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DWS: one nervy insult to all Floridians. T and R to the usual suspects!! 🙂


Yes! DWS telling me to MOB is a sure fire way to get me to say FU Debbie


Anti-gay, religious zealot Pence get his way


President Donald Trump has invited conservative leaders to the White House on Thursday for what they expect will be the ceremonial signing of a long-awaited—and highly controversial—executive order on religious liberty, according to multiple people familiar with the situation.

Two senior administration officials confirmed the plan, though one cautioned that it hasn’t yet been finalized, and noted that lawyers are currently reviewing and fine-tuning the draft language. Thursday is the National Day of Prayer, and the White House was already planning to celebrate the occasion with faith leaders.

The signing would represent a major triumph for Vice President Mike Pence—whose push for religious-freedom legislation backfired mightily when he served as governor of Indiana—and his allies in the conservative movement.


Yikes. Pence is scary.
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A rabbi visiting the White House on Tuesday tweeted selfies with President Trump’s right hand man — and exposed Bannon’s infamous white board of White House plans.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach — a contributor to Breitbart, Bannon’s former employer — tweeted two photos that unwittingly revealed Bannon’s board in the background.

The White House strategist’s whiteboard holds ominous status, with visitors noting that it is covered with grand campaign promises — which Bannon checks off once they are accomplished.

The two pics revealed dozens of Bannon’s plans, mostly related to immigration, tax reform and healthcare.

Some of the visible notes included:

“Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities”
“Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions”
“Triple the number of ICE agents”
“Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico…” (rest of text unclear)
“ Sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced to revise and revisit them”
“Eliminate the estate tax”
“Repeal and replace Obamacare”

Boteach apparently didn’t realize what he was showing the world, and his tweets simply remarked about how Bannon is a “stalwart friend of the Jewish State” and has a “love of Israel.”


Well, as long as he has a “love of Israel” who care about the other stuff? 😖



But Democrats, seeking to be competitive in traditionally Republican districts in the era of President Trump, are also upping their financial efforts.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of House Democrats, announced a $400,000 effort Wednesday for both television and a mail campaign, which follows last month’s investment of $200,000.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has also put a financial stake in Montana, announcing a six-figure investment last month to aid Quist’s bid.


Like anyone cares what DWS says. Try this:
7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to dismiss the dnc fraud lawsuit:
View story at Medium.com


Arrogance of the DNC on full display; Were gonna nominate who we want no matter what the Dem voters want


First of all, no one should have to pay for water, imo, let alone tainted water!


Remember Ted Rall at TOP?

Drones, Explained


Good one!

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