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Rehash of what’s been reported elsewhere, but noteworthy that it is from WaPo:

Monday, however, Sanders will begin a week-long speaking tour with Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez. The tour will skip over places that will soon hold special elections — Sanders is looking for a separate time to campaign for Montana’s Rob Quist — although it will hit Omaha for a rally with the Democrat trying to reclaim city hall.

One possible goal of the tour is to heal some divisions between the party’s base and its beltway leadership groups. After Thompson’s loss, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee came in for vehement criticism for staying out of the race, issuing a memo afterward only about the gains local Democrats made. Sanders’s campaign group Our Revolution had endorsed Thompson but spent just $900 on direct contributions to an outspent campaign.

“So, what you’re seeing in Kansas, what you’re seeing in Georgia, I believe you’re going to see it in Montana, I believe you’re going to see it all over this country; in the many so-called red states, working people are going to wake up and say, wait a second,” said Sanders. “Republicans want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education, and they want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 1 percent.”


I would be interested in knowing how much ratings have gone up for Chris Hayes, Andrea Mitchell, and CNN in general by providing Bernie a cable news mike.

I despise the Trump Administration for making us protect what we have, but I think Clinton and her ilk would have shoved Bernie into a drawer had it not been for her national election loss.


Bernie’s first rally on FB now:

Crowd is already cheering “Bernie Bernie Bernie’.

Rally in Maine


Michael Blake, Assemblyman from NY state is a great speaker, and has the crowd buzzing going, saying that we need to be focused on local elections, get a new governor for Maine. (Current Maine gov is terrible).


A state senator speaking now. He has a definite downeaster accent. He’s using Berniecrat language (system is rigged), love it!


One of Maine’s Congress people, Chellie Pingree, is speaking and says she’s happy Bernie is back. She’s concerned about a POTUS who uses military force without the advice of Congress. Supports single payer, renewables, and an end to Citizens United ) and corrupt system of finance (I don’t know if that is a hint to Perez or not, but it should be!).


Perez is on now, before Bernie. Said they chose Maine first, a state that had experience working with bullies (Maine’s governor is Paul LePage) and Mainers will turn the page. Has new tagline for Trump, “Chaos and carnage” president.

Have to give Perez credit, he uses colorful language and much better to listen to than DWS or DB.

Have to chuckle when he talks about Trump’s cronies, Wall Street. (and they weren’t the DNC’s cronies…??)


Bernie now on. He’s full of smiles, very relaxed. He knows his audience, says NE’ers are blunt, so he’s getting right to it. Lists a bunch of problems, says the Corporate Media does not have discussions about them, and they aren’t being discussed in Congress either.

4.2 peeps are watching, FB page has had over 29K views.


Railing at the Establishment in general. It’s aimed at establishment Dems as much as R’s. Talks about the rural areas, where despair is rampant, death rate of middle aged people due to addictions, do not see a better future. It’s reality and it’s time to take on the people responsible (corporations and the Establishment), says he worries about how people do not believe DC people/politicians do not care about them.

Points out that despair is showing in the voting booth, low turnouts. 45% of the folks didn’t vote in 2016. Turnout in 2014 was the lowest in 72 years.

Bernie is connecting the dots…our (his and Perez’s)job is to revitalize the democratic process and the D party must be transformed to be a 50 state party, including some of the poor states. It must be a “democratic Democratic Party”, not from the top down, but grassroots up, be open to all kinds of people. That the Dem Party to take on the greed and recklessness of drug, pharma and fossil fuel industry…and that it is on the side of working families.

I am wondering how Tom Perez is taking the criticisms. This is pretty open wide, saying that corporate culture is greedy and undermining democracy.

Tells a story about how the lobbyist for the Business Roundtable, came to the Senate Budget committee to demand cut SS benefits, cut Medicare, etc and give tax breaks. All of those CEOs had parachutes, retirement. To the greedy CEOs, “Enough is Enough”!!

(oh gosh, reminds me of the campaign from last year, I love it!)


Bernie called the Red governors a “bunch of cowardly governors.”


I wish I could hear the crowd shout outs better. Someone called R’ something profane. Very similar to the raucous crowd in Indiana last May. Bernie said he wouldn’t put it that way, but it wasn’t half bad. 🙂


I admire those standing behind the speakers but I think they do have some chairs to lean on. It’s a lengthy rally.


Reminds the audience they are the American majority. Time to make the political revolution.

Hope the DNC takes his message to heart. This ain’t no disco.


Thanks for the report Benny.


Dave Weigel from WaPo did a write up of the pre-rally:

Progressives were not just critical of the party’s spending — they were critical of its messaging. Brett Vars, a 23-year-old who works at a grocery store outside Maine’s largest city, showed up to the State Theatre seven hours before Sanders was set to speak. He liked Perez’s record as labor secretary but was disappointed with how he talked about the Democratic Party, with lines about “leading with our values” that did not get into policy. In 2016, he voted for the Green Party’s Jill Stein for president. He was hopeful about Democrats but also interested in Maine’s new ranked-choice voting law, which could benefit a left-wing third party.

“It would be interesting to see what the Green Party could do if it got some power,” Vars said.

Further down the line outside the theater — which stretched for blocks down Portland’s Congress Street — a 59-year old Mainer named Soni Biehl was encouraging the rally’s attendees to stay outside of the Democratic Party. She was one of several petitioners for a “Draft Bernie” campaign which would encourage the Vermont senator to seek the presidency in 2020 as an independent. The Democratic Party, she explained, was broken in ways its leaders did not know how to fix.

“What did they do with Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Nothing,” said Biehl, referring to the former chair of the DNC. When asked if the party had disciplined her by making her resign, in a minor crisis moment during the party’s convention, Biehl explained that Wasserman Schultz “should have been fired.”

and this..

As the rally’s hundreds of attendees waited for Sanders, the grumbling sometimes crashed into view. After the State’s stage filled with volunteers, mostly young, a heckler yelled “Why aren’t the Bernie delegates up there?” (Some of the senator’s 2016 delegates were in a special seating area, with VIP badges.) A local Democratic Party leader said that the “the new chair,” meaning Perez, would be arriving soon — there were a handful of booze. A state senator told the crowd that the political system was rigged; a heckler yelled, “like the primary!



I hope those of you who live close to DFW can go hear Bernie speak this Thur in Grand Prairie, especially as he’s coming with Keith Ellison and not Perez!!

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