the popular vote in the Democratic caucuses. But Clinton ended up winning the state because of the party’s delegate math, causing an uproar among so-called Berniecrats.

Last year’s chairwoman, Ana Cuprill, and vice chairman, Bruce Palmer, both pledged to Clinton. Both were superdelegates. The two ran against Barbuto, O’Doherty and others for re-election in their party this year.


Officially jealous of Wyoming and California. 😉


The sooner that we can remove the grips that the Clinton’s have on the state parties and the DNC we will be much better off.


Well, good for Bernnie to help Perez out. However, I am a skeptic. If Perez would outlaw the DNC taking corporation money, I would be 100% cheering them on. Right now, I feel like the DNC is using Bernie but not backing his legislation like medicare for all.


Black is white and up is down. Fake news lives on.


Washington (CNN)The White House said Tuesday the Syrian regime and Russia are trying to “confuse the world community about who is responsible for using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in this and earlier attacks.”

Senior administration officials stopped short of saying there was definitive proof of Russian collusion with Syria on the chemical attack last week, but the administration bluntly accused the Russian government of helping the Syrian regime cover-up chemical weapons still in the country.
“I think it’s clear that the Russians are trying to cover up what happened there,” one senior administration official said.


Nothing to see here just Jeff Sessions doing his thing.


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday to make his case for increased prosecutions of illegal immigrants.

Sessions, a long-time proponent of tougher immigration enforcement, told U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the Port of Nogales, Arizona that more illegal migrants should be prosecuted as criminals.

Sessions said he was asking all U.S. attorneys to prioritize such cases.

It is normally the role of the Secretary of Homeland Security to meet border agents, but Sessions made the visit to highlight his focus on enforcing federal laws as dozens of U.S. cities try to shield illegal immigrants from stepped-up prosecution and deportation efforts.


Rep. Joe Wilson Shouted Down by “You Lie” Chants During Angry Town Hall

More than eight years after Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) memorably shouted “you lie” at then-President Barack Obama during a televised broadcast of his speech before a joint session of Congress, constituents in his home state are turning Wilson’s infamous outburst against him.

During a Monday town hall event in Graniteville, attendees shouted down the South Carolina congressman with loud jeers and “you lie” chants over his support for the Trump administration and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to the Post and Courier, the most raucous exchange occurred when Wilson, who in 2013 voted against extending the Violence Against Women Act, told the crowd he had advocated to protect women against violence.

The event comes on the heels of similar events nationwide, where Republican elected officials have been met by angry protests in their home districts over concerns about various White House policies.

In 2009, Wilson was the subject of bipartisan condemnation after he interrupted Obama’s address to Congress by calling him a liar when the president said his proposed health care plan wouldn’t cover undocumented immigrants. The congressman was forced to apologize for violating congressional decorum with the heckling, but he benefited in the end: Shortly after the incident, an aide confirmed Wilson had raised more than $1 million in campaign contributions thanks to the outburst.

Rep. Joe Wilson Shouted Down by “You Lie” Chants During Angry Town Hall

Just desserts.


Bernie has an idea for money that could be spent on the wall.



Sean Spicer stepped in it again!


Just in time for the religious holidays…sigh.


I am afraid to see what is in it.


The head of the U.S. House of Representatives committee that polices Wall Street plans to unveil a new draft of sweeping legislation by month’s end that would give the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law a major facelift.

In a statement released to reporters, a spokeswoman for House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling said he is looking forward to working with President Donald Trump to enact the Financial CHOICE Act – a bill that will protect consumers “by holding Wall Street and Washington accountable” and end bank bailouts.


Trump weighs in on it.


President Donald Trump told a group of chief executives on Tuesday that his administration was revamping the Wall Street reform law known as Dodd-Frank and might eliminate the rules and replace them with “something else.”

At the beginning of his administration, Trump ordered reviews of the major banking rules put in place after the 2008 financial crisis, and last week he said officials were planning a “major haircut” for them.

“For the bankers in the room, they’ll be very happy because we’re really doing a major streamlining and, perhaps, elimination, and replacing it with something else,” Trump said on Tuesday.

Gotta keep the bankers happy!


If you want some details about the race in KS that James Thompson is in, there is an informative diary at TOP. The special election is today. Evidently, the DCCC made some robocalls last night (I’m guessing Bernie/Our Revolution gave them a nudge) as Trump, Pence, and Cruz made some last minute pitches in the past couple of days. Thompson isn’t expected to win, but his message may make some inroads.


Still early, but Sedgwick is voting blue so far. The other counties are expected to catch up soon though.


another possibility to see the results could be found here:



ICE is doing a heck of a job under Trump.


Hundreds of detainees at an immigration holding center in Washington state began refusing meals in a hunger strike to protest conditions at the facility and delayed immigration hearings, activists said on Tuesday.

A group of about 100 detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, refused their lunches on Monday, with 300 others joining the protest that night and the following morning, according to Maru Mora Villalpando, an activist in touch with the detainees.

The 1,575-bed facility houses immigrants awaiting hearings or deportation after being arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.


I hope she gets the Joe Wilson treatment and a primary opponent.


Sen. Claire McCaskill will hold a series of town halls this week across Missouri, including events Thursday in Parkville and St. Joseph.

The town halls come as the Democratic lawmaker gears up for what promises to be a tough re-election bid in a state Donald Trump won by double digits, and after she joined in an unsuccessful attempt by the Senate to block Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court appointment.


I used to enjoy her interviews on Chris Hayes show before he went to the Dark Side.


I just came across this Tulsi Gabbard Tweet. I like her attitude.

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