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If anyone wants to get banned at Dkos, post this.https://consortiumnews.com/2017/04/19/why-hillary-clinton-really-lost/


Yeah, they talk about the Berniecrats being sore losers, but the bile and hatred over there for anyone who speaks a word against Her Royal Heinous still bubbles and boils.



As a young, idealistic undergraduate college activist 15 years ago, I would have died if this many Americans had articulated such distrust of government. This is fertile ground for organizing, and progressives should rejoice at this historic opportunity. Young Americans are increasingly estranged from an economy that provides income gains only to the top one percent, while assaulting the rest of the population. This anger was on display in a 2016 Harvard Survey finding that just 42 percent of Millennials expressed support for capitalism. Young Americans aren’t stupid. They can read the writing on the wall, and they recognize that our economy is broken, functioning for the affluent few at the expense of the many. And young Americans will be vital to producing structural political or economic change in the coming decades.


Enjoy your visit LD, looking forward to the follow up later. Seeing Bernie in person is one of the things I would like to do yet. He’s a rare politician a man of the people who cares about the average joe and listens to us regardless of your party


Would this be considered as meddling in an election?


French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron spoke with former U.S. president Barack Obama on the phone on Thursday, in an apparent sign of support just three days before the first round of an uncertain presidential election.

Macron said Obama wanted to exchange views about the French presidential campaign and that the ex-president had stressed how important the relationship between the two countries was.

“Emmanuel Macron warmly thanked Barack Obama for his friendly call,” Macron’s party “En Marche!” said in a statement.


Somehow this verdict doesn’t make any sense to me.


SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego jury has sided with Petco in a lawsuit brought by the family of a 10-year-old boy who died after contracting an illness from bacteria from a rat purchased from the retailer.

KNSD-TV and KFMB-TV report that the jury found Thursday that Petco was not negligent or liable in the death of Aidan Pankey on June 12, 2013, after he was rushed to a hospital with severe stomach pains.

The San Diego County medical examiner’s office ruled the cause of death was streptobacillus moniliformis infection, known as rat-bite fever, after exposure to an infected rat.

The jury found that Petco did enough to warn the boy’s family of the possible risks and dangers of owning a pet rat, and therefore was not negligent in the boy’s death.

So I guess anything goes if the “small print” says it is OK


Russiagate Is Finally Dying, But For The Wrong Reason

Indeed, when I first published the Maddow piece I was mobbed by McResistance McWarriors telling me I was a paranoid conspiracy theorist, that the Democrats don’t want to reignite Cold War tensions or provoke a military conflict, but now I’m having daily arguments with these same vagina hat-wearing neocons who think I’m a monster for not wanting Trump to depose Assad in Syria. The wind has unquestionably gone out of Russiagate’s sails, and though there will doubtless be some attempts to give it CPR here and there, its death is in the mail.

But the damage is done. The hate for Russia remains and the consent it manufactured for a war with its ally Syria has been capitalized on. Even the most pro-America member of the Putin administration is now saying that we are on the brink of war and that US-Russia relations have been utterly ruined by the same Tomahawk missile strikes that had America’s corporate media stooges “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing like the Toy Story claw machine aliens.

So, high five everyone. We were right. Here we are, on the brink of war with Russia, just like we knew we would be when the McResistance started this up months ago. Oh yay. Oh joy. Oh how I love to be right.

I really don’t. I would really love for everyone, not just us, but everyone to see the very obvious manipulations from the deep state as they goose-step us to wherever the hell they need us to be at any given moment. Their manipulations are so obvious to us, and their endgame is always so clear, they even telegraph their intentions like they did through Maddow, and still, the greater majority inexorably march us as one into the apocalypse.

We still need to go out there and say “I told you so.” That’s going to annoy our friends and family but at the same time, the wise ones are being ignored over and over and over to humanity’s detriment. To the ones we said “Stop! Your red-baiting is pushing us into a war with Russia,” and they said at the time “Oh we don’t want war, we just want impeachment,” well — we told you so.

As always, more at the link.



Some coverage of the rally from the the Dallas News


Backed by a huge Texas flag, Sanders said he would once again introduce legislation within the next several weeks that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He also pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, making public colleges and universities tuition-free and a tax system overhaul that would require the wealthy to pay a proportionate share.
Other speakers at the event included state Democratic Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa, as well as Carol Donovan and Deborah Peoples, the Democratic Party chairs of Dallas and Tarrant counties, respectively.


They love Bernie everywhere. Just sayin.


Bernie will speak at Bristol’s St George’s Hall as part of the Festival of Ideas

St George’s Bristol website has crashed this morning as ‘Bernie mania’ sweeps the city.

It was announced this morning that the US senator Bernie Sanders would be speaking at the Bristol concert hall as part of Festival of Ideas this summer, and tickets for the one-off event went on sale at 10am.

But since then, the St George’s website has crashed as thousands of people try for tickets, and the phone lines have been ringing non-stop.

St George’s has tweeted to say that the website has crashed due to the sheer number of people trying to get through, and that an engineer was working hard to fix the problem.


This is soooooo wonderful! Let’s keep it up so that in 2020 there is no other choice but either Bernie or a Bernie-anointed candidate.


Bernie and Keith are running late at the Omaha rally–the candidate for mayor is speaking now.

Here’s a link to an article about the controversy that started a s&*t storm at TOP.

Inside the article is a lifestream to the rally:


Keith is on, addressing the differences (referring to that crappola that DK started today)


Keith is showing strong support for Tom Perez, says that Tom is his friend.

Keith is talking about the bigger picture, including being friends with gays, etc. Respect, need fair economy, things that everyone wants.



Keith is encouraging GOTV. Get people engaged, stand up, get organized to do the work to push back on Trump. Also shout out for local elections on May 2nd in Lincoln.

Said NE folks beat back the death penalty, got a minimum wage increase. Good stuff! But need to fight for unions, DACA too.


Thanks for the link. I just tuned in and Bernie has changed his stump speech to suit Nebraska.


Bernie on now! Big cheers! Bernie Bernie Bernie…looks energized. Happy to be on the road with Keith, trade unions, Planned Parenthood. (PP must have been added at the last minute). Optimistic about turning NE blue.


Bernie hurling criticisms at Trump for increasing military spending and cutting out after school programs, WIC, meals on wheels, says the moral compass of the Repukes is way off from the one of the American people. Reminds the citizens that their elected leaders are all R’s and Trump won the state by 25%. Time to change one party rule in NE.

Bernie reminds the supporters to start voting Dems, in particular, Heath Yello for mayor. The Dem Party hasn’t been working and it needs fundamental changes in how it functions. It must become a 50 state one, and no longer turn its back on NE. Can’t be a party just for the west coast and the east coast. Can’t spend all of the time raising money from wealthy people.

As an aside Omaha.com reporter on twitter has heard rumors that Perez went back to GA to spend more time with Ossoff. I guess they are working on a strategy.


Looks like a pretty decent sized crowd.


This tweet was too good not to post.

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